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  1. No complaints about the sending off ( or any of our yellows ),from NSL we said red straight away, but there was some inconsistency with their bloke clearly diving within a minute of being booked & the foul on Ndululu when he was clean through but no red for either. Pluses...Forrester looks promising, Dan & Bod both did well as subs & the character of all the players cannot be questioned after their 2nd half efforts. A point gained rather than 2 lost.....I'd have snatched your hand off for a point at half time.
  2. I'd say the choice is between Sheehan & Morley who largely play the same role & though Sheehan can get sidelined, i'd have him well ahead of Morley on this season's form. Having lost MJ & Lee, we are short of numbers in midfield & with Paris injured, Dempsey carrying an injury & Thommo close to a suspension, we could have a problem coming up.....we might have to test my theory that Ndululu is a midfield player , not a striker ( I know ) or play the B team bloke ( Khumbeni ? ) who has been on the bench but IE clearly doesn't think is ready or he'd have played in the mickey mouse games.
  3. Another one with a Bolton connection, reputed to have been first played in Britain at Bolton Va Va by Richard Searling !!!
  4. Wynder K Frog.........came from Bolton. ( am i being whooshed ? )
  5. Back to the game.....if Charles is fit, i'd fancy our chances, but like everyone else, it's hard to see where the goals are coming from without him & his nuisance value to defenders makes him more than just a goalscorer. That said, if there's any doubt about him, I wouldn't play him.....he's too important to us to risk exacerbating a slight injury & turning a short lay off into a long one. & P/boro....their star striker (Clark Harris ?? ) was a dick last season, trying to bully Santos in both games & coming a poor second both times....it'll be interesting to see if he's learnt anything !!
  6. I'd guess that a large part of the money spent in Jan & summer was financed by IE & the playing side with the sale of Aimson & 2 reserves in Jan, not far off a million for the mickey mouse cup win & some wages saved in the summer. ( no idea if we were paying anything for the loan players ) I've no problem with us not paying inflated transfer fees or wages, but would expect that there will be some money available in Jan if the players we need become available at a sensible cost.
  7. I've already got train tickets but will probably fuck it off. My guess is that there may be some sort of service between Manchester & Stoke but nothing between Bolton & Manchester & having to get the bus to Manchester ( & back ) is painful.
  8. Been done before, but a better one from the Lever End......
  9. Not at all good......"The Bolton boot walk" which used to create a bit of disorder on the Lever End.
  10. I was at Charlton on FD's coach & it wasn't a great day off the pitch there either.
  11. Plymouth away 2 seasons ago was worse, the ball stopped rollling. Setting off driving back through the night, straight after the game, pissed wet through, well beaten on the pitch & in a monsoon wasn't my finest choice !!
  12. I thought Bradley was great, ran his legs off up & down the wing for us, gave everything in defence, had a tremendous attitude & I'd welcome him back at the club any day.........but his weakest point was his final ball from good positions whereas Cogley's best attribute could be his final ball . Surprisingly we might have upgraded, in attacking positions at least !!
  13. My view on Dan is that he isn't a striker, he doesn't seem to have the instinct/movement of a striker ( unlike Victor )but has had brief good moments running with the ball....maybe he's more of an attacking midfielder type thing. Trouble is that he's 24 but plays more like an inexperienced 19 year old......but it's too soon to write him off.
  14. We were much more than one goal better than Derby & being overcritical, we should have scored more & done without the nervy ending.....but we played some lovely football. Santos & Toal were immense, Jones back to his reliability, Dempsey everywhere, both wing backs effective, Thommo makes us more physically competitive & MOTM to Sheehan, just classy. & Derby...pisspoor, quietest of the season support again, with a pisspoor team depending on set pieces, they can't be that bad all the time can they ?
  15. Out, Elm Park was a crap away trip but at least it was a traditional football ground within walking distance via pubs of the town centre / station......now Reading away is just crap on a par with Milton Keynes.
  16. If Putin says he's dead we can be fairly sure he is dead, Putin wouldn't risk looking a twat if there was any chance of Prigozhin popping up again. & the Wagner group aren't much of a threat now, they're leaderless, spread thin around Belarus, Africa & Ukraine & have had their heavy arms taken off them.
  17. Beech is 10 mins walk in the opposite direction to the town centre but there's not much else in the couple of miles between the ground & town. The town centre itself & near the station are good for pubs though.
  18. Aye, pre season, I had my doubts about the loss of Trafford & Bradley & the failure to recruit a goalscoring, midfield bruiser with silky skills but early results & performances convinced me that we were on for automatic promotion.........but Saturday has brought the doubts back & as much as we need to bounce back, Burton away is always problem for us.
  19. Upfront, no threat & the ball didn't stick & it showed how good & important to us that Charles is. The ball kept bouncing off Dan, he's not a striker maybe he's a midfielder but either way, i think he'll be on the bench for a bit. Midfield.....there's not many games & this wasn't one of them ,that we should start both Sheehan & Morley.....they're too similar & we can be overrun. Defence.....the worst game i've seen Jones play for us, both with the ball & defensively while Iredale came a poor second to the blond haired bloke.who was a real handful. Keeper.....showed how good Trafford was, we'd still have lost with Traf but the defence wouldn't have been as shambolic. Clutching at straws.....Dempsey kept going ,Maghoma & especially Mendes Gomes put up a fight 2nd half.
  20. It seems that there is an element of discretion in the punishment handed out to managers who have received a red card.......but I can't find anything in black & white stating this, but i did find that Klopp escaped with just a fine after getting a red card, deservedly by his own admission , v Man City last season.
  21. I've seen elsewhere that our team that day was.... Dixon Brockbank Santos Johnson Gordon MJ Sheehan Sarcevic" boooooo" Bakayoko Doyle Dapo so no wonder we got gubbed really, but also shows how far we've progressed in less than 2 years.
  22. We've a way to go before we're as scary as the Crystal Palace ultras, the nigels ......... https://www.instagram.com/tv/CW8sYMjlOw5/?utm_medium=share_sheet
  23. A shame that the ref's "performance" overshadowed 3 cracking goals & how well we were playing.....Fleetwood weren't bad but with 11 men on, I never thought they would get back at us. The ref....clamped down on trivia but missed Fleetwood's persistant fouling & shithousery. Vela should never have reached 80 mins without a booking & how the no26 (Rooney ?? ) didn't get booked for fouling & snidey off the ball stuff is a mystery. I'm not surprised Charles was pissed off with his lack of protection & his sending off for so little had a premeditated feel about it. Fleetwood....with their owner in GERMANY & pitiful support like last night, should go tits up soon......if so. i'd be after the black bloke up front (Omocher ?? )who was quite useful.
  24. Really pleased with GT staying, we already knew he was a good character & he goes up in my estimation for putting his longer term development ahead of shorter term more money. Lets hope he continues to improve on the pitch.
  25. 30 pounds is too much for 3rd tier football. Apart from visiting fans ( & i prefer the atmosphere at games when there's a sizeable away following ), it will put off some of our own less commited or less wealthy pay on the day supporters, & I'd expect that it will rebound on our own travelling fans when clubs reciprocate & raise ticket prices for us. Another masterstroke from that useless cunt, Neil the cunt.
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