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  1. There was footage of him being detained on the canal footpath
  2. I have two tickets for Midge Ure at the Royal Albert Hall on 4th October that I can no longer use. Any fans on here who would like them. Ideally I would like back the £100 I paid for them but happy for someone to make a donation to East Cheshire Hospice who supported my mum in her last few weeks.
  3. Seeng that dental check ups are usually every six months did you not wonder why you hadn’t heard from them?
  4. Who are 30% owned by Italians. Nationalise the railways and stop giving money to overseas owners
  5. Going round knocking on doors either getting someone to change their utilities supplier of sign for a charity that saves cats in Romania and being to told to piss off multiple times a day.
  6. Could the car be owned by company and he as an employee could then drive it. Alternatively you mentioned that he’s going to Uni. Would it be cheaper at his Uni address?
  7. freds dad


    On match days its full of people sitting in there.
  8. freds dad


    They can always go and sit in the hotel
  9. freds dad


    I either drive or get the train so the bus timings don't affect me but I thought I'd have two penneth. It seems that folk are moan that the bus arrives early, Neil made them do it, so that they then have to spend money in either the Fanzone or surrounding food outlets which then increases the overall match day costs. Have they considered either have some food before they leave home and bringing a few bottles or cans with them to drinks before the match or even making some food to bring along and eat on arrival?
  10. Same for me in Portugal 2004. They got me a Netherlands shirt, I still have it somewhere, and wouldn’t let me buy any beers. Great set of fans.
  11. Shit first touch caused him to then try and stop the ball going out for a corner.
  12. Newcastle under Lyme another good option
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