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  1. One of three stooges has hacked creepy
  2. Move south Lets bomb the south
  3. Not sure he can last that long Jenrick as HS, Braverman as PM Deary me Im actually embarrassed by this country Telling judges...you will believe something What have we become?
  4. And ive just seen cooper destroy not so cleverley
  5. Jenrick resigns Just fuck off Election noe
  6. needs must, like i said sometimes you play unfit players its risk v reward no point saving toal for a game we dint get to and again, its dependent on the alternatives - and also, the chances of making the injury a whole lot worse wasnt Jones also fooked?
  7. is it not better to blow their parents and siblings up?
  8. we have loads of money so much money we are happy to score political points by pretty much stopping processing illegals asylum seekers and putting em on a ridiculously overpriced barge in hotels, then moaning about the cost so if we want to spend a bit more to see what truly incompetent cunts we elected, i think its all good
  9. i think evatt, like most, could see he wasnt at his best what we didnt have, in his opinion, was a better option i honestly cant remember who was playing but pretty sure that at least maghoma and CMG were unavailable and maybe thomasson wasnt at the level he is now anyway, its not so important, but most footballers never get to 100% fitness during the season i think the better ones are the ones who can still perform v close to their best when struggling with impact injuries
  10. regardless, i still dont see him starting, be it tactical or injury management and, if charles was unavailable for a few weeks, id much prefer JDB to replace him than anybody else keep the fucker fit could you imagine losing em both in 90 minutes
  11. im not sure thats exactly what he said cant remember the exact words, but im fairly sure it was along the lines of i had no real options at the time and dempsey wanted to play cos he knew how stretched we were maybe i read it wrong, but i dont remeber us having dempsey on the pitch and a bench full of lads we thought should be starting
  12. didnt want to get robbed or bummed
  13. i went to city lights afew years back other than that, ive not been to either as id expect em to be shit
  14. And, i think that looks like it hadnt been done long
  15. Later than that I remember the big embankment
  16. I know it wasnt intended to be But its getting a good airing on that twitter thread
  17. That seems about right, but think its game numbers rather than 'match weeks' Didnt remember port vale being a ban
  18. Five yellows accumulated before match week 19 results in a one-match ban. Ten yellows accumulated by week 32 will result in a two-match ban. Fifteen yellows by week 38 means a three-match ban. Twenty yellows in a season can result in the Regulatory Commission punishing the player in a manner that they deem to be most fitting. Generally, the suspensions laid out above refer to league matches only, not tournaments.
  19. Yeah, bookings are competition specific, but i believed oxford tipped him over, but if hes on 7, presumably hes already had a ban
  20. Has he served a ban yet? I read it something about 19 games being a cut off?
  21. This is before tonight as it shows 1 x pizza cup and he got a second tonight It shows 7 in the league, too, so i dunno https://www.skysports.com/football/player/174480/george-thomason
  22. I suppose george is so consistent with his bookings, its possible hes shared em out very well
  23. Well, i thought so Im sure i read maghoma and him were on 4 pre oxford But the nearer it gets, the lack of confirmation leads to doubts If hes not banned, ill be very surprised if theres a change
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