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  1. This took a bit longer than anticipated (mainly because the ancient laptop I was using to operate the laser packed in)! I’ve cut V1 out which I’ve picked up a couple of issues with. Will try and get V2 sorted tonight and providing it looks ok, I’ll stick some photos on here for feedback.
  2. For those not on Instagram, DJ put a photo on yesterday with the caption ending ‘thanks for having me 👀’ - with that emoji added, I’d see that as a ‘watch this space’. https://www.instagram.com/p/COqth3FHCjI/?igshid=tpjb0xdwxopy
  3. Think the players got in round the other side once the coach did a magically mystery tour. Players appeared probably about 1ish
  4. Was on the verge of getting off as well and then caught wind that Santos was doing a livestream in the hotel so hung around for 5 minutes longer - glad I did now Voice has gone, got pissed and sobered up again whilst waiting, pissed wet through, showered with beer, WKD and champagne, wouldn’t change it for the world. I fucking love this club
  5. Still to this day not seen that fifth goal. Walked out at 4 and went and sat on a smelly, sweaty K&F coach. Absolutely grim experience from start to finish.
  6. Finally got Deepdale out the way. Took more trial and error than I’d anticipated so I’ll be moving on to Burnden this weekend. Will get some pictures up when it’s getting nearer designed.
  7. Thanks everyone - should be a big help. Nearly finished Deepdale off so Burnden’s going to be my next project. I’ll bung a couple of photos in here once I’ve got V1 produced.
  8. I have been doing/will be doing providing Burnden comes out ok! The more traditional grounds don’t seem to look as impressive as the newer grounds with distinguishing features (excluding supermarkets). Leave it with me, I’ll see what I can do 😂
  9. Evening all, During lockdown this time round I took the plunge to start on a new hobby and started making these models of popular stadiums or iconic stands and I've just had a request through for Burnden Park. Now I'm going to show my age here... I never actually went (albeit I was 3 when we moved to the Reebok). My question is, what stand would you say was/is the most iconic looking (from the outside) or the best to replicate in this form? I'm also struggling a bit for decent reference photos so if anyone knows of any good ones that could help, that'd be much appreciated. I'm scour
  10. I’d forgotten that I’d even gone to that game up until just now. Ended up about 4 rows and 20 seats away from where my seat was when Madine headed in that equaliser. Where’s that video of them 2 Bradford vloggers going from jubilation to despair in 2 seconds flat?
  11. Sarcevic has been isolating too I believe.
  12. https://twitter.com/lostockwanderer/status/1359428615725854726?s=20 Just seen this this morning as I didn't end up watching the game live. Other than our players just getting on with it (unlike Morecambe's), what's the difference in challenge?! Edit: If someone could embed the tweet/video, that'd be superb as I don't have a clue
  13. Is that Sam Lavelle at centre back? Either came through our academy or we had him on the books at some point iirc
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