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  1. Away end holds 1500 apparently
  2. We took over 1000 to Oxford on a Tuesday night so I would be surprised if we didn’t sell out
  3. Won’t be an upset though will there; 3-1 to the whites
  4. How many have we shifted for this?
  5. Luton are shit and going down; we could well be playing them next season; if they put a weakened team out we can beat them (could even beat their best team with a good performance)
  6. 1500 but as its cup we might the full end which will be about 1900
  7. Unless your an away season ticket holder 😀
  8. Sutton away would be lovely
  9. Turning out to be the player most of us didn’t think he could be is Dan. Just hope he continues with this great form
  10. You would wanna go home; shithole and shithole fans
  11. All about confidence and we now have 4 strikers that are on song.
  12. Port Vale drew today so are still in all three cups; let’s knock them out the Pizza Cup Tuesday
  13. Equal from 1934; we need one more to have scored most ever goals in a calendar year
  14. He will play in the Pizza cup
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