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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Just my little joke Started like a train
  2. He did Why did he go off after 20 minutes
  3. Never a corner Assist for Toal
  4. Id also tell em to fuck the stupid captcha thing off Load of bollocks when the clocks ticking
  5. Charles still looking out of touch but i like him taking that on from 20 yards
  6. See, thats on the club I just dont believe they will do owt about it
  7. Granted i thought there may be more Maybe i was thinking of our cricketers.
  8. To jamaican parents But, id still call him english like i have no issue with cash being polish When i listened to his grandads story, i certainly got it
  9. Hes prob more polish than some of ours are english if we are playing that game
  10. And did they suggest looking into the issue was it your card or their end these are things, for me, they should look into on this occasion, it didnt matter but what about if it was Fleetwood
  11. Barclaycard, by any chance?
  12. When are we going to upgrade the online ticketing system Why do tickets go on sale at 10am when some folk cant get on line Why did we do an online queue for wigan away A) with no warning never repeat it Why can you only buy 10 tickets in one transaction Why is there still an admin fee What thought have the club given to the allocation we will get for Bristol Rovers Tbh, if Neil had any bollocks, he would deal with the questions raised on WW directly, rather than with the ST
  13. Aye, shit for me too 3 times tickets assigned and in basket Only went through on final time Its a shitshow
  14. Peru, chile, venezuala The ones in qatar and who else? I guess Honduras are concacaf?
  15. I think he came to workington, but poss not
  16. Is that true? Nothing like giving us time to plan
  17. maybe being a STH makes you an away member?
  18. how good would we be if we had a coach who concentrated on football its almost like the being nice to folk bit can be done as well who the fuck would have thought it
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