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  1. All flag waving is a bit bollocks though isn't it. I'd hate to be like USA with allegiance to the flag and everyone shouting God bless England. It's good for football but that's about it. As casino says its paddys day is industry driven and if people wanna enjoy that then its no bother to me.


    For the record I wouldn't but I'm a miserable sod.

  2. Everton fans are the screechiest fuckers in the league

    By a country mile. I always award a team with the 'Everton award for most whinyist fans' and low and behold Everton win it virtually every season.


    Only there a couple of years mate. Turned a big monthly deficit to break even and then got sunk by some historic debt most of which Graham Westley left after he took the gate receipts from Highbury FA cup game. Great times though, good fun even if you had to deal with a few billy big bollocks even at that level.


    Missed quite a few Wanderers games though as most of my Saturdays were tied up which was the worst thing.

    I imagine a lot of hard work went into it so fair play. All sounds good till the realisation I'd not be watching many Bolton games.
  4. I was the first athlete to break 2:30 for 1000m before ever breaking 1:56 for 800m.


    And it's only been matched once - by a double Olympic gold medallist (Svetlana Masterkova).

    Another gooden that Malc. Did you used to compete at internationals?
  5. Refs in this league are generally shit but at least they are not biased like prem refs, they really are shit. Atwell is in between both - biased against us unless he sends off 2 Ipswich and gives us 3 penalties and just shit unless we win

    In a violent game? How could he say that.
  6. So, after all the hoohah about Hodgson not selecting him for 'football' reasons, he's now been called up and old whiskey-nose is now saying neither the club nor Ferdinand are sure if he's up to it.


    What a set of cunts.

    Dmb wankers.
  7. There used to be at 3.20am from Piccadilly.


    Last time I caught that I woke up in Blackpool. Then got on one to get back to Bolton and woke up at Manchester airport.

    Ha ha I've done that also. Blackpool is cold at that time of night.
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