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    Gary Speed

    Proper shiver down the back moments I also thought he was past it when we signed him couldn’t have been more wrong . Up there with the best that have ever played for us . RIP Gary .
  2. If this is another wind up it’s wearing a bit thin if not fuck the fuck off .
  3. Come on whites stick it up the these South Yorkshire sheep bothering cunts .
  4. Dony got 64 points in this league last season don’t think there are any push overs for us in our current predicament.
  5. Just been on the Dony website and they look like they’ve got more injuries than we have . Also yesterday dony were 4/1 at the bookies now 13/2 that’s a big drift .
  6. It’s alright Carrick and the rest of the clown car will sort it 🤡
  7. Think this will be a struggle bite your hand off for a scruffy 1-0 .
  8. Our options for right back are poor Kachunga is also poor on that side . No MJ weakened the central midfield considerably. I lost count how much cheap ball we gave away they seemed first to every second ball . Player for player on the night they were stronger than us and if they play like that every week they will piss the National league . I think they took a lot of confidence from the first game . We’ve got to scrap until the transfer window our squad is paper thin .
  9. Two players had the chance to get a challenge in for their second poor defending all round .
  10. Rather listen to Keane than Souness at least he’s got something to say even if it is bollocks crazy as a soup sandwich like . Souness is well past his sell by date .
  11. Clean sheet three points job done .
  12. emus wig


    That’s good news shame they didn’t get them at the end of last season bet Wycombe are pissed off I would be .
  13. Small time gobshite .
  14. If we finish safely in mid table with no stress that will be a success in my eyes it’s going to have to be a slow build . Lots of clubs in this division have a bigger budget/ more experience than we have . It’s a very competitive league everyone will give us a game .
  15. We’re struggling they’re flying bite your hand off for a point .
  16. Leicester have been shite all season …. until today 🤡
  17. Going to be a nervy afternoon 😐
  18. Spain have been a pleasure to watch pace of the game is ridiculous.
  19. Might scrape the Everton cup if Solskjear is still in charge the shit cunt
  20. I’m surprised at that thought it was one of our better grounds in London saying that it probably is 😐
  21. We must have good record down the years at the valley . Chuffed for Lee would be in my team every week if fitness allowed really tidy stylish player.
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