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  1. I don't think i've got an account, i pay cash for my season ticket & ring up for away tickets. ( & don't get me started on having to pay booking fees & whatnot for away tickets when i used to just pay & pick them up at the ticket office for face value 😄 )
  2. So, as a long standing season ticket holder with Plymouth superfan points, I can't go to the Stockport cup game unless i take part in this pointless bollocks.
  3. No, I'd hate it & lose any connection with the club if we became an Arab's plaything with foreign manager & all foreign players. Give me FV any day though it'd be nice if they had a bit more money. That said, I know that if I packed it in, there'd be plenty of nu-fans to take my place if money was poured into the club.
  4. This season, reaching the play offs would be great but in reality, survival in Division 1 will be success & part of the gradual rebuild from rock bottom. We don't have the money to buy instant success or insulate ourselves from setbacks like our current poor run. Sadly there will always be people who demand instant success & are desperate to criticise but the last 18 months have seen far more highs than lows which has given me confidence that FV & IE will continue to take us forward in the longer term. #Team FV #Team Evatt
  5. Going back to Isgrove's ( & others ) crossing....we've got no aeriel threat which makes putting high crosses into the area with Doyle surrounded by 7ft defenders pointless, so it looks like we're deliberately crossing the ball low which will always result in most crosses being cut out & looking crap. IIRC our 2nd goal came from a low cross that got through.
  6. A small minority & probably the same ones who left before we scored, but i thought the majority got behind the team in the 2nd half.
  7. Another 1st half struggle, disjointed with the ball, defensively disorganised with some horrible individual mistakes & physically bullied by what seemed to be a much bigger team. After a shaky start to the 2nd half we started to stand up to the physical stuff & increasingly pushed Gillingham back, mostly by Isgrove & John's attacking play, all led by Lee driving forward As Gillingham tired ( the"geddit forward", "geddit in the mixer " types won't understand why ) the chances started to come & the players showed a real fighting spirit. A long way from perfect with a lot of work on the defence needed but happy with the fightback. MOTM - Lee.
  8. In the short term, Sarce's flounce, MJ's suspension , Lee's fitness & only Thomasson in reserve will leave us stretched for midfield players & we'll have to struggle through to January but longer term we can get better than Sarce & we could end up better off. For today i'm more bothered about our full back positions than midfield but this team should be good enough to get a result .......... Dixon Brockbank Santos Johnston...John (hopefully) Lee MJ Sheehan Isgrove Doyle Dapo
  9. Fair enough if you couldn't get in anywhere. We went in the town centre where there were any number of pubs, got a bus up to the ground & then a couple of ours got into the Wetherspoons (Brittania ) nearest the ground. We heard later that some who went into the centre came unstuck because there were no taxis to be had & walking it in that rain wasn't an option !!
  10. I don't get why anyone old enough to drink goes into the ground early to booze rather than finding a pub, & then become a nuisance to other Bolton fans by getting mouthy & throwing ale around. My guess is that they're mostly k & f types who don't like to lose sight of their coaches. Finding & chancing "foreign " pubs was always part of the fun of away trips !!!
  11. ANY player who is either disruptive or doesn't want to play for us can fuck right off. #Team Evatt.
  12. Just back & that's a long bastard drive, especially after you've lost 0 - bastard 3 & got sopping bastard wet. Even allowing for playing against the wind, the 1st half was horrible & could have been worse. All the stand in players - Baptiste, Brockbank, Gordon & Bakayoko - were poor......we might get away with one of them in the team, but not 4. The defence were all over the place & Lee had his worst game for us & Sheehan hardly involved. With the wind behind us 2nd half, we improved a lot & Plymouth were timewasting & hanging on a bit, but yet again we weren't clinical from some good positions, & then got sucker punched at the end. Not all bad, Isgrove & Johnston did alright & Doyle & Sarcevic made us much better. I still think our best team can compete in the top half !! ( & it should have been abandoned obvs )
  13. Football hatred & rivalry are different things, you can't be rivals with someone you don't play, but my hatred is towards man utd. I can cope with Manc/Salford munichs, but have nothing but contempt for out of town munichs & still absolutely despise Bolton munichs. It's almost certainly an age thing, Wiggin were a non league team for my early years watching football & still hardly register with me unless we're playing them, but for younger post Reebok fans they probably feel like a local rival. I hated yesterday but no more than getting gubbed at home by anyone else who have a lot of fans celebrating on our patch.
  14. In + 3 but a defence missing Jones, Santos & John makes me very uneasy. Assuming Brockbank plays, i'd hope that Isgrove is picked to give him some cover. Not optimistic we'll get anything but stranger things have happened !!
  15. The danger signs were there from the team announcement.......2 reserve full backs who both struggled, Bakayoko a liability & with hindsight, a big mistake not starting with Isgrove to support Brockbank, Dapo wholly ineffective without John's support. They were bigger & stronger than us ( Sheehan has a lovely touch but was bullied out of this game )& the ref didn't help by allowing too much to go.....the 1st aerial ball, their 9 just charged straight into Santos with no attempt for the ball , no foul given & that set the tone for the game. We need to toughen up. Wiggin will probably buy their way out of the division & have some good players for this level but are a shower of shithouses.....from the 1st goal, the main shithouse decided to make gestures to NSL for no obvious reason, & they baited the crowd after each goal but whined like little bitches when there was a reaction. A bad day but we move on.....i still think our best 11 will give anyone a good game, but we clearly lack squad depth.
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