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  1. Aye, i think he said that the players spent too much time playing table tennis & it was a choice of talking them round or getting rid of the table......& decided that it was easier to burn the table 😊. Owenbastardcoyle would be horrified.
  2. I don't think he has.......the clue is in the fact that Queens Park are doing very well with 2 successive promotions. The useless cunt takes over in the summer so we can expect QP to turn to shite very quickly next season.
  3. Doesn't really bother me, i still call it the Reebok & quite like the Home Bargains sponsorship but understand the need to raise money but....why would we be in discussions now when we have a realistic chance of going up which would surely put us in a stronger negotiating position. Or do these things need to be sorted well in advance ?
  4. Absolutely, horses for courses like playing Lee in the bigger games, rotating players without weakening the team which gives players more recovery time & should reduce injuries. All good !!
  5. My guess is that Dempsey will become our 1st choice midfielder & possibly captain, with MJ or a MJ upgrade - Dempsey isn't a defensive midfielder - alongside either Morley or Sheehan with Morley currently frontrunner. Having Lee, Sheehan, Thomasson ( & MJ if we recruit a bruiser ) in reserve gives us real strength in depth in midfield which should help prevent another big slump if we pick up a few injuries.
  6. A similar CV, i travelled with FD, Lol & Barney's "mob", mostly the same people, one arrest, one night in A&E, chucked out once or twice & on quite a few "ends"......some more succesful than others !! It could be scary & some things went too far but i can't say i regret it & am still friends with lots from that period & get invited to the reunions even though i'm very different now & have been for years. I'm glad it's over but fear that football is going a bit too far the other way with some people wetting themselves because an empty, plastic bottle gets thrown !!
  7. Peterboro,Cambridge,Oxford,Wycombe, Milton bastard Keynes & Ipswich (nearly) can be done in under a hour from London. That said, i'd prefer a trip to Sunderland or Sheffield more than to Wycombe.
  8. At worst, Iredale must be an upgrade on Gordon, but if he's as good as reports from Cambridge say, he sounds like a left sided Gethin Jones. A great start to recruitment.
  9. Enjoyable game with nothing at stake for us, which showed that Bod should be 1st choice big forward ( but helped by coming on against tiring defenders ),Dapo's best position is on the left of our forwards, Celine is a menace to defenders & will always score goals & Thomasson had a spell of the best i've seen him play.......he needs to do it over 90 mins but he's gone up in my ratings. Also, Trafford & Aimson were good while their 1st goal wasn't bad.
  10. The experiment of playing Dapo as a no10 didn't work out & he had a poor spell but playing on the widish left of the forwards, he's a cracking player at this level & maybe higher. Unless he wants to go, for me, it would take silly money for us to sell.
  11. Tonight, Rotherham to beat Sunderland & Sheff Wed to beat Fleetwood..........meaning on Saturday, Rovrum will be half arsed at Gillingham & Sunderland will need a win at Morecambe, so there's still a chance of Morecambe or Fleetwood going down & we might be able to help flush Fleetwood.
  12. An enjoyable game,clearly some experimenting going on, but we got better especially after the subs & it was a good win against decent, awkward opposition. I wouldn't expect to see Ameachi again, he's not done enough, & while Kachunga is miles behind Charles, Bod, Dapo & hopefully Fossey in the pecking order, he can be useful as a squad player. & their bloke sent off was a dick....diving, feigning injury but jumping up to play & then back down "injured", before getting rightly sent off.
  13. I think it was the reverse fixture from the season munich "took" the Lever End in the 2nd division. It was before segregation so quite dodgy in the ground & then the last train back was full of them & only about 25 Bolton yoof who were glad of police on the train.......of course we got dead cocky once we were back on Bolton platform 😊 & if any munich got off at Bolton , they sensibly kept quiet . & we lost 0-3, not pleasant, i prefer to recall the Frankie Worthy night !!
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