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  1. Their goals came from Cogley not defending against that Murphy then a long ball through the middle that none of our dynamic CB’s could deal with. Like Biggish said we need an overhaul
  2. Did we lose on purpose because we couldn’t afford to go up?
  3. What the fuck you talking about
  4. So your suggesting we stick with IE?
  5. Left my daughter and grandson and already nearly at Reading on my way back to Worcestershire That has to be on of the low points following the whites. Evatt can fuck off back to Barrow the useless cunt
  6. You heading for Baker Street again Biggish
  7. Be much quicker on the tube
  8. That’s like Syd’s Cafe from Only Fools and Horses
  9. Plymouth did; it’s shit Baker Street and Kings Cross is where you should be
  10. We are going on the train and arrive at Paddington at 11.20. Will be rammed with Oxford tourists as we head through there
  11. Yeah; got my sleeping bag and on the streets waiting for you to arrive 😁
  12. Yeah but only 6 seats on level 1 and less than 400 available
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