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  1. Went to the theatre of tourists for guest speaker night invited by an engineering company; guest speaker was Greavsie. Same night the two red shites were playing there in a reserve game. Went to the free bar before the entertainment commenced and the great man was there; not drinking alcohol though because he was already tea total. Told him I was Bolton and he told us and the others around the bar how they hated playing us because they knew they would be kicked all over the park. when he got up to speak he first said that he hadn’t heard of this engineering company but they must be massive to arrange this football match for us which brought a lot of laughs. He then went on to talk about his career and to my astonishment he talked about Bolton and joked about hiding behind his own centre halves at Burnden Park. top fellow and a lovely man; will be sadly missed. RIP Jimmy
  2. Just back; thought we played well first half but missed our chances and give away soft goals. We wouldn’t have scored second half if they give a hour time added on. Need to speed it up a little. West Stand Lower can fuck off. Never sit with the moaning gets again - kicking off when you get up off your seat. One woman saying you don’t go every game like we do and shouldn’t get up when we look like scoring - miserable gets.
  3. Probably a thousand left in top tiers so everyone will get in but won’t get seated together
  4. Only about 60 left in all lower tiers. Upper going quick too. thought you would have been a season ticket holder Cheese or is that the cinema
  5. Do you still have to show your season ticket to get in the whites hotel? Daughter doesn’t have one but I do.
  6. We don’t have 20000 Chinese tourists at the game taking photos; red scum
  7. Hardly anything left in lower tier now. Higher tier also selling well
  8. Doyle has looked much sharper and fitter all season. His work rate is phenomenal and even though he does miss a few sitters he is always a threat and he assists many of our goals - top scorers of the league
  9. I know - that’s where my season ticket is.
  10. BBC put their results before League 1 on the live scores
  11. I am sure the mod Casino will not be happy with all this ageism that Youri is dishing out. Equality for the owd uns 👍
  12. Daughter is going with me and couldn’t get two decent seats together in the East Stand Lower so we are in the West Stand lower - slumming it for one game
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