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  1. A transfer fee is a movement of money from one football club to another, so in reality no money is going out the game on that fee, it’s neutral Granted the Premier League has a NET negative spend, it’s the richest league in the world so it will do, other leagues will have a NET positive, globally it’s neutral Your link is showing -£3.2bn NET spend over 5 years, sounds about right, that £3.2bn has gone to other leagues. The likely main beneficiaries are the EFL, League 1, La Liga, Bundesliga etc - I bet many of those leagues have NET +Ve transfer fee spend You’ve also got to consider the total revenue for the PL teams over those 5 years, likely £40bn to £50bn, so the NET transfer money that’s gone to other leagues is only about 5% to 10% of Revenue. On the flip side players wages swallow up about 70% of Revenue so over the same 5 years players will have had circa £35bn (10 times more than NET transfer fee spend) Sky Sports will often make a big deal about transfer windows with billions changing hands each window, in reality it’s the same money going round and round like a carousel, the NET spend for PL will be more like £300m a window / £15m per club (which as discussed makes its way to other clubs anyway)
  2. If you take the total NET transfer fee of every club in the world then the NET spend is zero As every single transaction zeros itself off as the other team receives the money (excluding any potential local taxes). The sake deal is +£40m for for Bournemouth, -£40m for city, combined NET spend for both clubs is £0m (nothing has left the game’) Sky Sports often report that £Xbn has been spent on transfers in a single window, that’s just looking at total fees paid, in reality the total NET spend is much much lower The PL is the richest so will have a total NET spend that’s negative as money leaves the U.K. and goes to clubs around the World. I bet if you look at the NET spend in countries like Portugal it will be positive globally, if you include every club transfer fees are neutral
  3. I think transfer fees are generally irrelevant If you add up all the NET spend from every football club in the world then the total transfer spend is £0 (assuming no taxes) The same money changes hands from one club to another to another then back to the first club The money spent on wages (inc bonuses etc) is the big one. However if teams like Man Utd generate £1bn in Revenue a year and they only have 25 senior pros on the books then why shouldn’t the top earners bring in £500k a week / £25m a year? Nobody bats an eyelid if a singer or actor makes huge sums, I think Adele has made over $400m in the last ten years for singing a few songs. Nobody cares, I don’t see the government telling her that she should bailout the small music venues that are closed due to Covid
  4. Let’s face it, we could get 8k-10k in our place spread around the ground within a reasonable level of risk (similar to shops and pubs etc) Most other league 1, league 2 and national league should be able to have a % of people in the ground Madness that the government are stopping them, they have completely lost the plot now,
  5. Decent side Grimsby, no mugs Be there or there about come May Going to be a tricky one with them well rested
  6. How do their fees compare with the ones taken from our administration? Genuine question, don’t have a clue but imagine it’s expensive If Krasnar is asking for £3m+ for the club, stadium, Training ground and a Chippy (with his fees included) then it doesn’t feel particularly toppy
  7. Overpaid they maybe, but the more they are overpaid the more money the HMRC receive The HMRC could wave any tax / NI liability for as long as clubs can’t generate revenue through the gates. I recon that would reduce the clubs wage bill by about 40% and help them through the period, then the HMRC start collecting again Or they could just let fans in
  8. Also been thinking, I appreciate the government position on the state bailing out the Football League when some players earn thousands a week However, a counter argument is, how much has the state benefited from the football league over the years? If a player earns £10k a week in the football league then the HMRC has been getting £4k a week of it. Added into all the VAT raised from gate receipts and refreshments and they have been raking in hundreds of millions each season (billions a year if you include the PL) The government could use the revenue it generated from league football last season to keep it afloat this season. If the league collapses then the state losses out more than anyone else through a reduction in future tax revenues They should bail it out OR let people in the ground so it can sustain itself
  9. Advertising revenue also down by about 50% given a huge number of firms who would normally buy air time have completely stopped due to Covid. Even when the restart marketing budgets will likely be slashed for years as these firms re balance the books (TV spend always first to go). A lot of pressure for the TV firms Likely this drop off in revenue will work its way down stream to the PL teams, Players & Agents. With that in mind, and the billion the PL teams will lose in gate receipts themselves this season. Its hard to see the PL fully funding league football right down the pyramid even for a season. Without the football pyramid would the PL generate the same revenue, probably wouldn’t be far off, I’d bet a few at the top wouldn’t mind some form of closed league system like the NLF Its just a colossal mess really, I keep coming back to the thinking that the answer to the question is to allow fans back in, even if it’s reduced numbers. Talk of the war further up the thread, even then the gates were open and money was changing hands
  10. Think they recently sold 10% of City football group for £500m, that gives them a market cap of £5bn That valuation makes them about 3 times the value of M&S, just shy of the £6bn Walmart are asking for ASDA Doubt they will be playing Gillingham in a play off game anytime this century
  11. Can’t see us winning away anytime soon, based on our home performances anyway I guess it means a little less than usual with no crowds. Also a neutral venue in reality Would be happy to take a Bolton goal if you offered it me now
  12. No research done beyond looking at their 0-2 defeat at Carlisle in March vs Yesterday I agree that we are currently on a lower footing than Newport County but I don’t think we should be given the resources available We've had 5 defeats now against Newport County, Colchester, Forest Green, Bradford and Crewe. We surely should be on a par with OR better than those teams with the budget we have
  13. Be very few in the 100% club this season, from all 92 clubs
  14. Not sure anyone is giving up on Bolton, a few are ditching ifollow perhaps This time last season we had drawn at home to Coventry (who went on to go up), so for me this season has seen us have a worse start, despite having a senior squad and one of the biggest budgets in the league your right, it could all click into place and we go on to compete at the top end of the division. However we have a huge way to go in terms of performances, so far I see little or no sign of it, we haven't scored and can’t defend. Whilst turnarounds do happen, it’s difficult to see us go from such a low level of performance to competing to get out of the division. If it’s a case of aiming for mid table obscurity in League 2 then plenty more will be ditching ifollow
  15. Some going that I think Cambridge away is on a Tuesday night, some going even if you were allowed in. If anyone goes to that, without actually being allowed to go to the match then the uber points league will be closed forever and they will be crowned champions
  16. Just had a look, Newport only played 3 players today who played the last league games in March (lost away to Carlisle which meant they finished 14). They have basically re built, likely with a much smaller budget We can’t hide behind the new players stuff. In league 1 & 2 50% of players contracts expired in June. It’s all short term stuff at this level (for most) For me, no excuses, we’ve been way below where we should be given our budget and the time we have had to prepare
  17. Are you still going to the away games without actually going the game? Thought I recall you talking about going to Colchester away last week Some effort that Be careful that you don’t get sectioned under the mental health act though
  18. Might be worth us taking this thread down Months of waving our cocks around and we are rock bottom of the 4th tier Meanwhile this lot are winning away games Fuck me
  19. To think, Coyle got hammered just for playing LCY against these lot, a few years later they have handed our arses to us at home! This really is the lowest of the low, makes the 80’s look like a European run It’s even worse than last seasons start, when we had kids playing, even they got a draw in the first 5 games I’d give IE the season, that’s what we do at BWFC, unless we are in a relegation scrap which is much more likely than a promotion push No excuses about budgets either, we are comfortably at the top end of the division Just poor recruitment / management thus far
  20. @radcliffewhite1on the turn here, be a full blown jumpers for goalposts mon by Christmas
  21. Hilton Wembley Pool was shut but gym open, I’ve stayed elsewhere and the gym was fully shut. Think it depends on how you get on socially distancing the machines etc I’m sure they looked at it and decided that it’s not worth opening
  22. Depends if it’s got any guests or not I stay at the Hilton Wembley a lot, similar hotel to The Whites given it relies on Business and Sports predominantly (all be it to different levels) I was chatting to an employee at Hilton Wembley and they have been getting around 10% occupancy vs the usual 90%. Should imagine that The Whites Hotel is seeing similar levels - not good when Furlough ends next month
  23. Be interested to see how the accounts stack up when they are published Last time we were in League 1 we lost a lot of money overall, assume the income would have been higher that season as well (League 1 solidarity, more ST’s, Matchday revenue etc) However costs are probably lower this year (playing budget likely a bit lower, no business rates) Cant be much in the profit and loss between the 2 seasons though
  24. Good side Newport Be there or there abouts come May No shame losing to these
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