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  1. I dont think we have a plan It'll be dempsey Chuck a name or 2 out to get scallys attention
  2. A few weeks ago, we couldnt field a team of grown ups 3 or 4 signings later and theres chat about sheehan being surplus
  3. It's fine mate No queuing makes it worthwhile for me
  4. That was @Sweep He chats more shit than you
  5. @Mounts Kipper Your link was a bit fiddly Replaced it with screenshot There may be the odd duplicate
  6. So long as there's a rainy day fund available to buy the shares back, nothing to see here
  7. At a pre agreed price with FV having first dibs?
  8. Another scoop missed by good old fucking esteemed
  9. All I would say, is that if its 5 million in shares, surely that's a fair old chunk of the business?
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