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  1. Have to feel sorry for Boreham Wood. Non league, get to the third round and draw Accy at home when they were hoping for a PL away day for the money.
  2. So many empty seats at the Spain match and other matches yet I didn’t get any tickets when I applied. FIFA really are shit.
  3. Why are the pies so expensive and will a boy ever swim faster than a dolphin?
  4. Megson must be coming to the end of his gardening leave.
  5. Concentrate on the league.
  6. With a handful of vouchers cut out of programmes.
  7. Apart from Cambridge on the 12th November and Fleetwood on the19th.
  8. Can’t send you messages for some reason
  9. Fucks up my plans to go in Reflections before the match and possibly stay over. Sky or GMP making the decision?
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