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  1. Dunno, maybe to support your team? Plenty of matches have 2 goals put in in the last 10 mins or so. Everyone is so much in a rush these days.
  2. Missed last half hour of 2nd staff. Fell asleep. Guess I didn't miss anything.
  3. New I shouldn't have said no i will stay home and look after our children @maje🙄
  4. bolton_blondie


    I have a Uncle who was a die hard Blackburn fan. He now has a Citeh season ticket. Knob.
  5. Best start queuing for your pint now lads.
  6. I proper love that! My cousin (one of thousands) has a little boy with downsyndrome and he's the loveliest lad. I can imagine how happy he would have been ☺️☺️
  7. Out. Other half is going instead. I get to stay at home and mope.
  8. Oooh brill, thankyou will go take a look! @maje
  9. Thats what my dad always told me
  10. Goodness. Those ladies are amazing and so strong. He must be so proud of them 😢
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