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  1. It’s time for a change - this squad should be consistently better than they are playing. who? I’ll trust ken to set priorities quick fix big mike maybe? my preference would be some random German with bobbed hair or cool specs or both and start a new revolution
  2. One word - Hobbs They’ll do nowt either
  3. Really sorry to hear this - met him at the end of last season really lovely guy just wish him all the very best keep fighting
  4. Haven’t Ken and Lee only ever responded in kind to public money matters mud slinging?
  5. Let’s see what Ken’s got to say because as sure as fuck chairman’s update is on its way! He clearly sees ex player bonuses as bottom of the pile in the cash flow priority party! Wonder if Karls got chucked in with the previous regimes ludicrous contracts and paying bonuses in the off season pot!! It’s not right, staff should be paid on time regardless of income or perceived wealth
  6. Anyone who thinks parky is a tactical one trick pony is blind or stupid or both
  7. Head Allardyce Heart Rioch and if we had the chance to appoint one again it’d be heart ruling head
  8. Time will tell if he’s successful obviously but the policy of spending our cash on a lower league player and trying to develop them in made up with. That lad will be made up to be playing for bwfc - much rather that than scraping half the wages of some Chelsea reserve on £30k a week having done nothing in the game.
  9. I was buzzing when we signed him genuinely thought he was a step up on Gretzki ...... the injuries fucked him but classic coyle paid at least 50% more then his value
  10. WBA have signed Tyrone Mears WTF!!!
  11. I don’t think we’re going to sign anyone pre 31st ..... that’s what I reckon is wafting out of the Andersons
  12. Makes sense given signing of Robinson now and his poor performances poss distracted and in his last year as long as it’s not Wigan maybe for best
  13. No time to over react balance of the team wasn’t right today we’ll see in the next 4 games whether that today was a fluke or the first four games were or more likely it’s this mad league. He doesn’t fancy Taylor drops him at every opportunity why you’d change a back 4 that’s done so well god knows. Grounds and Murphy were poor but first time I’ve seen em play so early days. Velas under pressure to start games and get a new contract imo the clock is ticking he’s just not influencing games enough and still doesn’t look like we know his best position
  14. Sorry I missed “it will be an” off the beginning of that sentence
  15. Get Wilson up to speed fitness wise left footed and can pass he’ll put beevs under pressure. I think once the players can read Magennis abit more we’ll retain possession better
  16. We look a big strong (barring Oztumer) well organised team loved o neill always liked him so I wanted him to be good but thought he showed some real class. Wildschut was a bit dodgy but he’ll be decent I think and the pole looks a real durable player. Can’t remember last time the eleven that finished was stronger than the starting eleven ...... squad is so much stronger than last season fair fucks to Anderson’s and parky long may it continue.
  17. Didn’t realise he was 33 that’s a bit off putting but rather him than a Tyler Walker type
  18. Perfect player nugent if we get him I’ll be stunned! Mainly because as soon as it becomes apparent he’s available we’ll get gazumped
  19. Connor Wickham is available and on big wedge
  20. Proper competition for places & genuine improvement in squad quality imo will do him the power of good
  21. onlyoneawalker


    It’s his continued belief that he’s a genius in management that winds me up - I guess believing in himself and having such a positive outlook is no bad thing but whatever he does doesn’t work. I’ve had it at places I’ve worked people totally inept clearly out of their depth they know I knew it we all knew it yet they plough on pretending ..... it’s that just be honest enough to admit you’re not up to it or you need to get more experience training and go again.
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