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  1. Im fairly sure selling restrictions will be on police orders. But surely if its members only, why is it necessary Unless the membership scheme is a crock of shit
  2. yes, but if you get in early, as i would if i had an away ST, id shift em pre sale its easier for folk to buy from me, you, whoever than online look at young CH - i bet hes not bought a ticket officially this season
  3. got that, but went off on my much more important point
  4. see, i reckon any away game til now, i couldve flogged a ticket theres non sth hammering aways for a start and theres folk cba with buying online
  5. ive bought the odd one for southern sth generally games down there where theres plenty to go round my big gripe which i keep banging on about is that a transaction is limited to 10, so if im getting more than that, ive not got time to be fucking about assigning to the right person need to get first transaction boxed off and onto the next one, hopefully before it times out useless bag of shit that it is im aware if the 10 limit is removed, somebody could bag 100, CRN's permitting, which wouldnt be great either ive still got an issue with em going on sale at 10am too, when most folk are at work
  6. Nice effort I did have 1 x seat that i let go Then terrace ones i have to approve in my banking app
  7. Just ched my mail At 10.05 i got 650 to 655 Terrace Doesnt tell us much on its own Winder what was the lowest number anybody got?
  8. Said it til im blue in the face Get a system that rewards regulars but Make assigning tickets easier And Announce it pre season not 4 months in
  9. Every so often terrace flashes up but goes as quickly
  10. Looks sold out Or crashed
  11. Tbf, i never shared your view on em, found it a bit weird, but then i thought mk would be top 8, too So, 1-1
  12. You ready to stop writing them off?
  13. Casino

    Oxford H

    We have had a decent start to the season Only 2 results really stand out as genuine bad ones, but i accept there were nearly 2 more last week The two, Cheltenham...really bad day Fgr, not good but shouldve still won Not good enough v oxford, but theyre not fodder and and shouldnt be measured as such Theyll beat a fair few and will have a decent season
  14. Casino

    Oxford H

    definitely not dull i do think theres a chance that stats are misleading but id offer a view that our shot count would be higher with morley and dapo in the team - purely a gut feeling a lot of will be very unlikely to reach the keeper though
  15. rocket science but please make it quicker to use
  16. Casino

    Oxford H

    theres some posters on here been whinging and whining so long they havent any credibility left to lose just saying
  17. Ah, the anagram Chelsea
  18. The issue is that it loves to time out Ive about 20 client refs and have on occasion had to buy double figures Its set at maximum of 10 so its just get em in the basket and get them assigned before the next batch
  19. Casino

    Oxford H

    So, we are plenty good enough to finish top 2? Like i say, you will get arguments from fans of a lot of clubs Hope youre right mind!
  20. Mentioned it before but bristol rovers end of season Any proper clued up club would have a plan in place already Not something they come up with a week before It should take into account buying history Even now, contrary to what Hart would tell us, theyve no idea who is going to away games As anybody who gets online for the rocking horse shit games knows its all about getting the number of tickets asap and assigning to the easiest client refs in your network
  21. Casino

    Oxford H

    Is it? I would exoect us to make the play offs but after that, its a lottery Id expect plymouth, pirtsmouth, ipswich. Sheff weds all reckon theyre plenty good enough to go up
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