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  1. At the Crewe friendly pratley could hear every word and was taking the jibes and laughing it off playing along, but the crazy crew still carried on. I really don't see the point of this. I've only ever hated one Bolton player and I still wouldn't abuse him in earshot all 90 mins.



    Nah guessing but if he's picking Andrews ahead of him he's clearly not a big fan and why bring another centre midfielder in when he's fit "prem quality" and holdens poised for his comeback?

    It seems to me dougie likes height in the first couple of games, whether its that or summat else I'm not to sure.
  3. SSN team news says butterfield poised to start? That would be an odd one maybe spearing is getting sent back to Liverpool but could be planning without him to free up a wage or two strange as we all rated him but in doug we trust I guess

    That's a big jump from ssn saying buttetfield will start pal? Or have you heard summat about spearing


    Surely you wipe your bottom with whatever handed you are. I take it you've had an accident.

    Yes, nothing too exciting but my right hand is having some time out. I don't know if its the untrained factor or I have a wimpy left hand. It's not natural.


    Got worried when I saw that, thought they wanted to increase the capacity of the ground.


    Pleased to see they're looking to further improve academy and training facilities.

    Aye sounds like good news and takes mock of our super debt.


    As I said elsewhere, this is a club whose younger support have only ever known Barclays Premier League football. Thinking about it a little further, they have only known days with great players; Okocha, Djorkaeff, Gianokopulos, Campo, Anelka, Hiero,


    It was great management by Allardyce at the time but it really fucking spoiled many of the supporters.


    Many of us who knew Bolton existed prior to 2001 spent the last ten or eleven years in awe at what our team had become. Watching some of the world's great players has been a joy for many of us. We've enjoyed the ride, thanks for the memories. Now let's move on; together.


    For others it became expected that we have top, top players. Unfortunately, those days have now gone. Other clubs have learned from the Bolton model and are now attracting the big name players themselves. This, in turn, dilutes the amount of big players, getting towards the end of their careers.


    Some newer supporters need to realise that the last 10 years have been a great journey but the only way to get those days back again is to get behind the team and SUPPORT, not barrack from the side lines.

    See I don't subscribe its all the 'new' fans doing this it seems to be young and old, I think football has changed a lot and is often described as entertainment, yes that nice if it happens but I go because I wanna support my home town team regardless as the majority do, but its always the disapproving minority that tends to be heard.
  7. I felt pratley had his best game in a white shirt last night (well a Bolton one) he showed a bit of this box to box player Swansea fans have told us about. Sadly I think his booking restrained him as a big part of his game is putting his foot in. Felt a point were good last night against the best team I've seen in this league. Nice to not have away fans celebrating a goal for a change. Warnock played well as he covered the left flank himself as Eagles couldn't help him him for whatever reason in his own head.



    Why ? Because you can see someone in another shirt and genuinely think "worse things happen in life"

    Would you wear a Bolton shirt(I know wearing replicas is Shit) to another game? You wouldn't so why is it ok to wear a filth top. It's one thing to take in another teams game (not for me again) but why do these knobs have to let the world know they are dmb or whoever they support?
  9. Rosie Webster is one of those girsl who I find attractive and repulsive in equal measure - not sure why though


    Anyway, any excuse to post these....





    She looks ace in them pics. I think you'd have to have a go at putting up with her if you were given the opportunity to rattle her?
  10. Ive just finished former Blackpool and Man City player Andy Morrisons book 'the good,the mad and the ugly'


    Good read,the guys a fucking mentalist and a complete pisspot to boot.


    Great bit in it where he knocks fuck out of Eric Nixon on a club night out.


    Anyway...he got buggered in a park in Plymouth by two blokes when he was 13.

    Ive read this a while back aren't all his family nutters who boot off every time they went out. I was amazed at how few games he played for citeh to get his cult status.
  11. "dougie we know what you said"


    When Palace played Cardiff in the League Cup semi final last year, Dougie said Cardiff players and fans will be scared stiff of losing after failing so many times before(in big matches) in recent times.

    Ta, they like singing about chinos a lot also or ginos.


    I have no idea but if it was anti-Semitic I reckon we will win the top trumps of racism card.

    Can't even blame beer as I'd only had 2 at that point. I was trying to think of a link to Cardiff and dougie. Nought sprang to mind.
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