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  1. Would you not be lonely without redcliffe
  2. Folk chucking things at players needs to be stopped I can think of other anti social behaviour which, to me, is part and parcel of a match day Where we drawing the line
  3. Exactly I'm not some teenager who whinges the games sanitised But you really don't want to take that away Special moment that goal and folk do daft stuff
  4. You reckon this chap loses his membership? Or am I being over suspicious
  5. 'Maximise safety in the stadium'
  6. Pretty sure it says you need it for Stockport?
  7. You can have a CRN without having an online account, I believe? What do you think this is all about?
  8. It's this that's ringing a bell or two We also want to make sure match day feels safe and welcoming for our fans who are there to embrace match day for all the right reasons. “Following discussions with key stakeholders, we believe this is the most effective and sensible route to take. In itself, there's nowt to object to, but I've just got misgivings
  9. I dont like it as there seems to be no point For that reason, I only see it being a negative The blurb listed the benefits and I'm not feeling it
  10. Cheltenham away can go on the list
  11. Casino


    Sticking bury alongside the likes of colls would be a nonsense Bury are a bottom end league club, way better than 10th tier jfg
  12. Anyway, word on the street is that sarcevic had plenty in the squad who weren't fans Quick to call out folk in training or after games As captain, I guess he's the managers eyes n ears and should be able to say his piece, but from what I've been told tonight, there's plenty won't miss him And I'm a fan of his and think we ain't filling his boots with what we have
  13. Fuck me, I expected better from you Those are @Black Sheep level responses If evatt wants a mid/attacker to top the running stats, he ain't getting that from Sheehan Hence, in capital fucking letters T W E A K S
  14. Sheehan can't come close to doing what sarcevic does There'll need to be some tweaks to the plan
  15. Him with the green coat has more questions to answer than the kid Fwiw, I prefer her nonsense to dicks chucking ale about Them sorts need exterminating
  16. There can't be, so you're right
  17. Told ppl before, agent magee knows as much as anybody posting online
  18. Nowt to do with on the pitch
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