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  1. Pharmaceutical Rep.
  2. The 30 year old could be covered by a limited mileage classic car policy. If work are down as the keeper of the car should they not be responsible for insuring it and of now how would your insurance company know that your car isn't at home for 80% of the time? Very few cars are at the home address for 19 hours of the day.
  3. It looks like Citeh will never win the CL.
  4. Still sitting in the garden for me. Peaceful, no hassle getting home and the drinks are cheaper.
  5. If I didn’t order the iPhone 7 from Amazon I have to press 1 to arrange a refund of £380. Who pays £380 for an iPhone 7?
  6. Our old wooden shed is coming to the end of its life so I’m looking to replace it with a metal one. Any recommendations from the knowledgeable folk of WW?
  7. Not any more and to make it worse we’ve got the FIL staying over Easter and he’s a DMB. Also SWMBO says that I have to let him watch them and I’m missing TG and LOD. I’ve come to bed.
  8. Tunnelling company OFP Lariol
  9. And the reporters name Flora Lopi.
  10. Let’s hope the courts get used more than the hospitals of the same name.
  11. I can’t remember but it was called Daglish and there’s a photo of Frank and Kenny outside it.
  12. I was at all three, the DMB match, Blackburn and that goal and was in awe of Frank. I had the white shirt with Umbro trim which was worn all the time and then stored in my mums loft until she moved and threw it all out. I also wagged an afternoon off school to go to the opening of his clothes shop in town. Thanks for the memories Frank. RIP.
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