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  1. What do you mean - he is already there giving his first training session to what’s left of the first team (three of them)
  2. Bought one in the East Upper near the front
  3. Noticed some more availability today; same price in East Upper so not sure what to do
  4. Just flush them before the fixtures are announced and promote teams to cover BUT - would you want Wigan starting on minus 8 or more points or let Stockport in through the back door
  5. That’s the same as the BBC news but from the club; it can’t go through until EFL approves
  6. Hopefully we can grow fast enough to have more European trip’s before I get totally too owd. Sooner get there like Brighton have rather than millions thrown in and us not being sustainable again. Saying that I wouldn’t be looking forward to VAR if we did get in the prem again soon
  7. RIP fellow white. Far too young as many have said
  8. Not interested one bit about the cup final today. Just wished they could both lose
  9. My money is with Tifosy and although I have email confirmation they are not responding to information request’s regarding how and when the benefits come into place and when the bond actually commenced. probably things will happen when all the money is transferred to BWFC
  10. Scottish leagues have this
  11. What about Coventry vs Luton
  12. It will change early June; not 20000 sold as the map is suggesting
  13. That Reece James is cac. Darren Moore is an awful manager leaving him on
  14. Barnsley down to 10. We should have had that referee in our first leg when they targeted Bradley
  15. We just weren’t good enough. Need more quality than what was brought in in the January window
  16. Shit turn out from a shit club. Already started their cheating tactics
  17. Everton throwing themselves down trying to get pens all the time
  18. We all know those scousers will bloody win; Arsenal, Tottenham and Brighton it’s your fault these bastards are not going down
  19. Yep - one of them refer to it on their thread. when do they get docked more points?
  20. Sooner not play them. Hope they go pop before the season starts
  21. No Barnsley lose on penalties after three sending offs; dirty cunts
  22. Coventry Wednesday Carlisle Coventry only taking 36000 according to the news last night; thought they would sell all their tickets
  23. Shhhh. That’s the reason for the bond; now they know
  24. Remember players getting a life ban for betting on their own clubs before; he is very lucky
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