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  1. Not seen the full proposal but apparently the EFL will get 25% of PL Profits (although some papers quoted this as Revenue which would be ridiculously huge) However, the amount of ‘profit’ the PL makes would now be at the discretion of the ‘Big 6’ A bad year for TV deals and who’s to say that a bigger % of the TV money is given to the PL clubs leaving less ‘profit’ to go to the EFL Its a short term deal and it stinks that Parry supports it for me
  2. The government should subsidies any business they are forcing to close, the alternative is allowing them to trade IMO I don’t see why the PL should fund the EFL any more than Adele (worth £200m) and other rich song artist should fund club singers up and down the country who aren’t allowed to earn money Football could look after itself quite easily if the HMRC differed a couple of weeks PAYE / NI / VAT that it takes in from the clubs and TV packages Also, not sure what you have against ‘foreigners’, a bit bizarre
  3. Simon Jordan is right, the government want the gates shut they need to put their hands in their pockets HMRC brings in enough revenue in 2 weeks from football to sort out the EFL for the season Or just let crowds in with limited capacity like they are doing all over the World
  4. a) They play too many games so need to reduce by making PL 18 teams and scraping EFL Cup b) They want B teams in the lower leagues as they’ve got shit loads of talent on the books that need proper game time Still trying to square off that circle in my head
  5. PL is a not for profit organisation isn’t it, only there to provide money to the 20 PL clubs What’s stopping the PL pushing more money to PL clubs so they make less profit or even non at all! Thus EFL clubs get jack shit
  6. How the fuck can Rick Perry support that? What a wanker
  7. Think we’ve still looked ok, just can’t create for shit zero shots on target for either team, looking like it would stay that way if they were playing till Xmas
  8. To think, we are paying a tenner for that yet everyone’s moaning about paying £15 a game for PL through Sky with proper commentary and build up 😂
  9. Been very pleased with the performance so far, just need to create a little bit more and we should win this comfortably
  10. Think the ground is up for £500k The price of a house that £1,500 a month mortgage with rates and upkeep on top. You’d like to think they could cover that in non league
  11. I suppose they have, not sure why it should be down to them though, your either allowed to own a UK company or your not (surely) In terms of this case, similar to many others, how can the EFL possibly say no? If they say No and the club gets liquidated they get hammered, if the only show in town is a con man and they approve then they get hammered anyway They should can the whole fit and proper stuff and go back to simply organising a league
  12. Just signed At the end it gives you details of your local MP, mines Lindsay Hoyle (Speaker of the house), so I dropped him an e-mail asking him to support the petition (as a fellow Bolton fan I’d like to think he will) Signing the petition is one thing but definitely worth everyone dropping a quick e-mail to their MP to go with it. MP’s are generally supportive of their constituents so if they get a few e-mails they will likely champion it in the House If everyone who signed it also e-mailed their MP then it definitely get a decent hearing
  13. He’s always done all right against us that fella Wouldnt be underestimating this lot given their league position
  14. In fairness to the EFL, how can they block a deal when the other option is liquidation? They really can’t win can they They are only meant to be organising a league, scrutinising fruitcakes and con men shouldn’t be their responsibility
  15. That high line of a Liverpool’s was ridiculous Be plenty teams watching that who will now have more confidence to have a go and get in behind them I can’t believe they stuck with it for the 90 Should have been 10 really
  16. Not up to the Council though Rates are set by central government every 5 years or so (I think)
  17. We’ve lost 5 straight Been dog shit all over the park with little sign of any green shoots Were gonna piss the league has been put well to bed
  18. I don’t think anyone is throwing the towel in or having a tantrum Weve been dog shit, it’s as simple as that Try and paper over the cracks if you like but massive improvements are required
  19. Doesn’t bode well for next year then, we will need to sell 8k season tickets just to pay the Business rates, potentially another waiver but I doubt the treasury can stretch to it Really need to get out of League 2 at the first time of asking
  20. I should imagine we are still losing money, that will need to be pumped in by the owners. We lost money in League 1 let alone league 2 Think the losses will be narrower though, the Business rates waiver is a massive one, think we were paying something like £1.5m a year - I bet we don’t make much more than that selling 8k season tickets
  21. You’d think so with all the Portuguese players
  22. They won away at Pompey at the weekend didn’t they? I’d say they’ve got a better chance of getting promoted than we have based on the respective starts to the season Best case scenario we play them in League 1 next season, they ain’t going down
  23. I was thinking along the lines of selling a house, you sell it for £150k, that’s transferred between you and the buyer and is on public record If you then pay an estate agent a fee that’s based on a % of the transfer then it’s separate from the official fee Likewise and payments to a player, including bonuses should be captured in wage bill as it should go through HMRC Still, broadly speaking, for all the big numbers banded about, NET transfer spend is tiny compared to wage bills
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