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  1. Another early goal conceded & the changes took us a while to get going, with Beck alright going forward but a liability defensively......but, positives, Toal had a good steady game, strong in defence & safe on the ball, Charles took his goal well, livened us up & hopefully this will set him off , Baka was an effective sub, & again the team showed fighting spirit to keep going to the end. A bit to work on but i'm calling it a point gained.
  2. Yep, i'm still on it, 1st, last & anytime. Trouble is, once you've started, there's no stopping or it's sure to happen.
  3. Yep, I was on that end & right at the end of that clip, you can just see Bolton at the back.
  4. Sadly not, i think Pompey already have a game sorted for 4th round day if they lose at Spurs. It's a fucker this, we did our bit by getting knocked out 1st round but could have 2 blank Saturdays in Jan whilst building up a backlog of 3 games to fit in !!
  5. From Bolton's northern frontier, it's only 3 or 4 miles across the moors to slack jawed yokels who say "boulevarrrrrrrrrd" & 'carrrrrrrrrr parrrrrrrrrrrk '.
  6. 1 senior ticket going spare.
  7. I'd like..... Trafford Jones Santos Johnston Bradley Iredale Dempsey Lee Thomason Charles Bod It's not a game for starting lightweights Sadlier, Dapo or Sheehan,.
  8. Agreed, he did a good job for them & came across as a decent bloke.......on the plus side, he should get a belting pay out hopefully out of the playing side's budget & I doubt they'll get anyone better.
  9. Aye, i should think it was the same game.......I was one of the kids who went on the Lever End early & Hull fans also came in early, so we waited for Bolton's mob to turn up but the police had shut the turnstiles. Then Bolton appeared on the Embankment & charged across the pitch, one or two Hull fans ran on (probably thinking the rest were behind them 😊 ) & got flattened, & the Hull fans were then chased out of the Lever End. Happy days.
  10. A bad day but at least we experimented and learnt a bit without losing points......a back 4 doesn't work for us & Dapo isn't deserving a starting place, jury still out on Sadlier but i still struggle to see his position in our best 11, but i agree that Dempsey & Bod have earned starts. Hopefully we'll go back to the 5 who gave us the best defence in the league, Bradley, Jones, Santos,Johnston, Iredale, with a bit of a shuffle of the other 5, my choice of Dempsey +2 (probably Lee & Thomason ) , & Charles & Bod upfront. Whatever, I trust IE to get it right.
  11. Missed out. That's life, but you'd think there could be some sort of pecking order for when tickets are going to be in short supply.
  12. In, cup fever, cheap tickets, i'd never forgive myself if i missed Connell getting smashed & it should be an open game with neither club wanting a draw......a replay would give us 3 away games in 8 days. ( Would there be a replay ?, i think i saw something about no replays at some point )
  13. Disappointing, when we scored I thought we were on for another comeback, but their 3rd goal was a killer. The referee was hopeless but can't complain much about the result.......Oxford were organised, hard working & big, & keep lumping balls onto the heads of their giant centre halfs was gormless but should keep our "geddit forward", "geddit in the box" types happy. Sheehan was lightweight & hardly in the game while Dapo did his running down blind alleys thing.....Sadlier probably deserves a starting place before those two now. It's a difficult spell but i have confidence in IE to get it right. Evatt IN.
  14. Just wonderful, though i'm still not sure what to make of it. Two big pluses.....the strength of our squad with subs Lee, Sheehan, Baka & Bod all making big contributions in a short time & secondly, these players showing that they've got a real fighting spirit & togetherness.....loved Traff's pitch length charge !! Now we've won i'll say it, i thought their keeper was very good & near the end saved a couple he'd no right to get near. Winning when we're not at our best is a very good sign.
  15. Evatt's preferred 3CB's & 2 wing backs took us into a play off position & gave us the best defence in the league, so I wouldn't be scrapping it as a reaction to one half of football......I hope that Bradley & Iredale start as the wing backs, with any changes in the other 5. One thing I do agree with, is that if Dapo is to play, it should be on the left wing/left side of our forwards, but whether we should make changes to the system or players that took us into a play off position, just to accomodate a player who has just had one very good half game, is a different thing.
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