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  1. I was only joking pal Although I’m hopeful that we can finally secure the services of Pepe this window, that ones been so close to getting over the line for a few years now
  2. Be there or there about Carlisle come May Very useful
  3. When you read that, feels fair enough for me, contract ends and you can walk
  4. What happened before Bowman, surely a club couldn’t just keep a player against his will if the contract expired and he wanted out, tribunal job?
  5. Can’t wait for this However, just gone to sort a hotel, ridiculous money, fucking jocks must have piled in and taken them Fuck knows what I’ll do now, thinking pull an all nighter and get the first train back But then again the fuckers will be all over the West Coast Main line as well
  6. You can count Russia as Europe to be fair, sure FIFA will given they are in UEFA You can make a solid case for South America again, especially with the 100 year anniversary
  7. To be fair the Russia bid had a massive advantage that it’s the biggest country in the World, with Football pedigree and a World Cup had never been played out that way (Eastern Europe / Central Asia). It was proven to be a good decision as well having put on what many said was a great WC (especially the ones that went over) The Qatar one I can’t get my head around though, mainly because of the size of the place. If it was a joint Middle East bid across 3 or 4 countries then fair enough, stinks really The future is the multi country events, can’t wait for US / Canada / Mexico in 2026. Not sure where the 2030 process is up to, think we are looking at a British bid with Wales & Scotland. Spain & Portugal also interested from UEFA. I think it will go back to South America though with a joint bid from Argentina / Uruguay / Paraguay, its the 100 years anniversary which goes in that bids favour (going back to Uruguay where the first one was). Sure Colombia & Peru are also interested. Any of those would make for great world cups to be fair
  8. If it is based on lost gate receipts then we might not get our ‘fare share’. The club has had season ticket money off many, not sure how many have claimed back mind but still. The gap between what we would have expected and what we have realised won’t be much more than £1m surely? As an example, let’s assume our average gate would have been 12k, average ticket price £10 (think it’s even less), that’s £1.2m a season. Let’s assume 5k season ticket holders haven’t asked for a refund, at £10 a ticket that’s £500k realised. Gap would be £700k based on those numbers, to come out of the £50m grant. Doesn’t include other match day income of course Edit... A bit on the news, league 1 & 2 getting £30m up front with another £20 possible. Rochdale chairman on, talking about a ‘minimum of £375k’
  9. Would have said Ancelotti but that Barca side would take some beating
  10. Anyone watching on Sky? Doesn’t seem like it’s HD this, a bit fuzzy, giving me a headache
  11. Crellin would struggle to get a game in nets for a decent 5 a side team down at the Arena
  12. Can’t see anything other than a defeat sadly I’m going 2-3, Chris Waddle Hat Trick for them
  13. As young kids go Alexander deemed to cope better with the step up last season than Crellin has done this season If not Gilkes Or an out of contract professional Goalkeeper Crellin should be sent back to Fleetwood immediately
  14. If they are still playing Crellin then the management (IE &TP) need fucking off Clearly not up to the job
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