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  1. Spending hundreds of billions of pounds making millions of people unemployed? It doesn’t sound like the Economy came first to me
  2. @ZicoKelly I think the Australia followed a similar path to many of the Asian countries, stopping incoming flights early doors so the problem was only a small on to begin with (think the likes of Taiwan did this even better) Of course, with hindsight that would have been great However, when Trump tried blocking flights from China he got dogs abuse for it, including from the WHO if I recall. Likewise when he stopped flights coming in from the EU in early March
  3. Appreciate that’s a forecast for 2021 but still, 36th out of the top 37 countries, hardly indicates a policy of putting the economy first these last 9 months In terms of where we are now, we have the worst GDP performance out of the top 7 economies. Again, that doesn’t imply a policy of economy first for me We went late so had to lockdown longer, that did more damage to our economy vs the others who went in earlier and came out quicker. If it was all about the economy then we would have gone in later and come out earlier surely Weve managed to perform poorly for both economic and health data despite spending more money than anyone else (all relative to size), that’s due to poor management of the situation from our government (vs our competitive set) Another piece here that makes for a decent read... https://www.ft.com/content/1f52fd2b-7daf-418e-be8b-acc38f819b8d The UK has spent more money fighting coronavirus than almost all comparable countries but still languishes towards the bottom of league tables of economic performance in 2020 and deaths caused by the virus, according to Financial Times research.
  4. The OECD 4 weeks back... The UK is set to suffer more economic pain from the coronavirus crisis than any other leading economy apart from Argentina, the OECD said on Tuesday, highlighting the spread of the virus and deep downturn across Britain. https://www.ft.com/content/f2655b26-c493-463e-9df6-1210cebc28b9 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/dec/01/government-covid-oecd-uk-growth-forecast
  5. The fact that our Economy has performed worse than all but Argentina suggests that we haven’t put the economy before health I guess we did in those first couple of weeks when herd immunity was the strategy, others went into lockdown earlier (Italy, Spain, France etc) but since then I think it’s been massively in favour of health
  6. I would say our biggest issue wasn't rushing, quite the opposite, we did things too late. We were one of the last countries to come out of lockdown 1, hardly rushing for me However, I get the point your trying to make. I would caveat it though and say that I think things change once a vaccine is in circulation Once you have a vaccine the end of the road should be the same, get 15m vaccinated and it’s job done. No reason why ‘rushing things through’ I.e moving down the tiers should delay the roll out of the vaccination programme We should be at a point very soon (when this next vaccine has been approved) that we know roughly when the vulnerable will be immune (by a couple of weeks either way)
  7. I think your right with March for the most vulnerable 15m getting sorted However I don’t think we should all follow really tight restrictions (Tier 4) from now until 99% of the risk has gone We should be moving down the Tiers as the vaccine is rolled out and the risk decreases
  8. No I read the article back when our government was cock waving that we were first to approve the vaccine and would get 1m a week out It’s the BBC so I’d like to think the reporting is fairly robust in terms of how the vaccine is transported It’s not unreasonable to think that this is just another in a long line of fuck ups (see PPE, track and trace etc etc)
  9. It was Van Tam that said getting 15m vaccinated removes 99% of the risk, he seemed quite confident with that Youd like to think with 99% of the risk gone that we would all be in Tier 1 at least, if not back to ‘normal’ all be it with some bits remaining like masks etc until it’s gone Question is, how long to vaccinate 15m and remove 99% of the risk? Next question, how quickly can we get to 5m and remove 50% of the risk (give or take)
  10. I guess they have done quite well then and haven’t had to let tens of thousands of folk go? First I’ve heard of them I just wanted to know how balanced their opinion would be (health vs economy) when giving their opinion on what our priority should be...
  11. I got it from here... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-54889084 Shippers last 10 days keeping the vaccines at the required temp (at least, more if you replace the ice). Then you have at least 3 days in a normal freezer At least 2 weeks factory to arm without needing a special freezer
  12. Who are the Welcome Trust? This CEO, how many people has he had to make redundant this year?
  13. Fuck knows why they are bothering with low temp freezers They are sent from the factory in shippers covered in dry ice that lasts at least 10 days (30 days if the dry ice is replaced). They then last another 3 days in a normal freezer They came out weeks ago talking about doing 1m injections a week, they have dove 700k so far, complete bollocks by the government yet again
  14. Fuck off being a smart arse 👍🏻 We were waiving our cocks in the air 4 weeks back that we were the first to approve a vaccine. Mid Feb is another 7 weeks off, by which point the government have had 3 months to vaccinate folk. They only need to do 5m and half the risk has gone, surely as the risk deteriorates we will move down the Tiers Normal might well be the summer but people wont stand for being in Tier 4 until summer
  15. Of course you can’t, but the bottle neck isn’t getting it in the country, as Casino has said it’s complexity after that. GP’s surgeries worrying they might not get through a whole 900 injections, fucking about with consent forms ffs I wonder how many of the millions of people who have lost their jobs signed a consent form for that? Its bollocks
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