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  1. Second that - makes what's going on now test the patience even more!
  2. Hasn't Megson got previous for quoting outside forces etc etc I think when he was at Forest he put his failure and shocking relationship with the fans down to outside forces trying to tarnish his name and at WBA - again smacks of his unpopoularity in the game as a whole??!! I think he's getting twitchy and the pressure is mounting saturday was a wake up call. As for Shittu and McCann - nothing lost at all quality wise but numbers dropping again having said that if McCann in the team means performances like saturday stick with the kids nothing lost - hopefully ?2m in, a bit more to come when Pompey buy out is done and we can up the anti to get in quality attacking options
  3. Bolty - genuine question I started going the match in mid 80's as a kid so have never known anything like whats going on now - has it been worse and I'm not talking division we are in or quality of football I'm talking in fighting and shitty atmospheres at every home and some away games?
  4. The problem we have is finding a striker who would score goals the way we play - namely only someone of the class of Anelka could carve out enough chances themselves to get goals - Kevin Doyle, Andy Johnson , Bobby Zamora, Dean Ashton , James Beattie all players in our bracket but would they get goals with no crosses little goal mouth action for the odd tap in??? We've got a decent stiker IMO and spanked ?8m on him but we've got to find a way of suppplying him the ammo to hit the net.
  5. Those planning to protest how's about this - Megson uses all the grief he gets to compound the siege mentality he created post spurs and blackburn last season and this along with the medias sympathy for him helps his cause and keeps the players on side and means he can hide behind the "abuse and grief" even when the team are performing poorly - why not back the team show him some repsect and if he is that bad then he'll be given sufficient rope to hang himself?
  6. Protesting this early in the season will make us look daft in the eyes of the wider football community no two ways about that - whether the goings on at the club post last season and one game in to this warrant protest well that's down to the individual - I don't think it does but I can sympathise with those who do. As I've said the merry go round goes round and round and round all the while the gap between the fans and club gets bigger - very sad in deed.
  7. It is but I was coming from the point of view of it dropping sufficently to prompt the top brass to make a decision on changing whats on offer to the punters i.e. sacking megson - a couple of thousand here and there would not have them running round frantically thinking they need to change our brand football.
  8. Fair enough - dropping from 22k averages to 12k averages would cause problems but the odd thousand or even five thousand here and there won't register.
  9. I'm struggling to agree with that - I think most people would agree with the broad sentiment of it but there is more than one way to skin a cat see Fulham/Everton as the example and probably Wigan this season - why can't we stay up spend little but entertain at the same time they've done it? I'm afraid Gary Megson being appointed is like when my daughter brought home her new boyfriend I immediately thought he was a pillock - but you try and be nice and stand by her hoping it works out but in your heart of hearts you know it will end in tears.
  10. Anyone know why the flags had gone from the North Stand - used to give me a bit a a pick me up last year in amongst the emtpy seats! The top brass won't give a monkeys what the gates are as it's a drop in the ocean compared to sky money for a club like ours. They will budget for probably just less than last year financial planning to do with our gates will always be on a worse case scenario so they don't get caught out. They need to create demand to get bums on seats they've looked at the price and net of 2 years ago when prices were higher they are probably still up. The only other option is to look at the product and ultimately the location neither of which is likely due to both being relativley successful to date.
  11. When does the transfer window shut 31st August? I'm sure I read somewhere end of Sept?
  12. Spot on that feel sorry for Elmander clearly has ability but we play to none of his strengths with that in mind struggling to see at what point a scout / Megson and his coaching staff thought he'd fit how they want to play
  13. No I'm not having that it was entertaining can't have been BWFC...........sorry couldn't resist
  14. Apologies - rephrase - "I think it's safe to say Megson doesn't appear to be popular with those who are and have, been in the game." Please don't confuse this with megson bashing it's just an observation.
  15. FWIW The galloping chip was putting the knife in on GMR post match and did for a lot of the end of last season. I think it's safe to say Megson doesn't appear to be popular in game at all.
  16. Spot on - that's what's most depressing I don't think Megson deserves the sack so far he's done what he's been asked but I can't see him having the ability to have sufficient success to ever "turn it round" with the bulk of the crowd and the bulk of the crowd aren't prepared to put up with his brand of football and lack of seeming attachment to the club so we're stuck with this merry go round - changing manager too much doesnt help any club but neither does serious disquiet on the terraces week in week out - Gartside must know the feelings of the majority of fans but he's stuck between a rock and a hard place - he's got a man in that's done what he's beeen asked and has shown he can keep a team up or does he react to the fans and try and get him out and potentially increase the risk of financial meltdown by going down. This isn't Bolton disease it's the premier league's!
  17. I purposely had a good drink and a kip before posting about yesterdays experience. If it could have gone wrong yesterday it did - walking up to see Mccann playing right wing immediately took the wind out my sails and proves the point that Gary has not in fact done objective one of the summer and stengthened our squad sufficently to cope with a couple of injuries - YET - there is still time and that was a wake up call. I heard steinnsson had a wobbler at being dropped and walked out - might be wrong. The performance by all except Cahill and Jussi was well below and Sunderland looked right at it from the first whistle we were well 2nd best today there will be plenty more of them this season that's a fact today was just made worse as it was opening day. Our style of play will not change and IS awful but at times hopefully over the next 37 games will be effective to get results thats' reality not a good one but a fact. The crowd was disappointing both in its size - severly worrying to be honest but also the divisions over Gary resurfaced again and very early on and that's the worst part of all this for me going to home games and watching us lot bicker and fight (I saw 2 last year in ESL) between each other has got to stop makes the whole match experiecne depressing these days win lose or draw. Garys disasterous PR just compounds this day after day so he has got to take some responsibilty for it as he has done nothing to attempt to build bridges, one clap of an away end one snippet in the media to say "large majority of our fans are spot on" and not "it's inevitable i will get abused at this club but me and the players are prepared for it" - the large majority of our fans may not be spot on but for god sake Gary do yourself a favour. I also heard a couple of rumours (from decent sources) the players are now questioning Megson and think he's about reached his ceiling and his tactical limitations are halting further progression. Lets give it 6 games see if the new lads can gel and he can add more players, Megson does not deserve the sack on results and progress to date - that's all he will be judged on, his PR and personality will never come in to play so we'll just have to grin and bare it.
  18. Strikers thrive on chances when he has started missing hatfuls then we've every right to slate him he has clealry got good feet and a good shot and when given the ball facing towards the oppostion's goal can finish. What I would question is the scout who watched him then reported back to Gary Megson that he would fit in to the way he plays football!
  19. That number 10 shirt needs filling been way too long since it had some proper quality (Jay Jay) - anyone any ideas on who we are chasing up front I've been tawling the media and can find nowt!?
  20. Thanks - I've actually been in exile - was a fully paid up member of the megson out brigade and got my marching orders but I stuck at reading WW and I have to say I was in the wrong on refelction - posts re charlon and southampton etc etc made me see the error of my ways - Gary's PR is a disaster zone but we're not paying him to be Max Clifford kept us up and has moved the club forward - looking forward to this season hoping the club can now pull together, a repeat of last years division on the terraces would do no one any good at all - can't wait top half easy for me - up the whites Therapy complete...........move on
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