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  1. Has anybody made a DD payment yet?
  2. Casino

    Jake Daniels

    it wouldnt 6% of the world isnt ginger
  3. Hes been there a while Just a technicality prevented him being officially announced https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/owen-coyle-confirmed-queens-park-26554970 Shows how shit it is
  4. Lovely spot Worked there 9 months, shallow gene pool is very obvious
  5. Coyles just got a team promoted Ill leave it there
  6. Kaiyne woolery in the top six in one country Pub league
  7. np, thought i had joke really schools only finish a week before
  8. youre not saying bwfc start 7th are you? 30th. i think
  9. Loftus road is a very poor example, if you dont mind me saying
  10. I dont care what boots he wore Ive spent the last 10 hours wondering why city might want a statue of him What next. Us with ray wilson?
  11. Its meet at reebok or meet at the ground This uni of bolton stuff is just cack
  12. Alan ball? Alan fucking ball?
  13. its no coincidence wsl,south, is filling up
  14. not at all im just saying we dont have another player in the club like him and currently, imo, hes key to the back 3
  15. jones can, but we dont have another jones
  16. i see @Barnstoneworth Whiteforgot his mask
  17. as you know, i dont like to believe the BEN loons so looked what i could find, and the blackpool one was listed as coming soon for a good while cant see anything on us
  18. id prob like 2 keepers if we can afford to have 3
  19. what i think it does show, is that if we revert to 352, we dont have another santos or another jones currently irreplaceable in a 3, for me if iredale is as versatile as claimed, left side is prob ok without needing to use sadlier if theres no outs, a keeper, fossey and maybe somebody who can do what santos can (im resigned to not getting that bloke) maybe its 442 or 451 which stirs up the pot again
  20. be better with me at left back over sadlier
  21. you're probably right law of averages says you're well due
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