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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. 10 years blimey! RIP speedo.
  2. I’d take a 1-0 off Santos arse. Just got to get through until the next transfer window.
  3. Gawping at them for that header. Toss defending.
  4. Toss first half, decent 2nd in tough conditions. Looked like a team of kids Crewe and small ones at that.
  5. RIP Neil. I met some great mates because of you.
  6. True that, which also coincided with our best player at the time in Holden bossing midfields, with Muamba sitting protecting the back 4 and an Elmander finally finding form with his contract up in the summer. Then 2 horrific games at Old Trafford and WHL and it rapidly turned to shite.
  7. I did like his, get the fuck back there is still time for a 3rd attitude when a few were peeling off to celebrate the 2nd goal in front of the north stand.
  8. That certainly makes for a grim read and good effort compiling. They really are the games that matter most especially having so many clubs in the north west, not that I don’t like a win in the midlands, London or north east etc.
  9. 13258 British heart foundation
  10. Still scratching my head why a bunch of grown men are playing about with a child.
  11. I almost forgot how much I hated that cunt
  12. Must have been a scrap with IE.
  13. Fearing another pumping unfortunately. prove me wrong COYWM
  14. Men against boys yesterday I’m afraid.
  15. Would like to play Tranmere again, always feels like we owe them a fucking.
  16. Basically astley bridge and a pub (restaurant) very close to my heart, had my last few pints with my old man in there, with his ashes now near by. ☹️
  17. I think I’d rather queue into the 2nd half (for a bovril), but fair play for them trying something different.
  18. Dapo 17 british heart foundation
  19. COYWM from the whistle let’s get right at the fuckwits, with a couple of early goals to settle the nerves. 3 points pretty please.
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