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  1. The danger signs were there from the team announcement.......2 reserve full backs who both struggled, Bakayoko a liability & with hindsight, a big mistake not starting with Isgrove to support Brockbank, Dapo wholly ineffective without John's support. They were bigger & stronger than us ( Sheehan has a lovely touch but was bullied out of this game )& the ref didn't help by allowing too much to go.....the 1st aerial ball, their 9 just charged straight into Santos with no attempt for the ball , no foul given & that set the tone for the game. We need to toughen up. Wiggin will probably buy their way out of the division & have some good players for this level but are a shower of shithouses.....from the 1st goal, the main shithouse decided to make gestures to NSL for no obvious reason, & they baited the crowd after each goal but whined like little bitches when there was a reaction. A bad day but we move on.....i still think our best 11 will give anyone a good game, but we clearly lack squad depth.
  2. I think it was at Hull where Dave Higson broke off from commentating to join in with the singing. Brilliant.
  3. He won't, the horrible cunt knows how far he can push it.......I'd have no problem with him being carried off though.
  4. I'm fairly sure we won on the day of the "league liner " which made the walk back to Fratton station a bit difficult.
  5. Fine recommendation, & without breaking any of my teeth, the crackling was great. Delicious & reasonably priced at 3 pound something. Sheffield is one of the best away days....a nice train ride & trams, a pleasant city, friendly & easygoing stewards & police at the ground ( i never thought i'd say that about SY police, but if anything they let a bit too much go yesterday ) & plenty of pubs in both the city centre & round the ground. Ha, just seen Radcliffe's post....I agree !!
  6. .....or that when Bakayoko replaced Doyle yesterday, we became much less of a threat.
  7. Just back, same old, same old, same as Sunderland & Cambridge, we were much the better team, no lack of effort from any player but we're just not clinical enough with the final ball or taking the chances we do create. The referee did us no favours, especially with their players continually going down feigning injury to stop us building any pressure & some odd offside decisions against us when the "offside " player did not get involved. No kneejerkery from me, we're close to being very good.
  8. Possibly the best ever atmosphere at Burnden, the only time i know of when two big opposing mobs shared the Lever End for a night match........I think City fans got a shock at the size of Bolton's support & most of them were gone at full time.
  9. Did 2 coach trips to Plymouth, both setting off at midnight from Bolton. !st one was from Moor Lane, probably Hargreaves, there first thing in the morning ( both times ) so had time to have a good look round. After, a mile or two out, we saw a few of theirs on a bridge ahead & told the driver to stop while we chased them off but he ploughed on & we had to make the long journey back with a couple of windows smashed. 2nd time it was Lol's or Barney's coach ( i think Athy White off here was also on it ) & there was some argy bargy round the bus station pre match but can't remember a thing about the game or the journey back......probably passed out. This was the one i most fancied this season but a night game has made it tricky......still hope to do it though.
  10. No chance, not been to any since the U21 thing started ........going gives this shite some kind of credibility.
  11. Match ticket & train tickets for a Saturday 3pm KO bought, I'll be distressed if it gets changed now , with less than a week's warning. Both Sheffields are good trips.
  12. A deserved win, great goals, some lovely football in patches but the same problem of getting the final ball just a bit wrong. Fair play to Shrewsbury, they weren't very good but they kept going ( we needed the 3rd goal to finish them off ) & their penalty was comedy gold. MOTM -- Lee, a class act.
  13. Guessing that Shrewsbury will put men behind the ball & defend like mad, i'd like to see our most creative midfielder, Sheehan, playing, but it would be harsh to drop Lee. Maybe a chance to give MJ a rest, & he's only one booking away from a suspension i think. For me, John for Gordon, Johnston for Baptiste & nothing in it, but Isgrove for Kachunga but i won't be arguing with IE's choices, it's good to have options & a couple more forwards getting close to coming back !!
  14. Ha, i was at that one & it was great fun. There were only a couple of hundred Bolton there, mostly lads, we were that hopeless most people had given it up. From the start we were under siege with us just defending & hacking the ball away anywhere ( in comparison, the 0-0 at Derby a few years back, was free flowing ,attacking football ) & we just waited for the inevitable goals to come.......after about an hour of survival somehow though, their fans got subdued & we started celebrating every clearance & every tackle, until the final whistle when we went into way over the top celebrations. The locals didn't see the funny side of it. Sadly, I think we still went down & they went up.
  15. Maybe it needs Doyle to miss a game or 2 for some to see how much he brings to the team, & how far ahead of any competition for his place, he is. Of course IE would love to bring in an upgrade, just as he would for every position, but recruiting a better striker than Doyle for nothing is needle in a haystack stuff & will always be a gamble. Kachunga for example, would anyone moaning at Doyle really want to replace him with Kachunga ? (when fit,Bakayoko might give us an option but his goalscoring record is nothing special )
  16. Just back & still pigsick. Another good performance especially 2nd half when we completely outplayed Sunderland, but again, we're just not getting that final ball / finish right. Great support, the locals seemed quiet but that may be because we're miles away up on the roof, Santos back to his best & had their forwards in his pocket, Dapo is spending too much time getting involved with referees but was a threat when he got into the game, but MOTM, MJ, if he missed a tackle or misplaced a pass, i didn't see it.
  17. Sunderland fans are quantity not quality.....last time at Bolton they brought the largest numbers but gave the worst support, as usual wanting the manager ( Ross ?? ) sacked, abusing their players & half of them had gone before they scored at the death. Get ahead or on top tomorrow & they'' ll turn & be exiting well before the end. Not writing Gordon off, he's improved massively but still learning defensively, so if John is fully fit, he should come in. For me, same team for the rest & if we can take our chances, & cut out any defensive slips, we can give Sunderland a good game.
  18. Bugger.....i didn't know that ....i never liked it anyway.
  19. "He shoots, he scores, he'll eat your labradors........." for Chungy The current Kachunga song / instrumental is the best we've had for a while.
  20. We shaded the 1st half & played well but went in 2 down because they took their chances & we didn't. 2nd half started brightly again but we looked less & less likely to score as it went on & after the substitutions we had very little threat. Rotherham will probably finish top 6, were organised & hard working,took their chances & did their homework on nullifying Dapo though that could have been different if the full back had been booked earlier as he should have been for persistant fouling. Some concerns about not taking our chances, a need to have other threats when Dapo is targetted & a lack of attacking options off the bench but still very optimistic for the season & that we will get better......we were never going to win every week.
  21. If it's where I think it is, the site of a really good win on what turned out to be a bad day.....& i think that stand was still there that day.
  22. Just back 😊 & still chuffed. Seeing the 2 "Bolton loyal " flags at the pub outside the station was a good start & it just got better & better......we were that good & could have won by more. Dapo was unplayable in the 1st half, Sheehan oozed class & Doyle gave them hell for 90 minutes......but they were all good. Ipswich have got good players but ,as yet, not a team, this result may look even better if they do gel. We outclassed them.
  23. I don't do much technology so have to ring up for away tickets & must say the ticket office people have been spot on, even sorting it out to pick up my ticket at Wimbledon when it didn't turn up in time by post.........but i'm still bitter at having to pay for my phone call, postage charge & booking fee. FV out.
  24. Apart from any of our players obv , Grealish is the best player i've seen at the Reebok in the last 10 years. ( The Boro winger, Traore ??, would be next best, but i don't think he's as consistent. )
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