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  1. So many empty seats at the Spain match and other matches yet I didn’t get any tickets when I applied. FIFA really are shit.
  2. Why are the pies so expensive and will a boy ever swim faster than a dolphin?
  3. Megson must be coming to the end of his gardening leave.
  4. Concentrate on the league.
  5. With a handful of vouchers cut out of programmes.
  6. Apart from Cambridge on the 12th November and Fleetwood on the19th.
  7. Can’t send you messages for some reason
  8. Fucks up my plans to go in Reflections before the match and possibly stay over. Sky or GMP making the decision?
  9. Wasn’t Bobby Charlton a Director there and manager for a short time? Wiggin and DMB c**ts
  10. Who decides how much time is added? If it the ref or the 4th official?
  11. Looking forward to this after the last two wins. Might even do Reflections before the match
  12. I'd be interested in any you have for me to read for posterity then pass on to fellow Wanderers.
  13. Fancy this but £98 return from Macc.
  14. A great day out but quite long. 9am train from Macclesfield then a lengthy wait at Stockport before getting the Preston train. Bolton fans joining the train from Manchester onwards and it got louder and louder. A quick can of something alcoholic at Preston station then the train to Accy. Someone was having a bit of fun opening the toilet door from the outside when someone went in for piss. Fortunately it didn’t open on someone have a number 2. Taxi from the station to The Crown which was full of Whites and a few off here. More beers while watching Liverpool lose at Forest before our match. First half we weren’t really in the game and they certainly looked up for it more than us. As others have said a change in formation made the difference and we went home happy. Very quick walk fortunately downhill to catch the 17.25 to Victoria before a tram to Piccadilly and train back to Macc. Over 11 hours out of the house for 97 minutes of football 50 miles away. Would I do it again? Of course I bloody would.
  15. I hope that the hotel have now lost all your business.
  16. Shorts and T shirt weather
  17. Charging me full price. Hart out.
  18. Thanks. How do you apply it online?
  19. Do ST Holders get 10% off?
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