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  1. I think it’s very clear that the absent father rates in the Black community are having a huge impact on that communities statistics. These poor kids are more likely to flunk out of school, turn to crime, pick up a knife, get stopped and searched, go to jail, before walking out on a child themselves. I certainly don’t think it’s genetic, it has to be nurture over nature. I bet if you switched a white kid from say Lincoln with a young fatherless black kid from London then the you’d see the cultural impact win out over anything genetic So is the culture of absent fathers in the U.K. black community the fault of the system? Again if you look at British Chinese and British Indian communities who have faced the exact same structural racism issues in the U.K. through the 60’s, 70’s etc - Absent fathers are only 1% which helps them achieve well at school and avoid the trappings of crime. Previous evidence indicates that absent father levels are greater in the Black Caribbean community (60%) which could be why they perform worse than the Black African community in a lot of the data (Black African perform better than white British in Education attainment).... https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/mar/23/proud-young-black-fathers Furthermore if you look at both the US and Caribbean (again 60% absent) then it’s an issue there as well which shows it’s not UK specific. An interesting quote from Obama in 2008... https://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/16/us/politics/15cnd-obama.html I guess you could say that this cultural phenomenon is a result of slavery and oppression, but for me that’s too easy an excuse. Most groups that went to the new world hundreds of years ago did so under a cloud. The largest group to migrate to America were the German Lutherans who now make up most of the mid west, faced horrendous persecution back home based on their religion so fled to the new world. Likewise the Irish were starved out of their country by rich land owners from the U.K. In the West a flood of Chinese migrants came in to escape famine back home and still faced persecution in the US. Yet it’s only the Black American group who have such a distinctive absent father % If you try to rule slavery out and look at Africa then I believe it’s an issue over there as well... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3710932/ Anyway, you’d think the BLM movement would try to tackle this issue, instead their official stance is to ‘end the western prescribed nuclear family’. Which tells me they think that society should flex to accommodate this anomaly rather than they themselves doing the right thing and promote Dads bringing up their kids the right way. It’s another reason why I think BLM has no place on a football shirt. I guess you can say well that’s not what it’s about but if it’s the official stance then it’s very hard to decouple it for me.
  2. Black African do better at school than white British, Black Caribbean do worse than both If colour of skin is playing a part then you’d expect Black Africans to perform behind worse than white British as well surely Means Educational attainment has nothing to do with skin colour for my money. Something cultural must be driving it, perhaps a greater number of absent fathers in the Caribbean group
  3. Following all of the BLM riots / protests the Government have commissioned a review into race and ethnic disparities headed by Tony Sewell (a prominent black community leader). He wrote an article for the Spectator that I shared previously.... https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/rod-liddle-is-right-about-black-boys-and-absent-dads Don’t think the left will be happy with him running the review.... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/16/concern-choice-charity-boss-tony-sewell-head-uk-race-commission I think the abscent father stuff will play a big part in the review, even we’ll know lefty David Lammy has linked it to knife crime before now.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-19815831
  4. I don’t think it’s a systemic issue, which sort of means it’s a negative thing BAME over represent in healthcare because culturally they strive for it, its a highly respected role in that community, less so for the white British population. I don’t know why that needs to be an issue at all, cultural differences are generally a good thing and make for a better society on the whole, striving for parity seems counter productive Ive given my reasons why I think 7% of boardrooms being BAME is about right, I’m not sure why anyone would really think it should be aligned to the population of 14% given all the points I’ve made previously Looking at the data in all key areas of the system It’s clear that Chinese & Indian British wipe the floor with white British from early school results right through to average earnings and life expectancy. If the system was rigged in favour of white skin colour then surely that wouldn’t be the case. I appreciate the Black community performs poorly (especially Caribbean heritage, African tend to outperform) but how much of that is their own responsibility and not down to the system? Thinking the impact of their culture on their ability to achieve, particularly the number of absent father's not around to provide for their families both financially and emotionally For all the protesting and talk of injustice, I didn’t see many in those communities holding their hands up and admitting they can do better as a community. If the Chinese and Indian groups can, surely they can
  5. In fairness though, Generally player wages are relative to the revenue that they generate Obvious exemptions where clubs over spend If you dropped Macc in the PL they could give 25 players a contract of £100k a week and still break even The global viewing figures and advertising revenue generated on the back of it is incredible
  6. I’ve worked for 2 major global multinationals in my time and I’ve never known anyone to consider race when looking to recruit. It’s hard enough to find the best person for the job without limiting what you can take on. Do you believe any company worth it’s salt wouldn’t take on a Black person because of the colour of their skin? It’s few and far between if it’s an issue at all I currently work for an Indian company, the whole board is Indian, our commercial office in London is probably 50% BAME. Our factory and production up in the NE has barely any BAME but then again that’s representative of the demographic up there. The bit about white boardrooms, again I don’t believe this is a great issue. Partly for the same reason as above, lots of these companies have large offices outside of London, the BAME % is much lower than London so it needs to be looked at regionally rather than nationally Even nationally I think FTSE 100 companies have 7% BAME directors in the boardroom. The average age of a board member in the FTSE 100 is 58.5 years old, so they finished Uni and started working in the late 70’s / early 80’s (on average). At that time the % of BAME in this country was below 5%, so actually is the current 7% really an issue? Especially when you consider that BAME massively over index in NHS / healthcare, whilst good careers they don’t really lead to FTSE 100 boardrooms do they? The % of people who would identify as BAME has exploded in recent decades, half of them were born overseas (1991 census 5%, 2001 10% and 2011 15%). The average age of a BAME person is a full 10 years younger than a white person (31 vs 41). The fact that 80% of all black people in this country live in a few dozen square miles of London isn’t helping achieve national parity either. It’s going to take decades to get to a point where you can start looking for some sort of parity in statistics. It’s just too fresh and too small a data set at the moment
  7. It seems it means different things to different people then, for you it’s about Neanderthal racist abuse, no issue with that For many others, including the guy writing the piece in the Guardian it’s much more, it’s about racism in the fabric of our society that means the dice are loaded in the favour of white people and are against Black People. For those that think this is the case, I’m calling bullshit Thats why I would prefer to see the kick it out campaign ahead of a BLM / Taking the knee in British football. It’s a much clearer message
  8. If taking the knee is about equality in sport, then I’d suggest that we already have equality, in terms of its the best person for the job no matter what your skin colour If it’s about racist abuse from crowds then fair enough, of course racial abuse is still an issue that needs tackling However I was of the impression that this protest goes further than that, it’s trying to say that racism is systemic in society as a whole. A guardian journalist here seems to be making that point anyway.... https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/jun/13/black-lives-matter-sports-underlying-failure-racism ‘And so, here we are: where a Premier League so allergically hostile to the discourse of politics, ethics and human rights that it allowed clubs to be purchased by nation states now feels obliged to align itself publicly against systemic racism‘ If the UK system (healthcare, Education, Welfare & Justice) favours whites over non whites then I will show my arse
  9. I think most would agree that the climates fucked and that effects us all, apart from the odd climate change denyer Black people harping on for months that they have it harder than any other race, put the violins away please
  10. Nervous after the last 3 performances Think it’s going to get worse before it will get better 2-1 defeat
  11. I’m sure it probably would annoy plenty after a while Be a refreshing change though, at least for the first two months
  12. I’m not defending Gammon reactions, I just don’t think our system is inherently racist I don’t recall sports people supporting Greta Thunberg's cause in nearly all events for months (although I do think climate change is a much greater issue than discrimination of a minority of the minorities)
  13. I know they aren’t trying to take rights away from white people but it’s a slippery slope towards positive discrimination and I’m against that. I certainly don’t think Black people will have had it any harder than Chinese or Indian British people so why just focus on descrimination against Black people, bizarre really, especially as it’s been every sporting event for months. Then again Chinese and Indian British are outperforming white British in almost every measure so if the systems rigged in favour of white people then we are doing a shit job of rigging it. It’s quite clear that the BLM movement believe that racism is prevalent in the British system ‘systemic racism’. The biggest parts of the system are Welfare, Education, Healthcare and Justice. I believe that in 2020 all of these areas don’t discriminate based on race and thus the theory that white people are privileged ahead of black people for the key building blocks of society is bollocks I think far too much is read into blanket statistics without any thought behind it. A black person is more likely to be stopped and searched than a white person and that’s a sign of racism apparently. However a man is 10 times more likely to be stopped and searched than a women, does that mean the system is sexist? Under 30’s are ten times more likely to be pulled than over 30’s, is the system ageist? i’m all for a protest about equality but don’t just focus on one very small minority, broaden it up at least. This seems like it’s going on for far longer than any previous protest, massively disproportionate to me.
  14. Welfare... https://www.ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk/work-pay-and-benefits/benefits/state-support/latest Get more income related benefits than white (per head)
  15. Absent fathers... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-19815831 https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/rod-liddle-is-right-about-black-boys-and-absent-dads
  16. Education.... https://www.ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk/education-skills-and-training/11-to-16-years-old/gcse-results-attainment-8-for-children-aged-14-to-16-key-stage-4/latest https://www.ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk/education-skills-and-training/higher-education/entry-rates-into-higher-education/latest
  17. Do you think our healthcare system, the NHS works better if your white? Surely not Welfare is the same for everyone, in fact the average black person gets more per head than a white person due to the fact 50% of the fathers are absent Education? Black African kids perform better than white at GCSE, as do Chinese and Indian. Non white are more likely to go to Uni than white Struggling to see the disadvantage to be honest Ah, stop and searches
  18. The theory that ‘white privileg’ is evident in all aspects of the system I fundamentally disagree with. Education, Healthcare, welfare - not a chance, it’s a level playing field for me. Justice, your back onto the stop and search stuff but then again that’s disproportionate as much against males and young people as it is against non whites (is our justice system sexist and ageist then?) I just don’t see why this cause needs supporting at sporting events every single week for ever more, completely out of proportion to the size of the issue for me. Do it once a year like a lot of the other stuff and I’m fine with it If we are going to protest about something every single week forever more then let it be something much more serious and substantial like climate change
  19. I’ve no issue with BLM, Kick it out, rainbow laces etc getting a run out once a year. But every week forever more, seems vastly greater than the proportion of the problem for me I’m quite sure their is plenty of racism in the U.K. predominantly knuckle dragging idiots who have little or no significance in anything meaningful (I think kick it out has done a great job getting a lot of this out of football) my issue with BLM is that they seem to be saying that the racism issue goes beyond knuckle draggers and is ingrained in our system (systemic racism). That white people have an advantage with our system just based on skin colour. That’s where I take issue, the system broadly encompasses education, welfare, employment and healthcare. For me, ‘the system’ is a level playing field based on skin colour in this country A piece in the Times today saying that young men from certain parts of the country (old industrial rust belt towns) are at a major disadvantage financially to other young males who live in more affluent areas like London (where 80% of the Black population live). I guess having multi millionaire sportsmen take the knee every week is a bit of a piss take if they are saying a white male from Barrow or Burnley is privileged when compared to a black lad from London If tgat makes me a Gammon then fair enough, I’ll wear that badge
  20. Drop another centre back and mob up in midfield
  21. I think it was more the big signings like Savacic and Doyle given their pedigree last season Doyle’s apparently on £5k a week so budgets aren’t an issue this season as we’ve got one of the biggest if not the biggest It’s down to Evatt and this DOF fella to spend the money wisely and get a team out that can beat the likes of Forest Green, Bradford and Crewe at home It’s early days, here’s hoping it comes together, but let’s not start making excuses about the personnel we have at our disposal
  22. Hounding players directly isn’t going to do any good Should be free to have a good moan on here though For the first time in about 4 years we’ve got a budget in the top half a dozen in the league (if not the biggest). A lot of business was done early and some great players have been brought in (for this level) The 3 competitive performances thus far have been well behind where they should be. As ever here I think the manager will be given time, but expectations are way beyond what Hill and Parky (Championship years) had to deal with, so they should be Needs to start producing some good performances as a bare minimum, poor results can be accepted if the performance is positive.
  23. Supposed Sky haven’t got an agreement with ifollow to put the app on Q, no fucking about then
  24. Managed it work laptop to TV via HDMI Using chrome through BWFC website
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