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  1. Every fucking time that Neil Mellor comments on Sky at our games. Fuck off
  2. Jimmy Riddle is Ian Evatt
  3. What’s that got to do with Cambridge Away? Losing it with your old age😎
  4. If he hadn’t corrected the error and we had lost 2 or 3 nil lots would be wanting him out. He changed it we won so good on him. Hopefully he will make better choices in the future.
  5. It’s not knifes - look at the line up to 2-0 down. Change it and we get results
  6. Massive difference since moving Dapo from left wing back.
  7. Well he can see the problem he caused and brought on a defensive wing back now we have scored and have a chance
  8. That’s because our worst player Johnston isn’t protected by Dapo. We need someone who can see what’s going on and make the right selections
  9. You don’t know what your doing
  10. In Evatt we trust fuck that as well
  11. All 4 we have as so called strikers need shipping out.
  12. Dog shit missing sitters again Cheltenham, FGR and now Accrington fucking Stanley. No knee jerk we need some changes
  13. If Charles had taken his chances at FGR as well we would be 5 points better off.
  14. Be careful. The blue tinted won’t like that
  15. Not good enough our forwards
  16. Get Dempsey on for Thomason before he gets sent off
  17. Be surprised if we finish top 10 with these lot. Been the last two games and we are bobbins
  18. We were awful and couldn’t cope with their non stop effort. Aimson was a joke and I don’t know who why he changed the back 3. Should have started Sadlier as wing back. midfield we’re very sterile with no spark whatsoever. And Baka is not a footballer. not a good night
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