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  1. Weird situation for Gilks. Spends his time training Crellin then plays the matches himself. Needs sorting ASAP
  2. How do you mean? Head in the sand? as in refusing to accept something blatantly obvious? Edit - fucking hell hahahahaha
  3. leebwfc


    Astounds me that this kind of shit is almost the norm now, absolute fucking weapon. Its all about saving face on social media and fuck all about being a decent person. They wanna be a total cunt but can't cope with the prospect of people on twitter thinking they're one! mental
  4. And he just seems like a bit of a knob too!
  5. leebwfc


    Bloody hell, have you read this? Some neck this geezer https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2019/august/chairmans-statement/
  6. leebwfc

    Take Over

    I hope someone has filled the cunt in
  7. leebwfc

    Take Over

    What would a lot of attention resulted in?
  8. leebwfc

    Take Over

    Just enough attention to read them, quote them and comment on them though., unfortunately
  9. leebwfc

    Take Over

    True, we are never being fan owned and playing in that stadium at the same time
  10. leebwfc

    Take Over

    fair point. Surely we could get a few thousand wanderers fans to fuck their new shiny hotel right up for em tho if the worst happens
  11. leebwfc

    Take Over

    Can see it but would be one hell of a risk to reputation to show your evil money making side to the world by killing a founder member of the league or at least fucking things up royally to buy what I presume wouldn't be a gold mine of a hotel to begin with. I agree the sole club sale without the hotel would be a cleaner transaction but only if there is someone who wants that, there doesn't seem to be at the minute other than FV.
  12. leebwfc

    Take Over

    So you think their intention would be to genuinely want the hotel, even if it means the club dies as a result?
  13. leebwfc

    Take Over

    And there probably aren't any in reality, just a fake bid to make the other party up their offer? Im fairly sure that a small improvement program hasn't suddenly made others think "hang on maybe it is worth buying a hotel that doesnt make much profit and will make a shit load less if we kill the club its joined to.
  14. leebwfc

    Take Over

    If this situation wasnt so frustrating, embarrassing and sad for our great club it would be the best thing on TV as a long running 7 season saga, with many more twists and turns to come. Carrie Mathison for chairwoman!
  15. leebwfc

    Take Over

    So it could be suggested that the other bid (not FV) actually isnt that high and this is KA trying to rinse a bit more money from FV through his admins? Big game of fucking poker this by the looks of it, Id want FV to call their bluff and say yeah sell it to the other lot then fuck you, because I don't see anyone wanting the hotel if it meant the club goes as a result, but the stakes are high and we all just want a team to watch at the end of the day so I hope it gets sorted quick time. Just cant see the likes of boohoo or whoever buying the hotel knowing it would kill the club, hardly a positive publicity statement. Couldn't then see it being a popular venue for many reasons
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