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  1. Gone straight there from getting sacked from Class of 92 FC. Love to know what some of these owners think.
  2. 22 home 2 away #shitfan Extremely jealous of some of these totals though. Don’t know how you find the time and/or money.
  3. Ah, apologies. That one appearance stat came from the ever reliable source Wikipedia.
  4. For those interested, Dennis Politic’s new side Cremonese got promoted to Serie A tonight making 1 appearance since he joined.
  5. A whole day in the sun drinking and snorting drugs will do that. Football games are generally cesspits these days. As Cheltenham fans we don’t really get exposed to it at all in our stands compared to other clubs but for most clubs scenes like the Bolton fans today are just standard weekly occurrences and part of the match day.
  6. Not a lot on Donny or StanleyWays Pick of yesterday's
  7. Best thing about the first half was him FINALLY giving us a decision being met with a standing ovation.
  8. DURING ething thrown from our fans? *lots of fuck sake posts*
  9. Apologies for the delay. Life's been somewhat hectic. PREMATCH
  10. Providing the recruitment is right this Summer, I see no reason why we can’t be challenging for the top 6 next season however we need to be prepared to mix it up a bit. Like you’ve mentioned, I know Evatt has his footballing philosophy and seems quite religiously stuck to it however it’s no coincidence that the more workman like, well drilled units (Wigan and Rotherham for instance) are challenging for the top spots. There’s only one or two teams that have rocked up at the UniBol and have looked like absolute tripe (Burton spring to mind).
  11. Wonder if Neil happened to notice their own fans hitting their own player in the face with some kind of missile. Followed by 2 flares whilst the guys on the deck.
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