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  1. Be pvc wipe clean too off him.
  2. Piss off. I'm not putting plasters on knees whilst you lot are on piss. Plus I don't fancy that st John's ambulance uniform.
  3. Still be less embarassing than losing 5-0
  4. Cheers me up this pic of owd whiskey nose.
  5. That's cheered up my dull miserable Sunday 😂
  6. I like him. Looks like he'd shout at me and I'd probably enjoy it 😂😂
  7. Same. Mine moaned all the way through then those 2 goals went in and I had to grab her coat to stop her falling into the people in front of us. She'll be back. She has no choice 😂
  8. Cos you end up with men rubbing their knobs into your bottom.
  9. I've leard Lofty is next. Was missing last Saturday 👀
  10. Ians been shagging his Mrs. ITK
  11. To not be a twat at matches.
  12. 'Eh Mummy, when we go watching England on Saturday....' FFS child.
  13. It's 2021. Equality and all that.
  14. I'm not surprised. I'd have walked her calmly to the bar to buy me another one.
  15. Yeah you're probably right. She's only small. I could take her easy.
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