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  1. Was still nervous at 3-0 but that lovely 4th settled them nerves. Looking forward to the play offs relaxed and Tranmere getting hammered. renewed season ticket earlier this week and can’t wait to get back. Only been two home matches since the Premier League but buzzing about next season already
  2. Prefer FGR coming up than the other 3
  3. How many are outside waiting?
  4. That Lino is a cheating bastard. He had to see that plus Doyle goal was not offside; he had not challenged for the ball and was already back in an onside position when their player passed it to him
  5. Players look really nervous
  6. That will put pressure on us; fuck non league Salford
  7. I am talking bollocks; Wednesday are down even if they win and Rotherham win
  8. If Rotherham are winning with a minute to go I can see these spinning a coin to save at least one of them
  9. They will show any goals from Morecambe and Cambridge I presume during our game.
  10. Watching grandson for Redditch United tonight and they are Winning 4-0. Still not taking my mind off tomorrow though.
  11. We are Bolton and you should know better
  12. Gym? Bet they give you funny looks just being there. 😎
  13. So which soft mints should we be buying?
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