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  1. Bore off casino with youre how many would get in their side shite. Regardless we are being served up dross. Had years of you talking dross from Paul Robinson is an ok full back for prem to pratley is ok signing. Nonsnene talker
  2. I was more sick when Newcastle got the penalty than when we went 1 down. We're doomed, scousers league, football is dead to me too August
  3. I don't give a shite what it costs just fucking sack him. Make him wait at back of the queue for his pay off but for heaven's sake just pot him
  4. Disgraceful. Fucking disgusting Anderson. Cunt of a man
  5. Never been good Donaldson. Shite
  6. Get fucking shut. Don't let a shitty pay off be the deciding factor. Youve not paid people before Anderson crack on.
  7. tarian1979


    Bears fan here so glad just to see a post season for once. Ha. Oh anyone but new england from the afc come superbowl night,can't stand them
  8. tarian1979


    Can't see the Vikings winning 3 away games to get to a superbowl. Will beat cowboys if manage get them. Bears be 50/50 @ best. But then likely have to win at both rams and new Orleans. Wife open mind but the only side I thhbj with a hope from the wild cards is the unlucky runner up out of kc and la
  9. She should resign or the party should vote her out. They should then put forward two candidates only. One a strong brexiteer. A second someone who wants to stay closely aligned to the eu. They campaign to the membership on this basis. The whole party agree to accept the will of their own membership with how we come out. The brexit candidate wins we go no deal (or start from no deal as a basis) the other candidate wins the hard line brexit lot tow the line and accept the soft brexit. Voting her to stay solves nothing snd it's just the 300 mps deciding based on their own views how we should come
  10. I agree with tomski. Whilst the players havent been great they Are still entitled to their wages. If not be working if I didbt get them certainly after missing a second promised date. Firmly in he players camp. Get it sorted ken or get th at asking dropped totally through the floor and get out. If I can't afford my mortgage I have to sell my house for less than market value
  11. The Luton drum banger on here has won me over. Take a punt on someone like that.
  12. Normally get the train to work but have the car today. Can go via reading if Phil needs a lift. If he appoints David Lee just because he can't afford to pay anyone else even from league one etc then that's me done until this circus period is over
  13. No bollocks back stop. Let them know if a trade deal isn't forthcoming it's a hard border before we sign up to indefinite back stop we can't get out of. Not in Ireland's interest that. Thus not in the eu. Make them work for a trade deal. Extend the period til come out. Backstop isn't workable start on trade deal now only finalise withdrawal when future relationship done. Aint all totally agreed withdrawal and future by a date leave no deal.
  14. Agree a trade deal to take away the issue of the border. Otherwise be prepared to leave no deal. Be prepared to have an hard border.
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