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  1. Apologies if it’s been mentioned but how/why the fuck did the ref give that drop ball back to their keeper second half after we had possession and the ref stopped it for their head injury? A new rule for this season or just a fuckwit of a ref?
  2. It's really not as entertaining when we lose. RovrumWays have been quite complimentary. All comments taken from https://boards.footymad.net/forumdisplay.php?f=2602 PRE-MATCH DURING POST Classy comments. You look a good side and I agree if you got one back it could have been interesting. Pleased for the genuine supporters you have had a rough few years and are on the way back. Good luck for the rest of the season. All very complimentary really. MackemWays should be more interesting should we rock up and do a job. Can't see them setting out to nullify us like Rotherham did yesterday.
  3. Will be having a nosey this evening.
  4. Ignore me. Old, out of date info.
  5. Morning all. They seem to like starting a new thread at every opportunity over on Tractor Boys ways so this may end up being a little bit disjointed but I'll try my best. I've had to go through 7(!) pages worth of threads from the past 24 hours PRE-MATCH (some posts about THAT game too) POST
  6. I’m out at the Brisca Stock Car World Final tonight so will get this done in the morning. In the meantime though, I’ll leave you with this from pre-match… “They were in League 2 last season one year removed from being a full blown basket case. Let's not talk this fixture up as being tough.”
  7. And now for Mackem ways... PRE MATCH (Were they linked or something? What's the connection?) DURING *a few posts about the ref being a wanker for the offside call*
  8. Right. Finally got to sit down for the night. Too much shit, not enough time. From Burton Ways, we have... (albeit this might be something to do with them being on TV? Not sure.
  9. Nodded off as soon as my head hit the pillow last night so not had chance to collate stuff yet. I have noticed that Sunderland have a 10 pager on their forum about last night so you can have a bonus edition of A View From The Other Side when I get in from work.
  10. Yeah, I couldn't be arsed giving that lot the time of day midweek. Moving on to yesterday's opponents, we have:- PRE-MATCH DURING POST MATCH
  11. I’ll have a scout but it can definitely wait until tomorrow.
  12. I like this game already. This lot seem pretty neutral towards us to be fair bar the odd one or two. All comments taken from https://yellowsforum.co.uk/threads/21-8-21-l1-bolton-wanderers-v-oufc.6195/ PRE-MATCH DURING THE GAME FULL TIME/POST MATCH Their defence is bottom 4.
  13. I realise some of you may have zero interest in this which is fair enough but from time to time I like to have a snoop on OppositionWays out of curiosity. Thought it was worth compiling some together which I'll do in this thread whenever I get chance. Seems like Lincoln have some pretty level headed fans but then one or two absolutely bitter fuckers. Pick of the bunch includes: THE BITTER THE PRAISE Taken from https://forums.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/match-thread-lincoln-city-v-bolton-wanderers.117675/page-25
  14. A covid thing in an attempt to stop fans gathering on the concourse for too long apparently
  15. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/12376066/bolton-3-3-mk-dons All the goals. On second viewing I feel like Gilks should be doing better with all 3
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