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  1. I think we were on about 20k between us, though i could do overtime Averaged about 65 hours a a week in the year leading up to getting the house/married so an extra 10k House was 40 and after 3 years, sold for 37 We had one car and i used a pushbike if i wasnt on nights And we had us little heads painted purple
  2. I reckon hes not going to be a perm but he will have a couple of moments before season end Hes def 4th in line atm. 5th if I include Bod
  3. If youve notjing sensible to say, say nowt. what a beer
  4. She will be reet but shes lucky to live in the N of the country How do you do that in the SE
  5. Traf deals with back passes from anywhere on the back line I can think of 2 or 3 times hes fucked up and cost us a goal. Thats prob less than most defenders Hes great for us,part of the day out as we watch the team grow, but hes not first choice at city within 3 years The likelihood is, he never will be, which is no shame
  6. Youngster Fucking hell
  7. Aye, hes a baby But we dont have to have a baby Plus every player doesnt have to be moneyball, but evatts not signing a non ball player, imo
  8. I know what you mean. His efforts at shrewsbury werent those of a top 10 clubs in the world keeper, but dont just judge him on saves Games moved on
  9. It doesnt seem much to ask, does it? Daft thing is, she has no issue with her salary Happy enough to be sat watching love island marking books at 10pm Says its fair enough so long as I dont tell her shes always on holiday. but, whats gone wrong
  10. My lads schoolmate went in the canal couple of years back aged about 20 Central manc i think Its all very odd Very sympathetic article in the heil https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6931139/Student-19-drowned-Manchester-canal-going-drunken-3am-walkabout-city.html
  11. They do a nice steak Pizza, Id not bother
  12. Get some onions, french mustard and some cream to knock up a sauce Cracking meal
  13. And she looks a decent sort Some scummer from dewsbury, nobody would care
  14. Should a single teacher be able to buy a decent house with a garden or do they have to live with mum n dad forever
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