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  1. Managed to get away with it in league 1 but Unless we buy we are fucked. but we can't buy so ...........We are totally fucked.
  2. Every shot on goal against us seems to go in. Mind you if we let them dance through like that it's no wonder FFS
  3. Surely nobody who went to Rochdale can be complaining about that performance? I've only watched the highlights but we created some clear chances! Absolutely fuck all created at Rochdale and home to Oxford for that matter. Long old season, will be loads of ups and downs
  4. Didn't feel like we did enough to win the game so can't really be too pissed off. First 25 mins were very good then we lost our way and didn't look like breaking them down. A few good positions fucked up with wrong decisions.
  5. Jake Turner is a good prospect. Big lad nicknamed large. In front of Jaaskelainen junior imo
  6. Get in there. Iles and Dearden mentioned the away win thing about 400 times. Fucking idiots doing their best to fuck it up
  7. Sounds like we have turned up at least. Sounds like have started passing to each other.
  8. Doesn't sound good at all. Being fucking dominated. Have the strikers touched the ball yet?
  9. Finney has gone because he is shit. He got given chances before other players because when he got signed they thought giving him a pro contract was a good idea. I've not seen anything to suggest he is anywhere near good enough.
  10. Big Equaliser that for the mindset of the players. We don't want them slipping into last seasons fucking rut
  11. Once we started playing the ball within 20 yards of him he did OK and won virtually every header. First half an hour the service to him was a fucking joke, best strikers in the world would have struggled. However unless we get people near him he could win 590 headers a game and still look awful. Loads still get on his back but it's a tough gig playing up front for us.
  12. First 20 minutes were ropey but they only had one real chance. After that we were comfortable bar the last 10-15 mins when we were downto 10 men. We still looked a bit disjointed for a while but that will get better as they get games in. Wilson was wank on the right but not really his fault. Fantastic win against a fancied team, we have got a good few gears to move through before we hit top form so still work to do but we are on our way.
  13. Wheater has probably been signed as experienced cover at the back so can't see him being on big money. I'm not sure it's a good move though, he has looked way off the pace but if he gets fit again who knows. A big if though I reckon. I heard he went to Wigan as they were interested but he told them he wasn't coming back. Wasn't impressed with them as a club at all.
  14. Just back from Chorley and that was relentless one way traffic. Most of the team way out of their depth but management did them no fucking favours. Can't see David Lee ever being first team manager. As Mounts said if your playing against a battle hardened team like Chorley you need some senior players in there to help them out a bit. Were only a few just over 18 in there.
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