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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Bolton - Preston - Lancaster - Morcambe
  2. I'd sell the other halfs but part of the deal is you need buy all my beer and make sure I don't make a dick of myself. Im a pain in the arse.
  3. I'd end up battered or needing my stomach pumped.
  4. Other half carrys on you can have his 👍
  5. Dion can sit on my knee anytime. Come to Mama.
  6. Anyone wanna swap? 🙄😂
  7. It says terrace on the booking. Ffs 😂
  8. Not a clue on square. Just says row 22, 1074 1073
  9. Think i got near enough the last terrace ones.
  10. Might threaten them with that when they are misbehaving.
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