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  1. You keep sticking up for the scouse brotherhood As bad as redcliffe in your own way
  2. Casino


    Are you new here? Surely you know the answer to that
  3. Bit shit if thats your measure of success
  4. Liverpool, bottle merchants League cup winners aint much to show when youre going to go the quadruple Arf
  5. Fucking hell, her voice grates But i stuck with it Cant be arsed fact checking but, sadly, its probably all true
  6. Casino


    if they cant set a time for a play off final at wembley a month ahead, its all a bit shit
  7. each to their own but if hed raped my daughter, id be happier if he was dead
  8. Casino


    we dont have an adequate replacement, especially if issues remain around santos the balls into thomasson v shrewsbury made him look awful so awful, i think we couldnt select him to play that role again and would have to go morley he has had such a bad year 90 mins receiving passes from toal et al might finish him off
  9. him and his brother in that team
  10. Casino


    i'd go weakened team, fwiw
  11. Casino


    as you well know, some folk dont need an excuse if he plays a weakened team, hes a twat if he gets key players injured, hes a twat the fortunate thing is that these folk arent even put in charge of their shoe laces and wear gloves on a piece of string
  12. Casino


    Whilst i cant see it happening, what a tragic existence when all you can do is knock football fans dreaming I thought I was a miserable cunt, but theres some specials on here
  13. Casino


    i read a suggestion the time of our game might be dictated by it being the last day of WSL havent checked if its probable or if its just to wind up joey barton
  14. Bastogne on its own makes it special
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