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  1. No no no. We don’t want him coming in with no match practice fucking it up
  2. Another penalty saving them shits
  3. Derby are likely to be 2-0 up before half time. Its playoffs
  4. One thing for sure if Derby win or draw we are finishing 3rd and Saturday afternoon away game in the play offs
  5. Derby have to lose or they are up. If they lose we need to win by three
  6. Captain and son with their ladders 😂
  7. The way tonight’s game is going we are almost guaranteed to be finishing 3rd unless the most unlikely happened and Carlisle win
  8. People wanting to plan ahead should we get to the final it’s not moaning at all. EFL should have confirmed the kick off time by now
  9. It is more than likely be Lincoln or Oxford- Barnsley lose Saturday they could easily miss out


    Not seen her for a few years
  11. They have Coventry home and Leicester away and could lose both. A Birmingham win at Huddersfield takes them over them and a Plymouth point from the last two games and Wednesday win and they are down
  12. VAR is rigged. At least TWO forest pens refused which were nailed on. Hate Everton
  13. So we are shit at taking our chances. Your just a prick
  14. So you think we are putting our chances away? Prick
  15. People keep mentioning Barnsley - if they don’t win next Saturday there is a good chance they won’t make the playoffs
  16. There is NO chance of Derby losing next week. Playoffs it is
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