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  1. Comments taken from londonroad.net PREMATCH DURING Yep. Only one team is creating chances. He can run very fast you know. Just not with a ball at his feet. Ffs even Santos outpaced him at one point today and hes a donkey.
  2. I think first half we ended up stooping down to their levels of niggly shithousery which took any flow out of the game whatsoever. Helped by a referee who had no control, it was a first half which made us look worse than we are. How we can see shirts being pulled at set pieces from the stands but a weak official 10 yards away can’t, I don’t know. I put this on Twatter at half time but I feel we need to be a bit smarter at times. If the refs pulling 2 players out for a word before a corner/set piece, 9 times out of 10 he’s going to give a free kick as soon as it’s played. At that point, play it short - don’t give the ref a reason to penalise you. Second half once we’d composed ourselves it was a different game. Considering the hype surrounding them and their football, there was only one team trying to get the ball down. Has that number 8 taken any of those free kicks on halfway yet?
  3. Often struggle with midweeks however got a bit of spare time now. A lot of it is as expected however there is a thread titled 'The Meltdown'... PRE-MATCH. DURING POST MATCH THE MELTDOWN
  4. Tuchel sacked already. Bit knee jerk surely? Unless the new owners have their own man lined up? Edit - Forgot about the managerial thread
  5. Not sure if it’s Charles but I think it’s flicked on here, by which point GT’s beyond the last defender. Shame really as it would’ve topped off a great performance from him.
  6. POSTMATCH Really? In fairness I thought they looked pretty decent.
  7. Split this in to 2 posts as there's quite a bit. First up, the matchthread. PREMATCH A few predictions first... DURING Its a family fun day man!
  8. Considering it’s the 7th game of the month too, that’s a really decent number
  9. According to Jack Dearden’s twitter… I could see Sadlier leaving before the end of the window. Felt for him a little last night but Bradley’s been too good to drop. Ian Evatt on transfer window “ We need to balance the squad out,and we’ve got a lot of players at the moment”
  10. East Upper open for those interested.
  11. We’ll just draw a line under miserable losses, can’t be arsed 😂
  12. Fancy doing the rest @Mantra?
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