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  1. Only for Bolton fans who also like manyoo. Have they got yours yet? 😎
  2. Prisons always have ID on their inmates
  3. Season ticket holders are automatically in it. Like most have said there seems to be only negatives
  4. He started Saturday and got an assist; subbed after they went 3-0 up which was the final score
  5. Like many have said, including himself, he is still learning and he does speak before he thinks at times. Other managers after we have played well have said we are by far the best side they have played to his defence. We might not ever find out the whole truth about the Sarcevic saga and the performance first half yesterday looked like some players were not trying for some reason but the last 30 minutes getting a point proves that they are still together and had lost some confidence. All teams go through bad spells and hope that’s all the last two weeks have been. Everyone should get behind the gaffer and given time he will continue to get us in the right direction. This season finishing around mid table would be ideal; anything better fantastic
  6. 2 weeks ago I never give Stockport a thought; yesterday I was hoping they lost as much as Trampmere, Wiggin, Burnley and Salford
  7. Lee’s corner leading to Williams miss was superb and Doyle scores if MJ doesn’t get in the way. We need a team full of Lee’s
  8. Hopefully that stops the recent rot. Well done whites
  9. Johnston has been subbed; good decision because he has been awful recently
  10. It’s not the right back that’s the reason we are losing. Williams fucked up for their first goal and other players have been absolutely gash. Something is wrong in the camp
  11. McCarthy just been sacked by Cardiff
  12. Something has happened since the Sheff Wednesday game; we can’t be that good then absolutely atrocious all of a sudden
  13. He meant worst team in the division; misquoted
  14. Exactly; prefer what he has opted to start with. Not ideal but we are really weak in the right full back position
  15. You didn’t watch the Wigan game did you?
  16. That’s right; they even sing to each other ‘we’ll never play you again’
  17. Baka and Brockbank were the main reasons we fell apart against Wigan; I know others plays shit but they were still the main weaknesses. I don’t think IE rates Baka or Kachunga and if Jones was fit now would be starting and it would be a very strong team. Our squad now appears very threadbare in turns of quality and we need to pick up enough points before the transfer window to keep us in at least mid table
  18. One thing for sure there are going to goals today at both ends.
  19. If they play a back 4 he has to be. Could be 3 at the back but who plays the wing backs. TBH I prefer anybody at full back than Brockbank
  20. Of course it is; just trying to wind cheesy up 🤔
  21. That’s not like you to be homophobic Cheese. Thought you was the ultimate woke on wanderersways. Good though 👍
  22. The National League only have 23 clubs so their is a slot. Can see a backlash though if they get in there
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