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  1. Always thought Megson should have been made Director of football, and the club use him solely for transfers and scouting, that is his forte.
  2. Nobody'll remember a cold Tuesday night 20 years previous.
  3. I hate the scum bastards as much as the next guy, but never subscribed to belowthebelt.com, each to their own then.
  4. After todays results the players should not need firing up for this one, there is every chance a point on Wednseday, and dare we hope 3 points, but like I say with the way the results went today and our away form is better than home form, thats all the motivation needed to scrap for the points.
  5. No way will 30 points keep any team up.
  6. It's probably the best team we could have put out there, not sure how long Ricketts will last though, which means we keep it 0-0 then Robinson comes on 2 goals in a minute for them jobby.
  7. Real Betis is the name my love. Does'nt translate well.
  8. Unfortunately it is, mods please relieve us of this prick. Thanks for heeding.
  9. Aye but could'nt resist you're right though so I ask the mods to change it to Wanderers v the old gold spunkstains on society, or summat similar.
  10. So we have another one of our BIGGEST games of the season so far coming up so whats the likely outcome, like I said in a previous thread, I think this will be a game where K Davies will dominate, play a tight midfield and I think a result is not out of the question, if OC gets it right I think 2-1, and .
  11. I think K Davies would muller Wolves defence, it's a game where we need his bullying and aerial ability as both teams favour long ball tactics, having said that I don't know who would be better suited to his flick ons Klasnic or N'gog. Maybe play Davies up top on his own with a 5 man midfield, and M Davies playing just behind him, fuck knows but something needs to happen.
  12. Well as long as his old man don't go raving about him to Rudolph, we'll be alright.
  13. Blakeman and Irwin with the goals.
  14. Fee to be in the region of 7 million, but is there not a sell on clause with Villa?
  15. Accepted, now go gargle with carbolic.
  16. Could do with QPR V Sunderland being a draw.
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