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    honestly, 150 at least, probably more


    but I imagine there's a lot more than that to get through


    basically, wherever I go when pissed, I eat DM&C


    the southerners piss me off though as they always put chips next to meat, i prefer meat other chips


    most expensive I've paid is £7.50


    cheapest £2.50

    That's good going that. I find Manchester tends to be well ahead of the game with kebabs.


    Plus your right about southerners why don't they have naan bread for kebabs, I don't want it on fucking Pitta bread.




    aye, don't get me wrong, as you know I've made it my mission in life to try donner meat and chips at every kebab house in the UK


    last time I had night bar in horwich, i felt rotten for days


    heard the other day they got a 1/5 hygiene rating


    so now I only go to Chicos...

    How many kebab places have you chalked off?
  3. We've all heard the stories about hygiene from everywhere - fuck me, until recently tesco were selling horsemeat for beef FFS. My mate used to work at Swizzels and the stories of rats in the big vats of gooey sweet mixture was horrible....he still ate the sweets though; I used to go to uni with a lad that worked in a pie factory in the summers and he told a similar tale.....


    You'll eat plenty worse and not know about it


    I've been to Mughli many times


    It's ace and nobody will convince me otherwise


    I've introduced my family to it, they go regularly; it's always been clean and nobody has ever been ill


    Those myths and rumours would know better though zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Agree with this you wouldn't eat or drink anything if you weighed up all the cons before doing so.
  4. Chelsea and Wigan at home last season stand out for me.


    Chelsea, not because we lost to a good side, but because I don't think I've ever seen a team as lacking in any kind of leadership, either on the field or from the sideline as saw that day. I don't think a Bolton game has ever made me so angry - iirc I stamped my foot quite aggressively at one point.


    Wigan because of the arrogance of him switching from a formula that had been working a treat, back to his favoured 4-4-2 ....... and Wigan absolutely battered us.

    that last Prem season was horrible, I think I only enjoyed 2 games at home (liverpoo & Stoke) the rest was just as you describe.
  5. I do too. Megson being a cunt is what got him the sack. Had Coyle been a cunt then he'd have been sacked a lot earlier too.


    I'm not sure what you mean by "Coyle fooled you all". I'm pretty certain the vast majority of us wanted him to go last season while there was still plenty of time for us to pull ourselves clear.

    Let's not forget Megson was a shit manager as well as an arse who was taking us down. I bought into Coyle and was wrong to do so, but I think its only because I wanted it to work for him and to a degree I was blinkered. Only realising at Hull away this season, that the team was falling apart.
  6. Leicester are away to Cardiff


    Brighton are away to Barnsley


    Hope both home teams do us a favour tonight

    Dirty Leeds are playing tonight too against Peterborough I think
  7. Weird one last night, suited and booted walking round Horwich, go into a pub/club (not one that exists), there's a party going on and everyone's pissed, go to the toilet which is really old with the great big porcelain stalls, as I go in a guy just finishing off turns, loses his footing and falls full length into the channel full of piss which splashes all over me but it doesn't smell!


    Woke up wondering if Mrs Dee had suddenly become incontinent!! Anyone guess the next thing disturbing thing that popped into my head was?!!!

    Big gay pile on?
  8. I really fear that that's us in a years time. Promoted too soon. Tried to keep core of team together but End up panicking replacing ok players with ok players with prem experience like pogbreynak, sacking decent manager, going down, and then losing all the players who got you up in first place and being a mediocre championship team.

    Going up this year is better than next year. What you say could happen but also you could argue if it doesn't happen this year will the team start breaking up.


    Anyway haven't we learnt to stop comparing ourselves to Reading by now anyway after this season?

  9. If he became manager of say Peterborough and we played em next season, would he get booed?

    Opinion appears to be fairly split on this, but saying that he never got too much stick at home games and only the aways near the end.
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