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  1. On keys and Gray they are saying a survey has been done by capital one and only 20% of kids support the team their dad does? I knew it would be a lower percentage than years gone by but this amazes me. Does this mean more munichs as we get older? Are sky to blame, society or is it to do with people moving more and more?

  2. Why dont we set up a new religion??




    A religion dedicated to Bolton Wanderers stats,as they are the signs that light the path to the saddoland.


    We could have Simon Marland as our glorious leader....

    Id like to register my house as a place of worship for Boltontology please.


    But surely you also remember the much poorer times too? It might be painful to admit but where we are now is probably our level.


    We'll enjoy our next stint in the PL too. We'll enjoy the journey to it even more.

    Agree with most of that but we've had 75+ years as a top flight club so don't necessarily sign up to, we are at our level? Currently yes, its the league we deserve to be in.
  4. I'm not overly fussed what divison were in. The only problem of not being premo is I don't want to go back to the selling of players for peanuts like it used to be, which sadly I fear if we don't go up.

  5. maybe it depends where you are from


    a game against bury means more to me than one against blackburn or wigan

    I think that's quite important as the group I go with from different areas of Bolton all have the same opinion on the red shite but the other surrounding rivals different and it seems location opinionated.


    “@MarcIles: #bwfc extend loan of Jacob Butterfield by one month. Late change of heart from Hughton, it seems! What do you guys think?”

    Good news that, I think its only a few tweaks needed to get us going. I imagine a few will leave and a couple in.
  7. huddersfield are putting down 2084 away fans,didnt go myself but lads who went told me must of been 3k

    The stewards were booting off telling people to get in seats and not aisles but admitted they only thought we'd bring 2200 but said over 3k had turned up.
  8. Things finally click into gear at home.


    3-1 Whites.


    Eagles,Knight and SKD.




    Why dont the club make it £10 a ticket and fill the bastard ground.


    Unfair to season ticket holders you say?...I personally couldnt give a flying fuck,get the ground filled.

    I've got an st and couldn't agree more there. We got out sung by 6 Ipswich fans last week!


    the cup match at anfield,i walked in just as Super John scored. i leapt onto the pitch and booted the ball out of the net telling Mike Hooper to ''get that out of the onion bag you useless cunt''...................................for some strange reason,i was ejected from the ground along with JW (RIP) and KZ.

    Must have seen a good 5 seconds !

    Fooking brilliant. Lads in good voice on the ale trail. Proud to be a wanderer
  10. See I think alonso will come good. I'd like to sign Warnock but if there is 2mill in the pot I would like it spent elsewhere, probably a cf as kd won't last forever (well maybe he's the exception as he is married to a certain E Davies) and its hard to see a turn around with marv anytime soon. Hope I'm wrong about that.

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