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  1. Seems to be a ridiculous amount of goals going in at the moment Wonder what the average per game is vs the norm
  2. Stick him in the middle of the park then
  3. Be like a dog with 2 dicks this lot given the circumstances You can just see which way it’s going to go I’m struggling to see another point coming until Mansfield at home in November Fuck me
  4. Very good side Cambridge, could be a battering if we aren’t careful
  5. Savage tackle to be fair League wide open again now then
  6. 9 games in, 7 defeats and only 1 win, how disappointing The lowest depths the club has ever plunged, not careful we could go out of the league here So much hope as well when the season started I’d stick with IE, at least until January, but it’s clear that something has gone drastically wrong here. One of the biggest budgets in the league but so far we’ve got nothing to show for it
  7. I guess Bolton’s a funny one given the club have sold 8k ST’s However if the gates are shut for the thick end of the season, the likelihood is, a lot of it will have to be given back somehow (refunds this season or off next year)
  8. The government have seemingly washed their hands of league football clubs The biggest loser if league football goes under us the HMRC as they make a fortune in tax out of the industry, it’s very short sited of them IMO The solution needs to be joined up across all the stakeholders including the government. The Secretary for Sport saying football can sort itself out isn’t helpful at all, he should be ashamed of himself
  9. You’d imagine league 1 / league 2 clubs could get close to a flat revenue position with reasonable distancing measures in place. I think we would be fine, 8k to 10k fans spread around the whole ground mean 2 out of 3 seats are empty. With the business rates relief the club are also getting it should be enough to see us through Different kettle of fish in the championship as the gates are bigger. However so are the wage bills and tax payments. What’s the average wage bill in the Championship? Say £20m a season per club, so half a billion per season for the league, I’d bet the HMRC is bringing in £200m a year in tax and NI from Championship clubs every season. That’s before you look at VAT and other taxes These clubs shouldn’t have to beg other clubs for bailouts, if the government want the gates shut then give a bit of the tax revenue back OR defer current tax payments whilst the restrictions are in place. Just think, Championship clubs COULD have done a deal with the PFA and frozen player contracts until football resumed (with gates open), they could have furloughed their players on £2,500 a month. The HMRC would have had to pay about £10m in furlough, instead they have collected over £100m in tax / NI for the same 6 month period
  10. I’m not suggesting that the government pay £90m to a single club. Just replace (or part replace) the lost revenue from keeping the fans locked out If a Championship club like Stoke or Derby are spending £30m a year on wages then the HMRC is getting over £1m a month in tax revenue through PAYE & NI. Deferring that alone would more than cover lost revenue from not having fans in the ground If a load of football clubs go under then the biggest loser will be the HMRC as they get the biggest share of football’s wealth in the form of taxes OR they could just let fans in, limit capacity to allow for social distancing, no bail out required
  11. Neil Danns gone to @radcliffewhite1 new outfit
  12. Would think so Moneyball isn’t just about buying and selling for a profit, part of it is just getting the best team together within a budget Or at least that’s what I got from watching the film last week. Brad Pitt signed a few old timers who could do a job but had no resale value Although I think our recruitment policy is more Bingo ball than moneyball
  13. Correct to reject, can’t throw a third of members under the Bus The EFL need to turn their attention towards the government, they want empty stadiums, they can pay. The HMRC has had over £30bn in tax from professional football over the past decade, not a big ask for them to give £200m back now
  14. Answer is the government allow fans in or pump some money in That way EFL clubs aren’t over a barrel
  15. Exclusively Which means the combined package sold by the PL becomes less attractive and gets smaller when it’s sold again
  16. The EFL is a feeder as much as leagues across Europe and the World Should the PL bail out league pyramid’s across the world proportionate to how the revenue comes in? Besides, it’s complete nonsense that EFL clubs can’t allow some fans in, if that’s what the government want then they should fund it out of the £100m+ a week they bring in from the U.K. game (mainly PL)
  17. Just reading a bit more into this ‘project’ Apparently one of the clauses is that PL clubs are allowed to sell 8 matches themselves on their own platform (MUTV etc) With a reduced calendar (34 games each) and big clubs selling 8 games themselves it only leaves 24 games left for the PL to sell the rights for (if they show every single game). Likelihood is the big games get sold off directly by the big 6 with them pocketing all the money and the PL TV deal comes down massively. EFL clubs getting 25% of a much smaller number than mapping it out on the current deal
  18. Not sure what the issue is with foreign players, second time it’s been mentioned on this thread. A big chunk of the TV revenue that comes in is from foreign TV companies, these foreign TV companies wouldn’t be so interested if they didn’t have players playing over here. We’ve had it on WW before but total NET spend on transfer fees in the PL is about 5% of revenue, some of which goes to EFL clubs, meaning only a small % leaves the U.K. anyway 70% of Revenue goes towards players and agents, of that the biggest winner is HMRC who will take a huge amount in PAYE tax. Only right that the players get the lions share of the revenue as they are the ones everyone is watching. No different to Adele earning £200m singing a few songs If a billionaire wanted to get Oxford into the top 6, he’d need to spend big, mainly on wages, biggest winner would be the HMRC again. We should be welcoming them with open arms, one of the best exports we have
  19. I do t think B teams has been mentioned as part of this It has with the official PL bailout proposal Unless I’m wrong EFL aren’t going to accept having to turf 10-20 teams out to be replaced with B teams
  20. Think they want stricter ffp to stop another Chelsea or City happening Id be totally against that If someone wants to come and pump billions into UK football then let them, not bothered if Forest Green end up winning the PL personally
  21. Interesting read, however if we are worried about the ‘big six’ trying to set up a closed shop franchise system then it’s a risk anyway, they don’t need the other 14 PL clubs to approve them breaking away and setting something up. If they wanted to do that they would cherry pick the teams / franchises - Southampton wouldn’t be top of the list for a start They way I am currently reading between the lines is that an expanded Champions League is coming, with a similar sort of finish to this year in Lisbon (european super league lite). The extra euro fixtures will pay big bucks and they need to shed domestic fixtures to accommodate it. They are happy letting the other 84 teams share the domestic money more evenly if it means they get an even bigger slice from UEFA
  22. Nothing stopping the 6 of them leaving the PL now and doing their own deal I suppose I’m looking to try and see a catch but I am struggling on the face of it
  23. The more you look at the numbers, the more it does look decent for EFL clubs Whats the catch? Looks too good to be true from a headline level I get that the big clubs would be able to play more lucrative friendlies, also likely that the Champions League would be expanded so they will need the fixture space, but you could live with that I suppose IF it means more money down the leagues However, let’s not forget, Championship clubs currently get £5m a year from the PL, didn’t stop us going into admin. Teams will continue to overspend unless a salary cap works right the way up the Pyramid inc PL
  24. Be interested to see this, what do EFL clubs currently get? Wiki has it at.... In the 2017-18 season the Premier League paid £243m in Parachute Payments split amongst 8 clubs,[1] and £100m in Solidarity Payments split amongst the remaining 64 clubs.[2]This compares to £88m of UK TV revenue the EFL distributed to its 72 clubs for the 2017-18 season.[3] So in 17-18 it was £340m from PL + £88m EFL TV deal = £428m in total. I believe TV Revenue for the PL that year was £5bn... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-31379128 So 25% would have been £1.25bn, treble the current amount received by the EFL. I’m not having it that they are offering such an increase, I’d love to know what it’s 25% of. Let’s not forget, the TV money received by the PL will drop given the global economy
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