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  1. That was like having a Root Canal treatment, Really bad 3 competitive home fixtures against teams we expect to be in the mix with and 3 poor performances/ results. Needs to improve and quick We've got a decent budget for the level we are at, some good players for the division and we’ve had a reasonable amount of time to organise them No excuses this season
  2. Got the ifollow app working on the iPad fine Won’t HDMI through to TV though (sound coming through fine though) Its like it won’t let me cast it (Sky Go does the same)
  3. Was very excited for this game getting nervous now Hope we get off to a solid start in the league
  4. Correct Far too much now, getting to the point where it will be counter productive Preach to the converted, push many in the middle group who were originally sympathetic the other way and piss off the rest
  5. Correct Don’t forget, we were pulling out of fixtures months before we were getting warnings Missed Brentford in May, deal was still going through in September If admin can keep them playing I doubt they will be pulled from league fixtures
  6. How much cheaper would LSV be vs renting the DW off the Rugby team? Surely the Rugby team are offering broadly the same terms as they have had. Unless those terms were shite and that’s why they are looking elsewhere
  7. Based more on the fact that you have over 1bn Indian’s in India and I’ve never known one make it as a pro footballer at a decent level Assume it’s physical, too small etc
  8. No I don’t think targets are ok, as that will set you up for positive discrimination, I am personally against all discrimination. I honestly believe that excluding people from employment opportunities based on race is a very minor issue which you would only really find in small tin pot organisations If BAME representation is currently 5% of sporting boards and 7% of FTSE 100 companies then we don’t have an issue for me, that’s representative of our community in the 1990’s when board members would have been starting out
  9. I don’t believe that they don’t want to, I just think they are at a physical disadvantage for certain sports, football being one
  10. If it’s at 5% now then I think it’s about right, I think that’s fair representation, 14% is for the birds Whilst the BAME population in this country currently make up 14% of the population, half of them weren’t born here, most have come here in the last 10-20 years (many of which on a VISA to work in the NHS, not to be on the board of British Sport or a FTSE 100 company) If you look at any board, they are made up of generally much older people who will have begun their careers in the 80’s and 90’s. It takes a lifetime of work to get to board level. If you look at the 1991 census the % of the population that identified as BAME was 5% so I think that’s about right. In 30 years time, boards will be made up of people starting their careers now, so in 2050 i’d expect BAME to make up circa 14% of boards. Problem is, by that point the BAME population will probably be 30% of the population and we will beat ourselves up for systemic racism again. You’ll always chase your tail as long as the % of population is increasing as dramatically as it has done
  11. That Guardian article talks about setting targets for board representation, seems more like positive discrimination to me (more so than removing barriers) It also says that current representation of BAME on boards of British Aport is at 5%, which seems about right to me, not sure what they would want it to be, probably 14% (parity) which is madness
  12. India makes up about 20% of the worlds population, I don’t believe they have ever qualified for a World Cup have they? Perhaps they are just shit at football as it’s physically not suited to them. On the flip side Black Players over index as they are more physically suited to the game, same reason they do well at short distance track and field events. Whilst East Africans clean up in long distance
  13. Especially when it’s only £3m and they will throw in a Chip shop
  14. This is it for me, we seem to look for absolute parity in everything (stop and searches, FTSE 100 boards, Sport, county councils) If it’s not in favour of minority groups then it must be systemic racism, if it is favourable then it’s fine. Imagine if they started talking about ways to increase the % of white football players in the PL in an effort to achieve parity!
  15. Be interested to find out why they think we don’t have many Black people in the U.K. Swimming team No doubt it’s systemic racism and nothing to do with parents personal responsibility / culture
  16. Seems like the biggest issue then is a minority of idiots racially abusing people based on skin color, rather than systemic racism in society disadvantaging Black people. if taking a knee at the footy is all about stamping out the racist abuse then fair enough. However I would question why just stop at 'Black' when people of color (yellow, brown etc) will all experience the same issue's in the UK, just seems a bit strange. That's why the kick it out campaign would feel more relevant, certainly for UK Football anyway.
  17. I'm sure if it was a one off, or even once a season like the kick it out stuff then you would get little or no reaction to it. The fact that it seems to be a part of every single game and will be for the foreseeable future just means its gone way over the top now for many. If we are going to get behind one international campaign for the foreseeable future then should it be the injustice faced by a minority Black population in some parts of the USA? How about genocide of the Uighurs's in China (the country making most of the kit and boots the players are in when they take a knee), surely everyone would agree that its a much bigger injustice. Or the biggest injustice of the lot, Gerry Taggarts disallowed goal against Everton, we should be protesting over that if anything
  18. The players are kneeling in support of BLM, a political group who believe our system is inherently racist (Systemic racism) ‘the system’ is broadly the key mechanisms of society... Education, Welfare, Healthcare & Justice. I’ve not seen any evidence that suggest ‘the system’ is inherently racist. Just evidence that’s portrayed as racist when in fact it’s more to do with cultural differences A few idiots at a football match being racist isn’t ‘the system’, they are a small minority. That stuff is better dealt with by a kick it out campaign than BLM for me For me, I’d say that this whole thing (in the U.K. at least) is just populist bollocks that’s been blown well out of proportion. In the same vein as the whole leave the EU so we can get rid of all the foreigners was.
  19. What evidence do we have that it’s a big old problem? In this country at least
  20. I don’t know if Black players have any more or less ambition to get into coaching / managerial roles. We had this debate on the other thread though and I believe Geography plays a key role here. Most Players are likely to return home when they stop playing, for a lot of Black is players that will be to another country, for the Black British players that will predominantly be London, with a bit of Manchester and Birmingham (80% of Black people in this country live in a few dozen square miles in London). If your a chairman of a lower league club in the North East, North West, South West etc etc then 1 in every 100 - 200 people in that area are Black. I can’t tell you how many of them are ex pro footballers who have done their badges and are willing to work for very little money to begin a new career as a coach in the lower leagues, but the pool is very small anyway. On the flip side, the black population in London is between 1 in 5 and 1 in 10, I would expect Black coaches to be better represented in clubs like Milwall, Barnet, Leyton Orient etc - if they do well there then you’d expect them to develop through and get offered better paid roles nationally that would be worth re locating their family for Clearly players at the top of the game generally don’t need to start at the very bottom. If you look at the most capped Black players for England (in order of caps according to wiki)... Ashley Cole, Rio Ferdinand, John Barnes, Sol, Heskey, Des Walker, Defoe, Sterling, Johnson, Ince, James, Kyle Walker, Walcott, Welbeck, Young, Rashford, Ali, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Oxe, Ian Wright, Dyer, Smalling, Viv Anderson, Rose, Lescott, Sturbridge, Lingard, Brown and Vassell The first thing that strikes you is the fact that most are either still playing or have recently retired. This is representative of the Black community in general in the U.K. (average age much younger than average white British). Of the older players a few have gone into media and done well (Wright, Rio etc) others have gone into management with mixed results (Ince, Sol, Barnes)
  21. Do you think clubs aren’t recruiting coaches based on skin colour? Even though most are happy to recruit black players
  22. Less equality as it’s best person for the job East Africans win long distance events, West Africans / Caribbean win shorter distance etc etc No handicapping based on ethnicity, age etc
  23. Not very diverse All male, all under 40 so clear age and gender discrimination No sign of any British Indian or British Chinese either, so clear ethnicity discrimination
  24. Correct Gut wrenching when they won that no matter what anyone says I hope we get one in my lifetime
  25. Have we signed that Amoateng lad? Seemed to bag a few in friendlies, which would usually indicate the trial has gone well
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