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  1. I like Isgrove and hope your right. LWB is going to be difficult because John is good when we are on top of games but does struggle when it’s tight next Saturday is massive
  2. Great 3 points - needed it with Peterborough and Wycombe winning.
  3. Looking at the subs there was no choice- right decision after the good performance last week though
  4. Win their games in hand and they are over us
  5. I know Steejay is almost as owd as you 😉
  6. You don’t have to keep them all happy; with the ones fit I would go with: Trafford; Toal Santos Jones; Bradley John; Dempsey Morley; Lee (or Shoretire); Charles Adeboyejo
  7. It’s after 9am 🫣 sorry Neil
  8. Cheese (Neil Hart) can’t bum himself
  9. Still look bare when they drop to League 1. 15K ground would be enough for the Everton of the future
  10. They won’t be next season
  11. Don’t lose any of the next four and win at least one
  12. And we were both present are you doing Peterborough?
  13. That was last season after we won
  14. Yes he was good today John. Lovely football from us and keep this up and you never know how things will go
  15. What are you like when you’re in your dress? Come on you have been seen more than once
  16. Oh dear - can see a lot of our lot getting in trouble if they walk round the pitch. Unfortunately some can’t control their homophobia
  17. I understand how you feel but he has never been in everyone’s good books; I would go as far to say not many have rated him at all apart from the person who picks the team. If it had been an average performer or one of our best players then no doubt the crowd would have given him some slack for his stupidity that almost costs us valuable points against a real crap team
  18. Fuck the train companies and their staff
  19. Barge was brilliant before the game when we lost 5-4
  20. He is a bull shitter and he knows nout 😂
  21. It’s live on Sky so no real drama. Like someone said they might give us another section of the ground as well. can see the home areas being populated with Bolton though
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