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  1. Anyone has any drop outs on the train?


    Got a lad travelling from Chorley who I haven't booked on our train.


    Looks like its costing him £70 to get down there otherwise.


    Anyone know if you can get a duo train ticket down there? 25% off would probably soften the blow.

    You stopping over pal?
  2. Gardner had a couple of cracking seasons. (At fullback) But for the majority he was pretty 'average' or injured.


    He played some if his best attacking football under megson. Albeit for a very short period.


    Still a bwfc legend though IMO

    You do like your megson plus points don't you?
  3. anyone else's firm do this?


    never really noticed it before, they used to have a bit of a food and present off santa


    this year there's literally dozens roaming round the office, with some prat of a dj pumping out fucking gangnam style at top volume


    i've got a headache :shiftyninja:

    have you had some norty salt?


    You never had that on a chip and pin machine in a restaurant? it really annoys me

    Agreed it puts you under pressure to do so and they always seem to have the automated response of what are you doing after this? When it comes up. Like Fook you care.
  5. In a Sammy lee style positive, it is a minority and its good the majority see it how it should be of backing the team. I still think we have some excellent fans varying in different age groups and I still get a buzz come match day, home and away (admittedly it wares off at about 3.05pm at the Reebok but soon comes back)


    I don't think its a Bolton issue, more a football issue as you'll always want people that will want a return on investment in paying for their tickets etc. These gripes will be had on citeh forums all the way to barnet forums. What is good to know is I think a good number support the team and town no matter what.

  6. The terrace holds 3,475 apparently.


    But they don't open it unless they're expecting an away following of over 900, because there's 900 seats in the adjoining stand for away fans and they fill those first.

    That doesn't look good for those waiting on terrace still?
  7. Cardiff want Sordell but he would prefer to move to a London club.


    Almost certainly will be leaving in Jan, not sure if on loan or permanent.

    For whatever reasons, you get the feeling its not gonna work out for this lad. FWIW I think the homesick story is probably not the full story. At the same time can't be arsed defending him anymore. Hopfully a loan to the glorious south will bump his goals up and we can recoup back some of the outlay!


    Thats the one....we drew at Gillingham the night before 2-2

    I went to that game. Blew a 2 0 lead and vaguely remember a rendition of who let the dogs out for Gillinghams cheer leaders.
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