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  1. Makes me wonder why hes not playing Made enough to not need to or crocked?
  2. Peterbrough was much worse than Accy Bridcutt was behind the keeper for much of the game Also, i disagree with @DazBob Good player Bridcutt. Not mobole enough for Evatt, but easy good enough for a team top end of div 3
  3. 811206 or another one?
  4. Ive got a spare adult, west lower, foc
  5. They voted for the formation of the prem Be karma if they were liquidated Tinpot manc wannabees
  6. Sure official site still has this as 3rd
  7. macc battered chorley on saturday
  8. what a fantastic offer if you chucked in the offer of a lift to @Marc505 who is also in nottingham, i bet hed give you a big kiss
  9. Who are the players he should be picking, out of interest?
  10. Somebody nailed it earlier, southgates shit He needs to pick haaland and maybe niemi, too
  11. Had it won today Hard to criticise as he did so well, but dawson ballsed up And yesterday, women done by a mankadding Not good to see
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