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  1. Matt

    Matt Gilks

    Same for me on both points. He improved the defence (including Santos who will get POTY for it), which had the knock on effect to the midfield and so on. He had a couple of clangers thrown into the mix, but we made it up first time of asking so who cares.
  2. Matt

    Keith Hill

    Utterly tin pot and hilarious.
  3. Just binged the lot, it was ok with a couple of shite series that lost me. Not sure I got the big wank about it to be honest, like most of the British stuff.
  4. And that’s just naked Martin.
  5. Wanderers don’t finish mid table, it’s not what we do
  6. Fantastic scenes, proud to be a wanderer.
  7. We’re on sky mate.
  8. Ace that from 3 greats.
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