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  1. It was absolutely bouncing walking through the ESL concourse prematch. Feel like it made a noticeable difference having our own fans in that corner of the South Lower too - noise seemed to carry more. I’d just echo most of the comments so far. Too cagey really. Both teams playing quite risk averse, albeit they were a lot better than we were. Feel like the game at their place will suit us more. Morley lucky to have made it through the 90. Surprised he didn’t go off when Sheehan did.
  2. And just as good, Accy are as good as gone as well.
  3. Expecting us to get absolutely smashed about (physically), they’ll want some kind of retribution for the semi final I’d imagine. One saving grace is that a point isn’t enough really for them, they’re going to have to go for it (on paper) which will suit us. Saw midweek that the lad Traff had a ‘collision’ with in the Semi got sent off for this last weekend…
  4. https://www.skysports.com/football/bolton-wanderers-vs-shrewsbury-town/report/469446 How can Sky’s ‘highlights’ include a blocked shot that went 10 yards wide but not a thunderbastard that was a couple of inches from winning a Puskas
  5. Thought someone had made a thread but scrolled a few pages and couldn’t see one. £10/£5 tickets. Talk of the South Lower being opened for home fans. Looking on the ticketing map and not many left at all.
  6. Trains were perfect, not a single delay. Back in B’Met for 10.30. Only minuscule downside for me was being sat in the shade to the left of the goal freezing my nads off. Mate was sat in the sun telling me how glorious it was. Other than that, a very successful trip
  7. Don’t know if anyone’s posted it already but Clive Tyldesley has started selling prints of his commentary charts for the games he commentates on (and he did ours yesterday). Just picked one up for £20. Nice gift idea. https://www.commentarycharts.com/product/bolton-wanderers-v-plymouth-argyle-2023-papa-johns-trophy-winners/
  9. United supporting FiL sent me this at half time as well. Lucky not to be down to 9 that lot. What a day, I sound like Bane this morning, 100% worth it, savour those memories lads and lasses IMG_6487.MOV
  10. Stole this from the clubs twitter but what a photo
  11. Good to have a thread on Bolton podcasts - not sure if we’ve had on in the past? Will have a nosey at that Big Sam one tonight. The Undr The Cosh ones with our ex-players have been quite good. Couldn’t tolerate the Craig Davies one, constantly saying ‘you know’ (I think it was) after ever sentence got on my tits. Of the ones closer to home, I quite like The Buff on a Friday morning. Not so keen on the Fanzone one, bit bland IMO
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