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  1. Page 2 and no mention of Ivan Campo yet !
  2. Brilliant ! Give Wigan the tiniest little bit of hope before they go bust 😄
  3. Back in the day my dad had an old fella behind him known as Bloody hell Darby 🤣
  4. Ginda was a great lad and passionate wanderers fan. Went through school with him and was in my group of mates growing up , he'll be missed . RIP
  5. R5dean

    Take Over

    Cheers for that Sluffy, knew id seen it somewhere.
  6. R5dean

    Take Over

    Apologies if this has been asked before but where did you get the info that only one bidder paid to view the data room ?
  7. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2018/june/add-wanderers-201819-fixtures-straight-to-your-calendar/
  8. Goal-line technology could be adopted at Macron Stadium from next season, after Championship clubs agreed in principle to introduce 'Hawk-eye'. At an EFL meeting on Thursday, clubs in the second-tier voted in favour of the system that has been utilised at Premier League level since 2013, with further discussions set to take place in the post-season. Pretty sure we’ve had it since the beginning of this season
  9. Doesn’t the ref have a buzzer which goes off as the ball passes the line ?
  10. krystian bielik loan from Arsenal ?
  11. kungs vs cookin on 3 burners - This Girl https://youtu.be/2Y6Nne8RvaA Literally not been out of my head since sunday
  12. Message me pal I’ll have them off you
  13. I fit these all the time and its easy to do, Get yourself a replacement screen and digitiser off ebay (about £25) and follow the instructions on iFixit.com , shouldn't take you longer than 30 mins. OR pm me. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/White-Screen-For-iPhone-6-4-7-Replacement-Digitizer-Touch-LCD-Gold-Home-Button/182832182894?hash=item2a91a5b66e:g:~20AAOSwYVFZ4ycA
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