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  1. No problem at all with 70s footballers getting assistance The PFA can levy their members
  2. It was deep into et He lined it up, cleaned his right boot on his left calf Boom into the embankment goal
  3. Yeah, i know Ill be in the pub tmrw
  4. Most notable goal was an ET winner free kick to knock Spurs out of the FA Cup
  5. barnsley were better than us, changed their manager and are now worse than us
  6. no you werent you were saying cos derby and pompey did it and got promoted everybody should do it as 'it works' clearly, it doesnt work more times than it does work
  7. bloody hell, youre as bad as @Johnnyrotten he excludes all goals that werent scored between minutes 16 and 24 with the left foot against a team with an L in their name
  8. some do most don't theres not that many scored 20 in each of the last 2 seasons....are there, maybe there are
  9. id guess most teams have changed their manager
  10. Id agree but replacing his goals for a million is far from guaranteed
  11. The tories are getting fucked off, but id vote laura farris and alicia kearns Im sure theres others, but that front bench make me heave and is another legacy of bumblebollocks He proper fucked the tories up
  12. I can think of 2 tories that will be a loss so hopefully they survive Most of the top table are thundercunts and need to be gone
  13. 75 seat overall majority Folk have had enough
  14. Casino


    wotchu talkin about willis?
  15. the two seasons we fucked up under greaves, id say york and carlisle were the games aldershot watford charlton relegation chelsea relegation tranmere ipswich stoke relegation there'll be more but theyre all worse than any cup games as it affects the next 12 months as shit as saturday left me feeling, i had a shit feeling before it and as i walked the dog at 6am, i just didnt feel it and I never ever see us losing a game that 5-0 def gave us a confidence that was evidently misplaced
  16. ogbeta did really well for peterborough, i think? saturday he had loads of space in front of him first half but we didnt use it for whatever reason anyway, if we play wing backs, williams is fine, so its a back up we need...imo
  17. the night we battered oxford, wasnt JDB excellent? justa general comment btw, not disputing what you say i think we have in collins, charles and victor, 3 perfectly good players for this level id always want at least one of charles and collins available, playing with/instaed of victor if we could have a fit CMG back as well, that should be enough to go into the season - sadly, i think CMG is a cpl of months behind
  18. yeah, im not making a case for any one of em, but if we are giving bod 10, dans 5, at less mins per goal i like JDB fwiw
  19. and where has everybody seen him playing an hour against shrewsbury reserves and an extremely forgettable few minutes at tranmere?
  20. favouritism? course theres favouritism managers favourites are the ones he thinks are most likely to win i think you would be surprised at what these punts on kids actually cost us its no wonder we arent finding stars khumbeni may be the best yet as he at least made regular appearances at morecambe
  21. if bods having 10, dans 5 in a lot less games
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