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  1. KLF has signed for Burnley Doubt we couldve stopped it even if we wanted to
  2. 1700 sold ain't a bad effort
  3. Only cos nat didn't play for arsenal
  4. Still did a roaring trade
  5. How much? Our place went from 4.80 v MK to 5.50 today
  6. For me, very even first half, if anything we shaded it From their point of view, 2 good goals Doyle and Jones chances were better than the 2 they scored from Anyway, they did a decent job of stopping us playing out and controlled Dapo Finish above them and it will be a successful season
  7. I completely agree But, theyre still going Theres a north lower block now gone grey...sure it wasnt earlier I make it 50 seats combined in the other blocks of NL
  8. One things for sure, its proper messing with my routine Usually have another couple of hours in bed I need to get up!
  9. I know norwich said the south would not be used, but surely we are not locking folk out?
  10. Its also turnstile ops If its normal numbers, be carnage tomorrow
  11. Funny you should say that This is after the same game
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