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  1. Question though - if its Wigan vs Blackburn semi who do you want to win?


    Blackburn for me even though Biggish Dave will be cursing me

    wiggin I think but not a great question.
  2. One minute the BN is reporting that DF is looking at two loan players to boost our play off chances and now it is saying he wont dip into the loan market. What is going on with the reporting?

    It's what he's heard on here.
  3. I had a really vivid fucked up dream recently, read what it meant and apparently good fortune is heading my way!


    I'll believe when it happens.


    Was that fucked up was expecting it to say I'd contracted bad aids from watching too many award shows whilst drinking red wine!

    Good to see you propping up the bar again in scotts yday!
  4. Some credit should go to df for pratleys turn in form

    But most should go to the player himself

    It takes a fair bit of backbone to keep stum and head down

    While getting dog abuse

    It's great that he's turned it round. Big player for us


    Bloke in the NSL (not the guy who thinks everyone is shit and Freedman is a Jock cunt) on Saturday kept calling SKD a lazy cunt.


    Now Davies is and isnt many things however he's far from lazy.

    I felt sad for him yesterday. Everything I love about skd has gone. He goes down by being flicked now, I used to love the fact he was a proper centre forward who stood up to anything. I think you can read a lot into the fact that his best run was when he was subbed.
  6. I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me, Darren, Darren Pratley.


    Sung loud and pround in the Newcastle travelodge last year....you know who you all are, don't be shy :drinks:


    We always saw the potential.......

    was I there? I hope so?

    Winston Finch of Hazel Grove


    Long tradition of us Stopfordians watching the whites


    Gumbo is a current resident of Hazel Grove and Jules Snr, Marple and Marple Jnr regularly get the train from HG on a match day. I will too when I move back near there this year.


    Silly maybe, but I like to think it's keeping Winston's spirit alive a little.


    RIP to them all



    good on you pal!
  8. I've been asked a couple of times to join my local "lodge" - perhaps I should so I can see what it's all about and report back

    Do it. Tell em what you get up to in Bolton wanderers club ie big gay pileons and copious ale drinking. See if they like it.
  9. Is Lennons bar still there. Plus was there anyone on here working for a certain late night establishment in benidorm in 1999. I'm sure they told me they were from Little lever?

  10. Some utter fucking scumbags decided to rob our house and steal loads of stuff plus one of our cars the other night.


    They are undoubtedly local so I hereby call upon the WW Horwich Mafia to get their deerstalkers and magnifying glasses out and help me find the cunts.


    The car they nicked was found on Douglas Avenue, Horwich the day after and is still with the police being tested for prints etc.


    If I find them, I will make sure I hurt them immensely.


    2013, incidentally, can go fuck itself in the eye sockets.


    Freedman out.

    Sorry to hear that fella. Absolute scummers who do this sort of thing.
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