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  1. It’s good for the soul beating nob end in any type of game. Those defeats at home in recent years hurt, it simply should never happen.
  2. Heart play off push. Head mid table. Don’t be giving them a 13 game head start this year lads.
  3. Sure it was brockbank giving him a one on one tutorial before a game once.
  4. Kirks eye liner phase and Lars playing the kitchen pots and pans. Awful sound. Watching some kind of monster, that album nearly finished them.
  5. Just started clarksons farm 😁
  6. Still playing up for me unfortunately
  7. Agree on Cornell with Eddie Vedder a close 2nd.
  8. Danni the muckier of the 2 I reckon.
  9. 😂ace. The site is back where it left off.
  10. Yes, they have a bronze plaque next to the Tom Finney statue celebrating it.
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