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  1. Had a rest good drink, Spearing looked the player he was before his injury, the odd misplaced pass but tried and worked hard so he will do for me. Get Prattley and Clough fireing and there's nowt too worry about.
  2. Don't think I would liked a crack off Jahidi looking back at this thread you could pick an 11 that would win any fight on the pitch and spread some bodies in any away end.
  3. We took loads that day, was still glad too get back too the coach t'was a bit lively outside.
  4. If the opposing figure was a certain Mr J Evans then your point would be correct
  5. Got mine Sat 370 quid, 3 for me in cheapo stand and 70 for lad in't the "Exclusive Stand" Great value over season.Gartside In.
  6. Is womens football even a sport?
  7. Me and my fat baldy mates will be outside Smooking so guaranteed. Sales.
  8. What pissed me off as well was getting a corner at the end and trying too run the clock down I know that you don't score off corners but we had 2-0 and 2-1 in our bets.
  9. I knew Dave from my early childhood, through church and scouts latterly through work and obviously football.I could always get tickets and travel via him or his Dad, Frank thoughts go out too Barbara and the girls I miss him loads. I remember being "On Camp" in Barmouth when Bolton were at home Frank drove the coach back on a tues night so we didn't miss the game Ace as an 11 year old crawling back in the tent at 2 in the morning RIP both of them.
  10. The kiddies joy when he got Neils medal. I must have been peeling onions in a sandstorm.
  11. Hope my mate put my bet on. Sods law you miss one game and it turns out a cracker. Just got the call "Never had any luck"
  12. Have to miss it. Just gave my betting money to my mate 3-1 COYWM
  13. It will be really interesting how this all "Pans" out if KO wins then I can see the floodgates opening and the courts will be full. If he looses then we will see some major shite printed on here.
  14. Carl Fogarty came out with one of the best "One liners" I have ever heard. Just before he won the Superbike championship He said, "It ain't over till the, Oh sod it start singing Michaela"
  15. Oh Aye I got paid 5 bob for singing at Dave Higsons marriage to Barbara.
  16. Maxwells on a Monday neet, Frankie, Neil Whatmore, Peter Reid all great with any mithering drunken Bolton fan Allardyce an out and out Cunt. ps when I say any I mean Me
  17. Fucking Hell I would be more upset than Any time I have been "Dumped"
  18. Yet again we have experienced something that cannot be understood by Pot hunting, glory chasing'"Fans" of teams whom they have no real affinity too, we lost but OUR team did us proud.
  19. Stuck on asda carpark proud but fucking gutted had a few diirty skiprats near us in wsl coppers never took camerss off some yoof giving them grrief
  20. Yeah. but when they go down it will be "If it wasn't for this blasted knee I would have kept them up" Fucking Cunt of the highest order. I still can't believe anyone has ever fell for his Bullshit. Can any computer geniuses find who wanted too have him as manager here? because if I remember rightly there was a few.
  21. Shit Happens. Lennon talks sense in todays BEN about money flying round football. .
  22. All I have read is "LCY has moved for an undisclosed fee Thought too be circa half a million" no mention of addons or owt . So in all essence we don't know. Whatever it was it was right for BWFC. We play Liverpool tonight so just console yourselves that we didn't take a Twenty Million hit like they did on Carroll
  23. Fucking Hell the "Conspiracy theorists" will be out in force with his statement about the Chairman.
  24. When he rides off into the Sunset, I hope he stops off too take his "Ol' Mucka Twweevvooor" with him. The two Cunts on the planet I detest the most.
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