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  1. Coventry won so they stay in bottom 3 😀
  2. Seen the video’s 😉
  3. Well surely we can’t be as bad as the last SIX league games
  4. Agree we are mediocre
  5. So what - we are shit at the moment
  6. No I agree Jones was shite at letting the cross in but Santos was poor
  7. Watched it three times and still had time to get to it
  8. Santos at fault with the first as well top 10 just this season and unless cash is injected we staying put with the Fleetwood’s and Accy for some time
  9. Just fuck off like Jones but he give the ball away that led to that goal
  10. Your the only person happy about the situation- not many are saying change the manager but he needs to improve his selections
  11. So we have been good lately have we? cheltenham and FGR? Even Accy and Burton we were lucky to get the wins. Started the season well but dog shit at the moment.
  12. Late turn round midweek papered over the cracks. We are dogshit
  13. Dapo as wing back - you don’t know what your doing
  14. Get them two so called strikers off at HT would also sub Williams before we go down to 10 men
  15. Too slow our defenders and Santos should have cleared before they scored after the guy almost walked past Jones
  16. Don’t think Kachunga will ever score a lot of goals but should do more to create more chances. But yes a big day for both of them. IE must be looking out for someone who can score more at this level; none of our 4 are doing enough
  17. Creative line up; Charles really needs to do something today or he will be on the sidelines
  18. Wasn’t in their squad last Tuesday
  19. Yep for such a little club 😎
  20. Yep Bidon - he is their playmaker
  21. We have finally beaten these beer fuckers
  22. Keeper should have saved it but they all count
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