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  1. Same result as the last two seasons and we are least in the play offs and likely to finish in the top two - but can we bring in enough quality to win all the games like last night: Cambridge, FGR and Cheltenham? We would be almost top now if we had won them
  2. Yep he should have buried that chance. We need a striker because we are missing too many every game
  3. I thought he played quite well last night; not that good defensively but neither is DJ and Airedale. He does look a bit lightweight though
  4. Agree totally and it’s Johnston wh has been the weak link and was terrible first half; very good second half though
  5. IE might think he is a nice looking boy. Stubborn get is Evatt was the same with continuing to play Crellin and not having a goalie on the bench We need a striker and a dominant Centre Half in the window
  6. Agree with that fuming at Charles for not squaring it earlier but took the goal well. played well tonight after another annoying start. Sadlier needs to be given a chance
  7. It was Johnston that let their guy jog past him to cross but ffs Toal had to at least smash that to half way line. katchunga wank again; needs fucking off
  8. Hold finals every year in the USA
  9. Nobody in their right mind would keep on starting Katchunga and Charles after this run. Of course we ended up winning and I loved it but without those two late goals many would be questioning his stubbornness and quite right to. Cock
  10. The three changes are why we won - start all three of them next league game
  11. Yes love late goals but we are being put through it
  12. They are like our inept manager
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