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  1. I stopped going regular under Megson half way through my 21st as a season ticket holder. I was not finding the experience entertainment anymore.


    The problem was once I stopped going I found there was more to life than football something that I had been blinded from for over 25 years!!


    So now I am a Fan rather than a supporter who picks and chooses the odd away game (and trip to Wembley :-))


    That's what I call shit!!


    I'm the same. I used to go home and away for nearly 30 years then having to suffer the Megson shite finally tipped me over the edge. I started doing other things on Saturday and cherry picked the games I go to.


    I have become disillusioned with football in general and when I see 20 odd year olds earning in a week what it takes me 2 years to earn and not giving 100% I get pissed off.

    Most of Saturday's are now spent doing stuff either on the car or house and keeping an ear out for Saturday's result.


    Will I ever return to going back to watch Bolton on a regular basis? Probably not. Will I want a ticket if we get to a final? Yes

  2. Not going to America when I was 18. The bloke who asked me to go now lives there and has very nice lifestyle.


    Taking a job in East Kilbride because it was to work with an ex boss who was a good bloke and offered me a load more money. I lasted 6 months as I hated the place and the Scottish cnuts who lived there!

  3. Has anyone ever done it before? can you have them sent to you so you can right them? Lesson learnt....do not leave xmas shopping until the last minute when you don't live in a country where cards etc are in english



    I don't buy Christmas cards except for the kids and the missus. I prefer to give a donation to charity and tell this to anyone who gives me a card.


    No hassle buying and writing cards and the local hospice benefits.

  4. We would need to win one of those games not to be bottom


    Santa's gonna have to work his magic for that


    I can't find out how many points WBA had the Christmas they survived but they stayed up on 34 points depsite being bottom on the last day.

    Oh and they sacked Megson in October and put Bryan Robson in charge.

  5. I know apart from WBA the team who are bottom of the Barclays Premier League on Christmas Day are relegated, but will it be us?


    Fixtures before then


    BOLTON 9pts GD -16

    Fulham A

    Blackburn A


    BLACKBURN 10pts GD -12

    West Brom H

    Bolton H


    WIGAN 12pts GD -15

    Chelsea H

    Liverpool H


    WOLVES 14pts GD -12

    Stoke H

    Norwich H


    SUNDERLAND 14pts GD 0

    Spurs A

    QPR A


    I've not include the teams on 15 points as although we can catch them on points our GD is shit.

  6. Suffer yet another night of depression tonight, them pampered twats are heading by private jet to a 5 star hotel in dublin for their xmas party

    Get it cancelled and get them training tomorrow


    Any truth in this or is it just another Twitter rumour?

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