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  1. We need to have a plan b and a plan c that we can execute as well as our plan a when we’re on top form. We’ve never had these options and until we do we will struggle to beat teams who stop our plan a.
  2. Out fought and out thought. That was awful. They worked out that if they stop Sheehan and Maghoma getting the ball then they stop us.
  3. Wasn’t it Phil Gartside who wanted a closed shop when we were in the BPL?
  4. They must be in colour for the QR code to work
  5. Is it still Fancy Dress?
  6. And loads of people with flasks of tea, pilchard sandwiches wrapped in tinfoil and home kitted Lofty the Lions. Also they will mither you all the time and tell you what it was like when there was food rationing.
  7. I used to snore and also waking up during the night gasping for breath which is fucking frightening, you think you’re going to die. Lifestyle change including less alcohol and losing nearly 3 stone has resulted in no snoring and sleeping through unless I need a piss.
  8. I’ve played on it and it’s huge, seems so much bigger than the Reebok
  9. But not played at Wembley.
  10. Is that a euphemism or some sort of LW fetish?
  11. There's not many who been involved in the Prem for 20 years. Lets make a list. Woy Hodgson
  12. Probably not as its on Sky
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