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  1. PL clubs have been told the season has to finish based on sporting merit So it’s either finished behind closed doors or PPG, no null and void option
  2. I’d imagine a play off would be manageable behind closed doors, only a few games with a big prize at the end of it. To appease any teams just outside the play off spots after PPG I’d say 5, 6, 7 & 8th place should play a one off game to meet 3rd and 4th place in another one off game then a final - could play them all Wembley to be fair Do that in Championship, League 1 and League 2
  3. For my money they should... Work out a PPG finish BUT No relegation, 3 up as normal from the championship which is made good over the next 3 seasons, hand the TV money back, go again from August if a decisions has to be made now
  4. I think they said the PL requires at least 15 clubs to vote for a change for it to happen, so 75:25 Not sure about EFL rules Also not sure about this as it isn’t a change as such, more a decision either way
  5. You won’t get a solution that doesn’t piss someone off All the league can do is let the clubs decide on the best course of action with a fair vote If a club then decides to waste their money in court then so be it
  6. Whilst I’m sure that any legal team would be happy to take the money, I doubt any of them would have success winning a case The league is just a representation of the 71 clubs, if they put it to a vote and PPG wins I fail to see how that’s a basis for legal action If you don’t like the outcome then the alternative is to withdraw your team from the league and find another one to play in
  7. I’d have though Cambridge is another London then back out job? 2 hours to London, can’t be more than an hour back out to Cambridge surely? 4 hours each way with time for connections
  8. Brazil gone then? Not much of a send off nobody listening mid lock down
  9. Just to help finish the current season If it can help them claw money back longer term then I would imagine they will push for it to be extended If it helps the economy and tax revenue I doubt the government would oppose it post Covid with a hefty bill to pay
  10. I think the PL know they will need to take a big financial hit in calendar years 2020 / 2021 I expect they will try to make up for it when we are back to full normal by showing even more games. They will probably try to get to a place where all games are available live in the long term, including Saturday 3pm To your point around a fallout between the PL and Sky / BT, thinking about It, the PL may look to stream themselves in a similar way to the new Disney+ service rather than go through the Networks. They are a long way of being able to do that though
  11. I don’t know about fall out, they need each other at the end of the day. If the revenue coming into Sky and BT drops off a cliff due to this act of god event then it’s only fair the clubs and players share that pain. Would it really be that bad for the average PL weekly salary going from £60k a week to £30k for 18 months or so until it’s over? The question is, how many Sky and BT Sport subscriptions get canned when they start charging again, the majority won’t be happy shelling out £60 a month for friendly standard football. Advertising revenue also gone through the floor as big firms pull back on media to preserve cash
  12. I’m not sure it should re start, I just don’t think health and safety is the biggest issue. I understand why the clubs want it to, without the TV revenue coming in a lot of clubs, including the big ones are looking into the abyss. Wages take up a big proportion of revenue, unless wages are reduced in line with revenue a lot of clubs could go under, even in the PL This is why they are trying to do whatever they can. I just don’t think that behind closed doors for a prolonged period of time wont generate enough revenue so either way it’s coming to a head at some point between players and clubs
  13. I’m saying that professional football starting up doesn’t pose a significant risk for the country, you have 22 players on a pitch at 10 grounds across the country playing, so 220 in total (rest of the staff can keep distance) - that will have no negative impact on the countries R value. Sending tens of thousands of kids back to school, whilst also lower risk than some things, would be significantly higher risk for the countries R value. Individual risk for the footballers yes, no more so than many other workers like shop workers etc. At the end of the day if the players don’t want to play then fair enough, however they shouldn’t expect to be paid as per their contract. I don’t think the biggest issue that the PL has is risk, I think it’s a vastly inferior product that people won’t want to pay for (certainly the rest of this season). Sky and BT won’t want to be paying the same rate if they can’t sell the product onto an audience at the same rate, that will have the biggest impact here IMO Why won’t it work down the pyramid? Finances, the smaller clubs rely on gate receipts to stay afloat, the PL can operate without that money - what’s the point playing behind closed doors if it sends you under? might as well hibernate with a vastly reduced squad to pay (50% of league 1 & 2 players contracts are up next month) then get going when the turnstiles are open
  14. Large parts of the economy are going to have to put people at risk. We can’t furlough until a vaccine is available What about primary schools, you can’t social distance 200 4-11 year olds effectively, do you ‘put them at risk’ or leave them off school for potentially 2 years? My understanding was that this lockdown was allowing the NHS to ramp up capacity (beds, ventilators etc) while getting past the peak, now it’s about what are the acceptable risks that can keep R below 1. Mass that gatherings, pubs and restaurants won’t be here for a while but 200 people in a stadium with 22 on the field should offer no more risk than a school or nursery being open IMO. It should be down to personal choice for everyone and I assume a large proportion of footballers will be happy to take the risk in order to get paid Problem is, it’s not workable down the pyramid so what do you do about promotion or relegation
  15. Times reporting that Sky & BT Sport won’t accept no relegation from the PL, as it would mean that pretty much all the remaining PL fixtures are rendered meaningless, certainly not worth them paying £750m for That means that they need the EFL on board, or at least the Championship but hard to see how those clubs make ends meat without gate receipts Bottom 6 aren't happy with neutral venues as it distorts the league, each team hasn’t played everyone at home etc Along with the issues over people getting ill, contracts expiring, some players not wanting to play Its a mess, just can’t see anyway through it in the short / medium term
  16. You can’t, just like you can’t social distance in a whole host of other jobs that have carried on and / or will return to work in the coming weeks No reason why a whole host of Industries will return to work yet footballers are worried about health and safety Besides, I bet it’s only a few multi millionaires at the top who are ‘worried’ about catching Coronavirus. The vast majority of professional footballers will be desperate to get back into it, fuck social distancing. 50% of league 1 & 2 footballers are out of contract next month
  17. What about all the people on building sites etc who have carried on working regardless. Remember, if you are unable to work from home the advice is crack on as you were but try to adopt social distancing. Plenty non essential workers have had to carry on regardless
  18. Aye, did 96 as well 👍🏻
  19. One for the hardcore this No sign of Radcliffe that night Oxford flu
  20. Footballers are no better or worse than anyone other trade though Why should someone work in Tesco behind the till etc Each to their own, nobody has to do anything they don’t want to but if footballers don't want to return to work when plenty others are doing then they shouldn’t be expecting to get paid
  21. How much are people paying to watch this stuff, would they be happy paying £30 a month to watch it on Sky Sports and another £30 to watch on BT or are they only watching it for free on a stream? Whichever way they cobble together a re start in the PL, the product is going to be massively inferior to what people are used to watching, they won’t be happy paying the same amount or anywhere near it. Add in the fact that many companies have slashed / cancelled TV advertising (even though TV audiences are up in general) and your looking at a huge reduction in Revenue for sports TV companies and also football in general for 12-24 months
  22. I doubt the figures will be anywhere near the normal after the first couple of days of football. Liverpool will win the league in the first game, after that hardly anyone playing for anything, might not even be any relegation. Add in the fact that it’s behind closed doors, plenty Multi millionaire big stars like Aguerro will fuck it off and you have games worse than pre season. Personally I’d rather watch one of the classic games they have been showing rather than Southampton v Everton behind closed doors
  23. I can understand why they are looking at behind closed doors, if they wait for mass gatherings to get the thumbs up / the turnstiles to open then it could be 18 months or more Apart from a small % of very wealthy players at the top of the game, the rest cant lose 18 months of a short career. Likewise most the clubs are looking down the barrel at financial ruin without some sort of income. The Sports media and their staff will need something to broadcast or they will be fucked as well I think behind closed doors might have to happen but it won’t be pretty and it won’t get anywhere near the sort of TV audience that they are used to getting. Also the whole worry about players getting ill etc Might work better with a series of smaller regional ‘friendly’ tournaments rather than trying to get a season finished and a new one started out under these circumstances.
  24. Aye, Prem clubs may be desperate for behind closed doors, but multi millionaire prem footballers may not want (Or need) to participate Aguerro said as much, think Ronaldo has said the same to Juventus Not sure the likes of Sky, BT or the foreign TV companies will be happy paying top whack for rights if this continues. An ‘expert’ on SSN today talking about 12-24 months without mass gatherings. With big stars missing, no fans in the ground, nothing to play for in most games etc - They viewing figures won’t come through and the networks won’t get anywhere near their money back
  25. Though this must be Red Roger at first
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