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  1. As it stands.......we're strong & organised enough defensively to survive but won't score enough goals to be top half - 16th But.......if we bring in another striker / forward who scores double figures ( or somebody like Dapo clicks & we start scoring a few from set pieces ) - 6th
  2. Nope.......the routine will be to make a wholly unrealistic prediction for the season - " we should be champions by Easter" - & then whine like a little bitch when it doesn't materialise.
  3. Finished 1-1, Dixon mistake for their goal, we equalised right at the death, good cross from Darcy i think, headed back across by someone and headed in by Johnston I think. Only MJ impressed in the 2nd half team.
  4. To anyone who was at Longridge or Colls.........i'd guess that Johnston & Santos will be our starting centre backs, so what are the 1st impressions of Johnston & Darcy, he's always had ability but does he seem to have bulked up/toughened up enough for 1st team now ?
  5. Won 3-1 ( Brockbank, Yoko ono, Darcy ) EIEIO
  6. Playing Crewe would be a decent gauge of how we're progressing......they beat us comfortably twice last season. Wimbledon away would be my choice for 1st game. A trip to that London, a new ground & i think their 1st game there with ( hopefully ) a full crowd could make it a bit of an occasion
  7. Portsmouth ?? I'm in Brighton for the scooter weekend then, so anything south/south east would suit me as well.
  8. Brockbank signed up for 2 years. Versatile, not a great left back but a good right back with the potential to be a good centre half.......possibly a replacement for Baptiste in time. Happy with this, one of our own being given a chance must be encouraging for others coming up.
  9. Just looked for a random Saturday in June & it isn't doable in a day by train, going is alright ,5-11 Piccadilly - 10-47 Plymouth but the last train back leaves at 4-50. Also, the price is steep & I couldn't find any cheaper split tickets. I might have to do it by Megabus 😊.
  10. Forgot them .....Sheffield Wed & Rotherham are both good days out as well !!
  11. Plymouth, Portsmouth, Charlton, Wimbledon, Cheltenham, - definites. Lincoln, Cambridge, Gillingham, Sunderland - almost definites Milton Keynes - definitely not unless it's absolutely crucial ...(Doncaster & Wiggin probably not )
  12. Wasn't bothered to start with but it seems that i dislike the arabs' club more than the Russian's club, so i'm quite happy. From that, i'd be picking both Chelsea full backs, Chilwell & James, to start for England.
  13. Aye, Peterboro, there aren't that many that had an open terrace down the side.
  14. Great news.......Dapo is another ( like Jones & Isgrove ) who seems to have a very good character & buys into Evatt's teamwork philosophy, plus has the potential to get even better.
  15. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...............................ha
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