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  1. If you go to majority of games it is at the end of the day your choice. But over a year its expensive and that must put people off which in my opinion is wrong.

  2. Shame as I dont agree with it


    no problem, im behind Doogie whatever he decides is best.


    We were warned hes ruthless and it looks like its begun!

    Same here. I trust him, I knew people would have to go. Personally think he was the wrong one


    Watch them again but film them on a camcorder while you do so.


    Knock-off Tomski.

    I'll take the building and retrade as knockoffbuster! It's nearly as good as my other business idea to rebuild the trotters pub.
  4. More to come, we have had Blockbuster on cash up front for a while now due to them being flagged as RISK!

    Do I need to drop my DVDs back off tonight or can I keep them. The one in Bolton gets stuff at the same time sky films does now, not exactly a great usp.
  5. I'm hoping Swansea win the cup. Got a lot of time for the way they play their football and Michael Laudrup seems like a decent, humble fella ... especially for someone who was one of the best players of his generation. Shame they're Welsh.


    Rafa is an utter bell-end for playing Torres instead of Ba.

    It wouldn't suprise me if rafa is forced to play torres by the leader. Swansea have been brilliant this season hats off to them.
  6. If he thinks Blackpool are tinpot he may be in for a suprise at Blackburn. Facilities better granted, but you'd be mad to leave a secure(ish) job in this league to join the circus?

  7. Smiff not renewing before he's even seen a game with his current ticket. FUNNY!


    I think Big E worked it out a few seasons ago that you dont pay much more by buying individually than full whack season ticket given these types of discount. Take out the odd game you might have to miss and its not VFM.


    I know this but if I didnt have a season ticket theres fucking no way id be dealing with the ticket office week in week out and /or waking up hungover on a saturday and thinking "ill go to the match".


    It just wouldnt happen, I assume thats the case for a lot of others too.

    Exactly the same. It's bloody torture at 'Bolton central' I prefer one summers afternoon to a regular weekly session with them twats
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