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  1. So it's looking like one of Millwall, Wigan or Blackburn will be playing in Europe next year as the other finalist will no doubt have already qualified via the league. I'll be most displeased if the pie munchers get to have a European tour

    Does it not go to the league rather than the loser now. I'm not sure if I just made this up?


    it was about happy clapping the team off when they were shit and then being told i was a shit fan.

    That last bit is quite the honour these days.

    Big E pwned by fat Frank


    That's a new low


    Even for him

    I can't remember what him and tony were arguing about now. All I remember is he was very wound up. That game was also great as garrp delivered a ten minute rant about his favourite player which was brilliant.


    Because the commentators are sooo cultured, apart from when Arsenal play and they call Cazorla "cats or lar".

    He seems very smug when he says it like he's onto something we are not.
  5. Some of the most mean-spirited, miserable, unkind and lacking in all compassion individuals I've ever met have been regular church-goers. They should read the fucking manual - he's supposed to be an all-seeing, all-knowing God, do they think they can pitch up on a Sunday and he'll forget about them being a twat the other one hundred and sixty seven hours of the week?

    A lot of good people go to church too. Swings and roundabouts. I think its quite nice to believe in something.
  6. Not sure if its been mentioned, but People today running a story that SKD will be one day short of a guaranteed testimonial when his contract expires.


    If he is giving all the proceeds to his charity (which I suspect he will), club really need to skip the small print and give him the testimonial this summer.

    See I don't think he should have to give the money to charity. I think it would be nice if he did. Isn't Gardner having one this summer too?
  7. any decision to have davies within the club would have to take account of his attitude


    i know folk don't want to consider this, but i reckon he's a sulky fcuker with a lot of influence


    probably been lessened since we got a proper manger with the balls to sort him out


    i'd prefer it was 'thanks and good luck' in may

    I don't want to consider that!
  8. Not for me


    Not with DF


    I think this is a strategic bloke that is all for building for the future. Listen to his interviews


    I'd back us to be better next year. Budget and contractual negotiations allowing

    That's the only issue I have the Bolton of old we all know and love used to enjoy selling our best players for peanuts. I fear a lot of cuts and sales if we don't do it this time. On the plus side I think Dougie Can work with these constraints as proven at Palace.
  9. True, I noticed it when I looked at the league properly for pretty much the 1st time this season yesterday. They've only drawn 3 all season which means they've won about 5 more than us I think.


    So typical of them though, they do it year after year. The only surprise for me this year is that Cardiff haven't done their usual and bottled it, and I don't think they've got time to fuck it up enough to continue their tradition this year.

    Do you remember when they blew it spectacularly a couple of years ago, I'm sure they had to avoid losing to Preston by 5 and lost 6 nil to go out of the top 6 on goal difference.
  10. Leicester are the ones to catch for me. The top 4 are too far away, Boro have fucked it as usual, Leeds won't make it, I think Brighton will fall short especially with mackail smith out for the season which leaves Leicester, Forest and us.


    I reckon Forest will continue to go from strength to strength and probably end up 5th, they've got a very good squad and seem to be flying with the new manager syndrome under "King Billy" whereas Leicester are dropping like a stone. We'll beat them at their place and finish 6th, beat Watford over 2 legs in the play-offs and then batter Palace at Wembley :thumbsup: .


    To be fair I wouldn't even mind if we don't make the play-offs, I want another season down here (only 1 mind)

    Is it right they've lost 17 matches? that's crazy they are even in with a shout
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