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    a lot of them are, it's the billy big bollocks who are the problem.


    will be interesting next home game...

    Aye, at full time did you see how many were in our corner compared to other parts of the ground. The big bald fella was itching for a kick off near the end. I'm guessing he's the one who covered his I'd up.


    watch you for doing what though? the only thing you do wrong is obscure the back walls view. in all the time I've sat there I've never seen any of your group do anything wrong.


    to quote micky, the stewards need to learn the difference between banter and hooliganism.

    Agreed pal. To be fair the fellas I spoke to were embarrassed about it whether they were or it was a tactic I'm not sure. But they were picking on anyone yesterday. Even saw someone get a bollocking for celebrating a goal yday.
  3. Once again, no coppers and little away following meant we got stewards acting the cock in our bit. One of them actually pushed one of the rochdale clan I sit with; a 65 year old!

    His name badge was hidden by a kick racism out sticker.

    What a fucking knob!

    We found out its one bloke who has the issue in that corner. They told us this week the CCTV people were gonna watch us for 90 minutes. Basically admitted they were bored and had nought to do.


    More than we took to Millwall .2,500 of these 3,000 away match diehards we have had the day off then

    A couple of weeks before Xmas fair fucks for travelling across the country following their team. No issue with the size of the away crowd
  5. He seems nailed on to be this fella durham is on about. A couple of mates have been watching him at Leyland and say as you can hear them its pretty obvious he doesn't give 2 hoots about being a Bolton player. Think we need to get rid and cut our losses on him.

  6. In worse than ever.....


    Lpool Tuesday night, manc Thursday and lpool again last night. Only got in at 6am!!!


    Warehouse Project tonight - I'm actually killing myself

    Would it not be easier for you to have a stayed in not pissed roll call fella ha ha.
  7. I think there is Homo....


    It seems to be finally gathering momentum.


    Big thing about it on Talksport the other day.


    Quite a few clubs behind it,Villa,Palca,Derby.Cardiff to name a few.


    It winds me up,the Hillsborough support group sticking their noses in,the kind of area thats being piloted is fuck all like the old terracing,and its safer to stand in one of these sections than stand in a seated area.


    I spend 80% of the game stood up in ESL anyway.


    And besides,the atmosphere is that shite at the Reebok,anything must be worth a go.


    It works across the board in Bundesliga....that being with lower ticket prices.


    Get it done I say.

    Well said gonzo. It's fairly obvious the aways everyone has been enjoying is linked with standing as a group as 1 as such. What I don't understand in the media is everyone treading carefully on the subject as I don't think a discussion about safe standing is any sort of insult to 96 peoples lives. Times and technology have changed. For me I'd like terracing in the north and south lower.
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