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  1. https://twitter.com/boothyp/status/1528425776542105600?s=21&t=dRvZ60TgsDhPLd-9X9ofcQr
  2. Didn’t kick him hard enough.
  3. They should have put it in Liverpool
  4. Maybe Balotelli with a firework in his hand.
  5. He wore black boots in the 66 final
  6. No but managed them for just over 12 months.
  7. Dirty Leeds bastard and now in the bottom three
  8. Carragher was getting over excited last night about Liverpool and he never gets pulled up on it. He must have used a full box of tissues the amount of wanking off over them he did. Hate the scouse spitting cunt
  9. Little Lever 2? Renewed after a 2 year gap. ESU
  10. Or they need the website clicks.
  11. Do they want to come do my garden during the closed season?
  12. Probably to get closer to that massive screen.
  13. Who's shirt will you be asking for?
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