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  1. If true, about a sale, thats most disappointing But another -3 gives em a mountain to climb And im guessing they will default on the wages each pay day til it goes through Fwiw, i find it unlikely that anybody buys at this stage
  2. As above, the 125% bond is 2.35 million Near as damn it 2 million a month No way is the average 5k, not a chance in hell
  3. Maybe moeen will be tempted
  4. The replies ffs Bleating about how it should have been run sustainably Theyd have had 10 pub players and McLean! Do they not realise how shit they are?
  5. Theyre already seeking and getting investment MJ is going nowhere and SB is getting far more out of football than she dared dream, imo
  6. I was in pre noon doing a bit of shopping I counted 8 red, 2 blue
  7. Its cack Not listened for years
  8. Casino


    A million and a half subscribers wasnt handed to him In fact, think about that...1.5 million Fucking hell Hes v good at what he does
  9. Its making wooton and holmes relevant Thats the most disappointing thing in all of this Pair of cunts
  10. Just looked at his facebook Cant see loads as we werent friends but its all about his kids and junior football Im presuming, but if hes got to that point, so sad So, so sad
  11. When folk start demanding owners do stuff, its be careful what you wish for Its smelling a lot like theyre in a bit of trouble at tic towers
  12. So, you bent twat, what about xyz Well, lets wait for the enquiry Without doubt, theres some money stuffed in back pockets and brown envelopes stuff in there
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