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  1. 14 days notice required? So next couple of days?
  2. Youre optimistic I smell taxis
  3. Is this where i was suggesting to park? Its my fall back when im really late
  4. Does that mean hes fucked off
  5. a full team should beat most lower half prem teams
  6. not sure of any pub names in tod but the one nr the station was meant to read in accy been in twice post match - cracking juke box and good for drying out! what chance we have of seeing a train, who knows
  7. Dodge em? @RayVonwas bouncing off em i like it anyway Stop off in tod pre match and theres a decent pub nr the station post match Only downer with trains from tod you have to be in accy for 145 ish
  8. one price seats and terrace - is that the usual?
  9. cant be arsed doing the leg work, but a league table showing current positions of everybody who has played in the prem would pass 20 seconds guessing oldham are bottom?
  10. I dont see us winning both this weeks 2 aways and i dont see us beating both of barnsley and oxford Be happy with 12 and might even smile if we better it
  11. I didnt say they did But they do still play at plough lane
  12. I just guessed that was the school
  13. They do play at plough lane
  14. Just after the first, i think var would prob have given us one for a bit of a clash again involving kachunga
  15. Yeah, fair enough Tbh, its a real bugbear of mine, all the shirt pulling
  16. Im amazed you didnt see it live Though one or two of my lot didnt either Why was it not a red....this stupid double jeopardy shite?
  17. Casino

    Fan Zone

    Weather was weird today Absolute downpour about 225 as we dropped down from COR to CNR Was dry on CNR
  18. Pulling was worse than peterborough It was a clear penalty from my seat 80 yards away
  19. He did The kachunga haters wouldnt pick santos either Clueless or looking for a bite
  20. Not reebok junction, the next one nearer yours
  21. Aye, i know, but up to the a6, turn left, youre back to the mway in 5 mins
  22. Park on the new estate opp barnstormers, then up to a6 after the game
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