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  1. Quite like Barnsley to go up, they seem to have the least money. Blackpool are the form team in Div 1 & i've been there enough ( the last game there was pretty flat ), so they can go. Not that bothered from Div 2, even as much as i despise Tranmere, i quite like games with a bit of an edge. Any will do !!
  2. Tried to force a bit of interest by having a small bet on Leicester 3-1 or 3-2, fuck Chelsea as one of the "super league ", but not that bothered. Shame, as i'm another who used to love all the build up & game on cup final day.
  3. 4 renewed, 2 in NSL & 2 in WSL 😊. Everyone i've seen who had one last season is renewing, hopefully a few "returners " will take us up to 10,000.
  4. In my survey of the " eat in " Fish & Chips shops of Britain, Whitby came top. I've been in 3 or 4 there that have all been great & even better with a view of the boats as you dine. 2nd Whitehaven, 3rd an outsider, Huddersfield, next to the market. Any south of say Stoke are inferior.
  5. I'd be concerned if Rock Tornado was still recruiting our players but Evatt's January dealings have given me confidence in his judgement. As said, it might be tricky not to hang on to some players for sentimental reasons from this season but IE may have to make some tough decisions.
  6. Wonderful, just wonderful. Thankyou FV, thankyou Ian Evatt & thankyou to a bunch of players who gave it everything.
  7. It's 10% off last season's prices .
  8. Money is a bit tight for me at the moment but this seems like a perfectly fair discount & I want to support the club. Definitely IN.
  9. It'll almost certainly be either Thomason, who's been poor in the last 2 games, or Delfonso as a more attacking option but risks MJ being overrun. Hopefully, Sarce will be closer to full fitness. Not a great start to the build up, but at least we've got a week to get used to it.
  10. I think it was the same one who clattered Doyle from behind in the 2nd half without getting a 2nd yellow, but it is straw clutching.
  11. Oh well, strange second half with Exeter clearly going full pelt for a winner after their equaliser but all ours didn't seem to have that same urgency. Did some of ours think a draw was enough or did they run out of steam ? But....it's still in our hands & i'd rather be us than Morecambe, but it's going to be a long week.
  12. Very good in patches but Exeter are a threat.......we really need a 2nd goal or i'm going to be hiding behind the couch !!
  13. I think the snooker place / club on Manchester Rd was" Taskers" , & Spencers was in town centre (Mealhouse Lane ?? ) & later became The Crown & Cushion with live bands on.
  14. No, i can't remember a "George " round there......it was the George just up from the Griffin & The Railway on Gt Moor St & now converted to student flats or something. The 2 pubs off St Georges Rd were on Bath St next one from Palace St, The Clarence & McGinlays.
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