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  1. Listened to a bit of Keys and Gray yesterday and they had a segment about European football, Keys insisted on referring to PSV as "Pay Esh Vaay" on numerous occasions, but then just said all the other teams as normal, it grated.


    Ha, Tomski I remember some of Pleat's shambolic pronunciations... "Paul Sholes!" But he did used to say good evening everyone at the start of his co-commentary which no-one else did, so I thought he was alright

    I'm pleased you clocked the pleat thing! I heard keyses love of peeey eessshhh vvaaayyy to but assumed only a knob would say this so thought it was in my head.


    :D He was my first fave player also,Just ahead of Steve Thomo.


    Not sure how I came to that judgement by playing footy with a tin can at the front of the Burnden Paddock and running up and down the slope!

    Always a special place for TP mate! He was actually good. To my shame I went to a non league game when he was at Halifax and he scored and I ran after him in my Bolton shirt. If only I could have his haircut now!
  3. I hate myself for saying this but eagles started well, was playing for the team and being creative for the team (not himself). Drab first half with a cheeky goal we may have just merited.


    Second half we would have been ruined by anyone who could finish. I feel a change of personnel will be the first we see dougies system come to fruition as the players here can't focus for that long.


    Lucky to come away with a point, hats of to bogdan. He kept us in it today. Craig David worked hard up front but we looked laboured going forward in my opinion.


    Can't think of anything else to report.



    I don't doubt it, he's covered in the things - it just looks very odd when you see different clubs badges on his arms. I'm sure it won't surprise you to find out that he doesn;t actually go watching anybody of a Saturday either, but prefers to stay in the pub ballooning about how he used to run with various firms "back in the day"

    I had the misfotune to know someone who was a Liverpool fan, but west ham was "in his blood" knobhead
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