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  1. Ace. Wycombe weren't bad, had their moments & will probably finish top 6, but we outplayed them & could easily have won by more. No bad performances.....i'd normally pick Bod ahead of Baka & he was clumsy at times but also had some lovely touches, the best i've seen him play......early days but today Iredale looked a better defender than John & very decent going forward......on today, Bradley is a better defender than Fossey, just as good going forward & a better all round footballer .....& MOTM Dempsey, not just for his goals ( he should have had a hat trick ) but a highly effective terrier all over the pitch. EIEIEIO (too soon ?? )
  2. owenbastardcoyle weaving his magic again, Queens Park 2 up but lost 2-3........i'll guess he took his defensive midfielder off at 2 up ☺️. Great nickname for Ayr Utd, "The Honest Men "......looked it up & apparently it's a line from a Robbie Burns' poem.
  3. On the football & Wanderers side of things, he was quite sensible. I don't take much notice of the " banter " or personal type of stuff, so I don't really know what he was bullshitting about but it sounds as though he was a bit of a fantasist.
  4. In & still more irritated by the 1-80 surcharge than I should be !! Not sure about the trains, it looks like Avanti & Crosscountry might be on strike but the Northern chuggers should be running.
  5. Horses for courses, & we should probably bring in more physicality tomorrow, maybe Aimson and/or Iredale. It will be interesting to see if we have improved against the kind of physical/direct teams that we struggled against last season. Against these, conceding the first goal could be a problem with them being masters at time wasting & general shithousery. Horrible team, & it's time we beat them.
  6. I really don't know, I hadn't thought of that, but i think i'd still come unstuck trying to get back to Euston for the early train that is still running normally. Too late now anyway .
  7. No, Manc-Leeds.....Leeds-P/boro......P/boro-Ipswich and then Ipswich to London after the game, all off i think, making my fairly early Euston -Manc ticket a bit useless.
  8. Out. With no sign of a refund for my train tickets ( & no intention of driving - i did the first play off game )I've decided to cut my losses & returned my match ticket. Very fed up !!
  9. I was on that Howcroft coach to Spurs. I think it was nearly xmas & we'd lost every away game up to then, so when we came back from 2 down, the celebrations were very,very exuberant but the Spurs lot weren't at all happy & soon as we got outside, we had to keep a very low profile......iirc a small group had gone in fancy dress & one or two of them got lamped on the way back to the coach.
  10. I've got a mixture of tickets......on strike from Manc to Leeds, on strike from Leeds to Ipswich but the return tickets via London seem to be still running so i probably won't be able to get a refund on them. I don't think i could face coach travel there especially after i've paid for train tickets !!!! Probably out now & try to get some money back.
  11. Jesus fucking wept.
  12. The trick is to treat it as a completely different game to men's football ( & filter out the squaling from commentary & crowd ), then it can be watchable.
  13. I watched it anyway......Iredale was very solid & likely to start as our left sided defender.......Bradley took his goal well.....Dempsey looks really lively.........Sadlier is a bit weak defensively for a wing back.......Dixon did well !! .........& Conway had some good touches, maybe a better left wing back option than Sadlier. Early days.
  14. 5-0 another one for Charles
  15. Kachunga had a slow start with us but improved with games & looked a decent player when he got injured. Trouble was, by the time he recovered, he'd slipped down the pecking order & never made enough of an impression as a sub to challenge for a starting place. He seems to be a good character, IE likes him & i'd be happy to keep him as a squad player, but when everyone's fit, I can't see him as a first choice in any position.
  16. Aye, but i think you get complimentary knee pads with the "match" version.
  17. Ipswich (on paper better than they've shown so far ) Sheff Wed (the signings from Rovrum know about promotion from this league ) MK (if they spend wisely )& P/boro & Barnsley (who still have championship players & experience ) could be fighting for the top 2. Us, Pompey,Oxford, Plymouth, maybe Derby & Charlton, competing for play off places. I think we can match anyone in an open game, we're stronger than last season but not sure we've addressed the problem we had against physical Plymouth, Stockport, Burton type teams who won't let us play & lump high balls into our area. Optimistic, looking forward to it but I think i'd take a play place now.
  18. I think it's alright in a pre-season trip that includes a bit of "bonding", during the season it would have some unpleasant reminders of Coyle. I'd go....?, Johnston, ?, Dapo, Dempsey, Aimson, Morley.
  19. bolton va va


    I think you're getting your accounts mixed up, this is Wanderers Ways, not " Crackpot Corner " in the Bolton News.
  20. I'm struggling, so far, the best i can get via London is 110 pounds, pre any card
  21. If we don't score more than 5, it will be clear that we're stagnating & Evatt has taken us as far as he can, the job's too big for him. ( as well as him losing the dressing room obvs )
  22. I'm at Brighton scooter weekender, a few days in Devon/Cornwall, watch us give Plymouth a fearful beating then over to Brighton sounds like an idyllic few days but doesn't seem to be doable ( or affordable )....Plymouth to Brighton looks very difficult & i'm not driving !
  23. bolton va va


    I'd struggle to want Tranmere to win, but then bookies send taxis round for me because i bet with my heart not my head.
  24. Used to think it was best to avoid promoted teams early on as they were still on a roll, but now the gulf between leagues has grown, i'd like them early, before they've adapted to the higher standard. First away......i hope it's one with a big allocation, Sheffield, Derby, Barnsley maybe, but not Milton bastard Keynes. Quite giddy about it all, i'm optimistic we'll challenge for a top 6 place.....is it the league cup draw as well ?
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