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  1. Mrs 2094 dropped off in town, couple of tinnies in the fridge, pizza ordered and 3 points for the whites. Guess what's back you bunch of reprobates TractorBoysWays seem to make a thread for every single reply so these won't be in any particular order.
  2. Also weren't offering free upgrades either. Speaking to the guy who sits behind and they wanted £22 or something like that to upgrade a junior to an adult last night.
  3. “Never a red card that, f*ck*ng cheating b*st*ards got him sent off with the over-reaction. And what was the f*ck*ng tumbling routine the fouled player did? F*ck*ng hate Bolton, wish they’d gone out of business when the opportunity arose.”
  4. Quality post that Waddy, gutted to have missed it but an early start this morning dictated otherwise.
  5. Back with a bang. I’ll sift through forums and the like tomorrow but just spotted this tweet which made me smile… “Awww bless. When a bunch of debt dodging dribblers punching below their weight win a game 🙂 Unbridled joy taken to a new level.”
  6. Luke Murphy captains them and Will Jaaskelainen is their backup keeper. That’s about all I can tell you about these lot. Got to be winning this and it should really be comfortably
  7. Big Sam Jussi Campo Bergsonn Branagan Nicky Hunt Gardner Sam Ricketts Stelios Chris Eagles Kevin Davies Pedersen David Lee Alan Thompson John McGinlay Klasnic Gavin McCan Mike Whitlow Alan Stubbs Richard Sneekes Fabric Muamba Robbie Blake McAteer Mark Davies Okocha (and son) Current line up according to Iles
  8. 800 allocation, £10 a ticket
  9. The last few posts have just reminded me… a few people in ESL got asked to leave (or at least moved) by stewards in IL3 and IL4. Think I saw 3 separate instances during the first half. Related to the bottle chucking perhaps?
  10. Nice one @wanderer1984 Wasn't going to bother once again up until the 85th minute. Couple more for you...
  11. Tweeted Iles asking about Politic the other day and it does seem like we have a January recall option. If Amaechi doesn’t work out, I’d definitely be happy to have Dennis back. He can’t do any worse than Kachunga or Delf.
  12. Tweeted yesterday saying he was leaving for a week off
  13. That Agent McGee has tweeted a gif saying ‘Not another one’ If someone can embed… https://twitter.com/agentmcgee1874/status/1451515480225816598?s=21
  14. Encountered her for the first time outside the hotel after Crawley. Soon as the players came out she vaulted the fence and started ballooning about with them. Security put her back on the ‘right’ side of the fence to which she climbed on top of and kept pestering players for a shirt Then again against Cols in pre-season. Stood behind their keeper giving him shit at every goal kick, particularly first half. She’s quickly formed a reputation but some of the abuse she’s getting on Twitter is bordering on bullying. Not sure if she’s one of these that thrive off attention though.
  15. Taking a Bury ‘fan’ to this one so a win of absolutely any form would do, can’t face the gloating
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