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  1. That’s exactly what I thought from the clips
  2. hambleton? My Mum is just down the road from there in Pressall. Do you live that way yourself?
  3. Well two goal margin will do
  4. What is going on with these officials- we get all the cards and the linesman’s flag goes up all the tome
  5. Got a good feeling about today with that line up. 3-1 whites
  6. Dapo is likely to be suffering a little with knocks so resting him with the option of bringing him on later is a good call. Not sure about dropping Aimson
  7. It is crazy money but some ex players on talk shite are saying some players deserve £500,000 per week - Mo Salah for one
  8. It’s been rubbish since Wigan game
  9. Probably will get a ban then for his tweets knowing our luck
  10. You mean Ian Evatt who said we were the best side in the league after our 1-0 defeat at Sheff Wednesday? Wonder what he thinks we are now; probably one of the worst
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