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  1. I reckon we’ll get plenty of opportunity to boo ex players next season. hopefully they’re not tearing our u23’s a new asshole at the time ..... but i fear it may be the case
  2. If the director or moonshift puts it on admin it’s in admin the court can’t prevent or trigger it I think? of the clubs not on admin the court has the option to liquidate again I think
  3. Ed Davies and his family owe BWFC nothing and it’s an absolute piss take to say they do. BWFC is a business and it’s bust it needs putting in admin by its current directors this absolute fucking farce needs drawing to a close.
  4. If he goes to Wigan he can fuck right off
  5. Yea maybe he’s obvs got a deal lined up be interesting to see where - there were a few clubs in the champ after him apparently
  6. Josh has genuine affection for the club and I for one wish him well. His “winning” mentality sometimes got in the way of his actual ability I’ll grant you that. He questioned Parkys decisions time and again in the end that cost him his place - he’ll end up at Birmingham or Millwall et al I’d imagine
  7. Hope you have a great day lads and lasses going you’re a credit to the club. hopefully not for the last time in fact no it won’t be but COYFWM
  8. I’d rather watch us in Leigh than at the Uni Bol under bassini its just so insane that he can be this close to buying the club given what we know and what we’ve seen. Every sinew in my body says it just can’t be right he can’t have the money no one would back him ..... so it must be a smoke screen must be
  9. I do hope you are right that would be a cracking out come - if bassini gets his deal done he won’t last 6 months. im still convinced bassini is in cahoots with Anderson to get us to 8th May and liquidation. This is getting very very very murky for me now.
  10. Beyond farcical - he’s asked the efl for 48 hours doesn’t mean Ken will give it him
  11. Money Talks Wealth Whispers and Poverty seeks public appearances!! ive not felt this sick thanks to bwfc since we went 3 down v stoke int semi......just disbelief this is actually happening
  12. He played the cards he had ...... what’s to stop bassini on day two going right old debts cleared - “right aldo get me that factoring co’s number will you” i really hope bassini was woefully wronged at Watford and we are used by him to prove he’s the best football owner in history. Only time will tell but the facts about the guy right here and now are he’s an absolute crank. characters like him are addicted to self publication at all costs
  13. Ken’s proves if you start debt free or relatively debt free you can run a football club without spunking too much of your own cash for up to 3 years. We’re just going to have to wait and see but the facts about bassini are that he’s a massive balloon so as it stands today here now we’re out the frying pan into the fire. To a man and woman I’m sure we all hope that changes. i don’t feel like celebrating that is for sure - football is rotten to the core that’s the only thing that is a dead cert.
  14. Have a goodun those going unreal level of support fair fucks
  15. Zat Knight he couldn’t give a fuck what badge was in his chest and Reo-Coker for the same reasons ...... this is quite easy Owen Coyles band of Merry gravy train travellers
  16. Its starting to feel like we’re fucked
  17. No matter how desperately we want to get out of this mess the facts are there about Bassini. If he takes charge on his own funds we’re back where we are now in less than 9 months. The guy is Walter Mitty on crack ...... it’s not his fault he’s got a serious personality disorder and he’s taking us all with him. if he’s ken or some Thai crack dealers puppet it’s not far off the same as Spazzy Daz being asked to show his arse to the away end while the paddock chuckled away if Howard’s done nowt else he’s shone a floodlight on just how filthy football is - he’s done a much better job than panorama
  18. thanks Howard appreciate the time and effort regardless of motives. Very interesting insight to the complexity of it all. Also 10/10 for putting up with the professional contrarians and misery merchants
  19. What’ve I missed? Or is it the assumption Howard’s lot will take a pay off to let Bassini in - that’s his true colours? i see some criticism of Howard as things haven’t gone as he predicted - surely that’s down to a fluid situation with variables like adjournements badly addressed letters etc coming into play? And has he / she now fucked off?
  20. I believe Howard I think bassinis mob will get the club
  21. Struggling with this myself - you make a fair point but at what point does enough become enough ....... never it’s just passion not fashion end of?
  22. Howard have your lads kept their dummy in and are seeing how things play out now? some legal intern I’m assuming is being stoned to death for the address fuck up
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