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  1. We are shit at the back and it needs strengthened. Matched them if not bossed it at times; hopefully we can get tighter at the back and will be OK
  2. Unfortunately Isgrove got injured but he was playing really well; Thomason I am not sure about- had some decent games but a bit of a headless chicken at times
  3. He strikes from the wing
  4. They are queuing up now; selling buttered rolled hot dogs at last seasons prices. Wigan fans are picketing
  5. We are home first game but not allowed to say who FACT
  6. How can you want that red scum win everything this season. Come on city
  7. We have always been the biggest club outside the four city clubs in the NW
  8. What was Kachunga doing at the corner they equalised; time to go for him
  9. Johnston can’t defend at all; massive weak link
  10. He is a big Thomason fan
  11. Hi mate; think I might know him
  12. We need some proper defenders
  13. Ian Evatt is their type of manager🔥
  14. I will be there; mind you it’s only 20 miles from home. Let me know where your drinking and I will dig deep and buy you that 🍺. Are you taking the dog? 😉
  15. It’s cheap enough for you because looking after a dog every away game costs nought 😎
  16. Hate Liverpool police got the blame for Hillsborough when it was obvious it was the pissed up late coming ticket less cunts who did the damage. and all down to them killing the Italians. fuck them
  17. Watching the goal on SSN and great to see all those going crazy behind the goal
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