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  1. I hear there's one or two out of contracts who we may have expected to leave who prob won't Inc a centre back And one or two contracted who may be made offers to go
  2. So, I've been busy, when are we seeing the secret technology
  3. Tbf, it doesn't matter what belts are up for grabs Fury v Joshua winner is the world champ
  4. Being against Israeli govt aggression doesn't, despite what some would say, make you anti jew That's just a cheap shot to stifle opposition
  5. Forecast i checked says wall to wall rain from thursday for over a week
  6. Casino


    At first I thought it might be bradshaw cricket
  7. Casino


    Roughly Bromley Cross I'd say
  8. @Spider be quick, tommy says his has nearly gone
  9. Cut grass for the first time in a month, just before the rain It was well out of control
  10. It's fucking stupid I agree But what else can they do in the face of what Israel get away with That's my point
  11. So that excuses em breaching UN resolutions for fun does it?
  12. Not opening the link but hancock was pressed on this numerous times He said we had adequate measures in place Do you agree they were adequate?
  13. Hamas are a terrorist group Israel are supposed to be better than that they're not
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