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  1. I am very against Paddy's day however as i am on a contract with a load of irish lads i am heading to the dam for celebrations (well to watch the game and find a new dutch inflatable girfriend)

  2. Jules it depends on who your provider is as some now charge for tethering.


    If they don't then its a pretty simple thing to do as you are creating your own wifi hotspot. If your phone is jailbroke then download a free app to do this.


    a google search will solve your problem

  3. I've just watched this from last night and it's just a brief glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of a football club.


    It ranged from one of the owners not knowing the name of the captain to trying to save a few hundred pounds on match day sandwiches.


    Their impatience with managers was unbelievable as they seemed to think all the ones they employed were idiots and not competent.


    Worth a watch on the iplayer.

  4. I wouldn't usually bother but watching king kenny chuck the toys again might be worth it and Suarez trudging off - oh and it's the last time in a fuckung very long time coyle can say elite clubs after a league game


    But he can say "Barclays Premier League" for now but have to learn something new in August

  5. It did what he was paid to at Bolton by keeping us up but he wasn't wanted from the start. He didn't help himself with his dour interviews and comments.


    He seemed to be ok at Wednesday but as someone has already said he will walk away with another pay off.


    Oh and he's a cunt!

  6. Just two things. Why don't the DHSS or whatever they're called now give the money direct to the landlord and if Maggie T hadnt allowed councils to sell their housing stock in the 80's then there would be more social housing available and therefore less private landlords.

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