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    Youre the one who brought up folk who never go as being worth listening to I dont give a fuck about their opinion No better than plastic reds
  2. Casino


    He thinks his best 11 differs dependent on the opposition Maybe he would be better asking blokes in the pub who havent been since Allardyce?
  3. So, im not setting the alarm?
  4. Aye, im other side of beehive
  5. And queue to get off for nearly as long Id rather walk 15 minutes and be straight off home But prob depends where you live
  6. Casino


    @Biggish Davenails it Its not great to watch but we have been leajy, so you go back to basics and keep some cleansheets How the fuck Jones misses, fuck knows He made the same great run 5 mins earlier but this time the ball in was perfect Anyway, its beer time
  7. Well Gutted Never thought id get so into womens RU 70 mimutes a man down obviously massive influence Also, think the officials were influenced by the crowd Which is a bit shit when youre sat in a media truck
  8. I assumed it was a group game for some reason Realised and put the last half hour on Tomorrow permitting, i cant see how england win the final That was brutal
  9. Im sure he would do it privately to jos, but not in public Classy
  10. Morgans a cracking bloke Never heard him question buttler, even once
  11. Anzac women on beeb 3 Give it a shot
  12. houses in the centre circle actually, ive no idea if its them, but it wouldnt come as a surprise
  13. im glad we have gone well, especially after we were unlucky with the ireland game i think the knives wouldve been out for buttler
  14. bopara took over from alex hartley this morning and asked why folk made india favourites he was firm it was englands to lose
  15. great start but nagging doubts after sri lanka
  16. Theres at least one bloke playing against englands women here
  17. Lost Belting second on the break
  18. Casino


    never 'got' baka, even his goals didnt win me over, but hes looked proper up for it last 2 times ive seen him ive no idea what we will see this week
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