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  1. Statement incoming…
  2. matty2094


    Yep, same here. I alternate driving with another lad and I got one for the Saturday game and he got one for the Tuesday. We’ve started either parking on Next or for bigger gates the Ainsworth Avenue estate off CNR. Prefer the estate but not always convenient.
  3. If this will embed… https://x.com/dcfclee/status/1698232117325635603?s=46&t=VnTGWc6rFFhe_DKyHpZm3g
  5. Evening all 🍻 PREMATCH Just posting to say I love this stadium name, best in the League. Anyone that disagrees with me, well toughsheet I'm not changing my opinion. Be a lot easier this year as the majority of home fans will have left by half time when we are 4 - 1 up again. FIRST HALF Was deffo a pen tbf. Ref bottled it Second half and reaction to follow shortly
  6. Saw this on Twitter a week or so back which resonates with what we’re doing at the moment - particularly when Santos stands there or slowly ambles forward. Quite insightful actually. https://x.com/lostockwanderer/status/1689216476245344256?s=46&t=VnTGWc6rFFhe_DKyHpZm3g
  7. Yep. The pair of them were sat a few rows behind our dugout.
  8. If I wasn’t on a flight to Alicante I’d revive AVFTOS. Be back for Fleetwood. @Mantra, fancy doing the honours?
  9. Go on holiday on the 5th (shit planning) so:- Any long ballache away game that I wouldn’t be going to regardless or to wind Mrs 2094 up, Anyone at home, Saturday 3 o’clock then straight to the airport for a flight at half 9, bosh. #notsothinlyveiled
  10. It was absolutely bouncing walking through the ESL concourse prematch. Feel like it made a noticeable difference having our own fans in that corner of the South Lower too - noise seemed to carry more. I’d just echo most of the comments so far. Too cagey really. Both teams playing quite risk averse, albeit they were a lot better than we were. Feel like the game at their place will suit us more. Morley lucky to have made it through the 90. Surprised he didn’t go off when Sheehan did.
  11. And just as good, Accy are as good as gone as well.
  12. Expecting us to get absolutely smashed about (physically), they’ll want some kind of retribution for the semi final I’d imagine. One saving grace is that a point isn’t enough really for them, they’re going to have to go for it (on paper) which will suit us. Saw midweek that the lad Traff had a ‘collision’ with in the Semi got sent off for this last weekend…
  13. https://www.skysports.com/football/bolton-wanderers-vs-shrewsbury-town/report/469446 How can Sky’s ‘highlights’ include a blocked shot that went 10 yards wide but not a thunderbastard that was a couple of inches from winning a Puskas
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