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  1. He said theres no chance of peace cos israel and hamas are cunts , so we just leave them to it
  2. Ok, put it another way Hes not going to risk players to create some nothing record And, I know enough about evatt to know a lot of the stuff he says is for effect I also know hed take 5 1 over 0 0
  3. Apart from group games, thats exactly what happens now No reason why the whole thing cant be mapped out before it starts
  4. Speaking of branding, why is ifollow all over our wanderers tv stuff
  5. Does he need to be in our named squad or is he exempt by age?
  6. Id be absolutely amazed if some clean sheet record enters his head, ffs
  7. I knew before I went that Horwich is nothing more than a fuck off council estate, but needs must We went in the Bowling Green Was like series 8 of Walking Dead What an odd place
  8. I want to say mcafferey but is it alistair mann If not drown both of em
  9. Left the pub in horwich, fucking hell btw, and it was -4
  10. Fabrice Fernandes was out of this world
  11. At last, israel off the news
  12. Hes a proper weedy little slimeball
  13. Talksport - retard radio for retards Casino - Reduced to 40 year old beswick on youtube
  14. First time it had 4 sides, mid 70s on the right is the cricket pavilion
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