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  1. Think last time i went was when lancashire hotpots was on. Not usually my kind of thing. But they where great! Think the 10 pints probably helped
  2. Sorry! You'll be reet. Have some paracetemol and crack on
  3. Friends workmate is on a vent. 32. Mrs had his baby whilst he is in ICU in Manchester. Awful.
  4. I've heard he was pulled for selling drugs to kids.
  5. Think it's in the title 'Bolton' unfortunately
  6. Going ahead it seems. Probably the only time I venture into Bolton. Great weekend. Can't wait for beer and overpriced churros 👍
  7. Same people who will go and have a one off b12 injection. Sleeps for the weak 😉
  8. There's a oxygen bar in the vaults now. Can't say I'm eager to go.
  9. Radiohead - high and dry Madness - it must be love Snow patrol - you could be happy
  10. 11th min (optimistic) Doyle Bolton Hospice
  11. Not tonight lads. Not dressed like that.
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