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  1. Put £20 each way on finishing top; top four places for the each way and got 18/1
  2. Villa pies were decent and Mk dons were the dogs bollocks
  3. Butter on the buns with the hotdogs?
  4. Wimbledon selling now online. Looks like we have the whole North stand
  5. Can’t wait and really looking forward to Wimbledon 😎
  6. Rudy we have moved a long way since the 80’s and 90’s and I have never seen black players being abused at games I attend in many years. Yes it’s still happening on social media which needs stamping out. Last post on none football related because unfortunately you are not allowed an opinion anymore
  7. Where are you having a beer Saturday and are you doing Wimbledon?
  8. Don’t talk ridiculous. The knee taking took off with BLM who many are opposed to. Totally behind kick it out and would support any anti racism promotion apart from the BLM garbage. I am not going to boo Saturday but I bet not all players really support the gesture hence the sheep comment. What is getting annoying is the divide in this country since BLM and even on a forum like this it’s too much
  9. Sick of this going on about discrimination and racism; this is a sport and shouldn’t get bogged down with BLM rubbish. Let the sheep’s take the knee and let’s just get on with the football. If you want to boo then boo. I won’t
  10. On sale tomorrow for Wimbledon fans; they have said there will be away fans so ours should be selling soon
  11. 2-1 to us. 11327 in attendance
  12. Crawley it clicked and we have more options with this squad
  13. First home game for me since Peterborough promotion. Really looking forward to this season and we will win the opener
  14. Earlier on he played but has a foot injury
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