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  1. Another vote for Baci here. Been tonight funnily enough. Generally pretty well priced compared to other places. Not a fan of Casalingo. Been 3 times now and not come away satisfied once. Like someone said previously though, Duke William is a bonus (or a wander down to Rose & Crown or the Black Bull if you fancy a leg stretch)
  2. Last home game they had stewards at the bottom of the stairs up to the stands presumably checking the tickets of people going up there to make sure they’re in the right block. Doesn’t stop them walking along the top of the stand but I’m not sure some of them are bright enough for that.
  3. Very good read, nothing like a bit of ego-boosting after a good result. Top work @Mantra No idea what the ‘free time’ stuff you speak of is though. Seems like a distant memory 😂
  4. Replied to someone on Twitter about this yesterday. I put a post on saying that this is exactly what the membership scheme should be able to remedy to which I got met with ‘what has this got to do with the membership scheme?’ The whole point of the membership scheme was to track who is buying what ticket and who is in the stadium (which can be extrapolated to who is going to what game). Neil also billed it as a way for the club to hit fans with tailored marketing (iirc) The data should be in some form of CRM to quite easily fairly distribute/allocate the tickets when instances like this arise. If it’s tight at the end of the season Oxford, Burton and Brizzle are all gunna have similar problems I’d imagine - particularly Burton, less so Oxford.
  5. That’s where I’m at with it. One of the prerequisites of being a successful player for this club is the effort and output. Put your all in and you’ll get the plaudits you deserve - see Dempsey and Bradley. The 5 minutes before he went off he was absolute passenger and that was most likely fresh in a lot of people’s minds. Jumping early, half arsed jumping, letting his man go, not pressing the man. Knackered or not, if I’m responsible for that level of cock up I’d be running my absolute bollocks off to atone for things. What’s that saying about ‘if you play for the badge on the front, they’ll remember the name on the back’?
  6. And they hounded Allardyce out for finishing 8th. Careful what you wish for. fuck em
  7. Throw in a category for Best Opposition Performance and I’m nominating that Adama Traore show when he was at Middlesborough under Parky. Antonee (stupid spelling) Robinson got thrown in for his first game to try add some pace to the defence instead of Taylor and just got absolutely torn a new one. I thought Traore was going to be an absolute world beater after that performance. One of the only times I’ve ever witnessed an opposition player getting applauded off from both sets of fans without leaving the field on a stretcher.
  8. Don't know if it's been posted already but extended highlights
  9. My missus got rejected before the interview stage earlier this year for GMP (background in primary teaching, decent enough fitness level) purely because she has a small inoffensive tattoo behind her ear. It’s no wonder they’re struggling for numbers if they’re turning people away for something so minute.
  10. Nice to read/see that we had the ‘routine’ win that we’ve been desperately longing for for so long. Typically it comes on the first game in years that I miss through being ill (bad aids). Also nice to hear we sounded quite high energy in the first half which makes a change from the normal lack of energy from recent weeks. How did the midfield set up from the start? Didn’t think Lee and Sheehan would offer much cover defensively when the team sheet was dropped.
  11. Not a lot to report but I'll leave you with this gem.
  12. Just had a fine through for Tesco this morning from the Burton game. Entered at 7.30, left at 10.08. Anyone know if I’ve got a leg to stand on at all?
  13. Life’s been somewhat in the way. Also a lot less appealing to trawl through some of these boards when we’re on a shite run. WW is always a nicer place when we win 😃
  14. I recently bought a 77/78 shirt from these guys https://www.1874retro.co.uk I know it’s only a replica but was actually quite impressed with the quality.
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