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  1. Back home after a cracking day and confessed to the missus that I'd had a couple of cuddles and the odd cheeky kiss today. She was alright when I explained who Ian Evatt and Shazza were. I'm not a gay or a lesbian but got to say I did enjoy it and I said 'Thankyou'
  2. And now I finally know who captainmed is!
  3. Had the 500 problem but sorted. Dont log in using the sign in top right. Click on live match centre to get to match and it lets you sign in then. Works a treat.
  4. Nobody has commented on how well the final part of the move to the goal was constructed. Doyle does a massive job in dragging the centre halves to the front post. Fonz does a bit behind him. Keeper and all defenders expecting ball at front post. Pulled back to the edge, everyone on front post and a big hole to the right of the goal for Jones to pop it in. Not an accident. Well done IE, coaching staff and players.
  5. Happy days with the win and fair play all involved. Other clubs now realise a shit and narrower pitch won't suit us. Hopefully our groundsman has been told as it hasn't been the best recently. IE deserves a medal with what he's done over the past few months. Players playing for each other and the club. Gilks - happy as fuck when he comes out to grab a cross. Can't remember him failing on a cross or a high one, but a bobbly bouncer in front and the butterflies flutter. Fingers crossed he won't get battered and go off one day and it could be a turning point this season. No excu
  6. Bolton players stayed in Reading the night before the 1st leg. Quite a few were out clubbing the night before in Valbonnes in Caversham by the Thames. Closing time Thommo was hammered and others had had quite a few. 2.30am me and a mate helped Thommo back over the bridge to the hotel. He was fucked. 3.00pm the following day I was hanging out my arse in the home end with quite a few others. How some of them lads playing got their socks on I'll never know. Ran out of steam a bit that day. Wonder why?
  7. Observations. Doyle - you look at his goals over the past three years and it's pull backs and crosses on the break to a great extent. We don't do that. Lucky to have him and his predatory instinct in the box when we get it in there. Return is fantastic. Tackling - twice tonight Jones bottled it and Thomason once. Get some Beckenbauer Supers and it won't hurt. Mr Grey might have a couple of spare pairs ....... size 6. Santos - Man mountain that lad. Waited all season for him to win a header in the oppo box and it was shite. Not moaning. These lads look like they'll ru
  8. Not doing too bad. Wouldn't mind some of 'em showing as much enthusiasm as that bloke in the hi-vis in the red seats when he's getting the ball back.
  9. I was in full length plaster due to breaking my leg playing footie. Ex-missus drove me up from Reading to both games. Back seat of a fiesta was not comfy. Margaret from the ticket office was an angel. Parking at Burnden and seats on the subs bench for the first game and freebies for Anfield. Thanks to the ex (except when she asked Joh Barnes if he was the bloke from the Lucozade ad) and the lovely Margaret! Anyone remember her?
  10. I'm in on the Ifollow. Fuck all else to do. 0-0
  11. Worst - getting stuffed by the pie eaters pre-season after a decent win against Accrington giving us false hope. Best - Wimbledon away was ok but spoiled by the long walk from the pub and a few of our lot going past on the bus. So it has to be Cheltenham. That moment where you can't help but celebrate even though you shouldn't really be there and then that lad appears from our left to celebrate with the players in front of us.
  12. Tom Huddlestone could do a job as a freebie. Providing he's got enough cash in the bank and doesn't need a final pay day.
  13. Last time I saw Morecambe play was when I was involved with Farnborough Town. They turned up in the Bolton team coach. The silver one with the crest on the side. Bit of a buzz to see it at our ground. Pretty sure we got dicked.
  14. I think I heard years back that Paul Mariner is a Farnworth lad too. No idea from whereabouts though.
  15. Buzzing my little cotton socks off after that. Social distancing on the train meant Sober Dan was pretty quiet although he did go for about 4 shits either way. Must of ate something a bit off the lad earlier in the day. Spoons is still Spoons and doing the burger and a pint deal plus additional pints. Locals were alright when they were drawing but got a bit heated when quite a few Bolton in the 'away' end went up on 91 minutes. Didn't think we'd been sussed by the Burberry clad few in front of us until one turned round and said that our number 16 was as bad at throw ins as Hector Bel
  16. Gilks - did sod all apart from yell a lot. Not even sure he bothered getting a touch on that cross that hit the bar Baptiste - ran loads, tackled, headed. Must be absolutely knackered at his age after this shift Santos - man mountain this lad who scared us to death a while back. Tho' shalt not pass Delaney - just get rid of it down that line. That'll do lad Jones - grow a left foot, but if you keep running, that ball ain't coming back any time soon Sarcevic - last night's kebab played it's toll but broke up play and 'got rid of it' Tutte - 'kin excellent lad. Lo
  17. Spent my tenner on Bolton ressies v Geordie u21s but quite enjoyed that so allowed my opinion; Crellin - enough said already. Poor at near post, no man's land for second, flapper, not good enough Greenidge - big lad solid in the tackle but headless chicken with the ball at his feet and no awareness Taft - solid and a bit like Delaney but less awareness around him Mascoll - never a left back. Lacks pace and will never beat anyone. Same up top but scored Hickman - does averagely ok and willing to get forward White - had high hopes but has gone backward to being sl
  18. Tinnie of Thatchers Haze in the park about 7 Two glasses of Tia Maria pre kick-off to calm the nerves Bottle and a bit of white during the first half Enjoying this. We're doing alright!
  19. After watching that warm up, they'll be knackered now. What was ever wrong with a double shake of each leg and a fag?
  20. I was there with my dad. Got dicked and it was cold.
  21. Tomski mate. I can usually get anything between £2m and £2.5bn for a legit reason. 25 more years of beer and watching the Wanderers probably won't get through. Sorry pal!
  22. Cheers mate. Not sure anyone would want to return to a job where the boss had stitched you up. I wouldn't. Got straight thro to ACAS and they said 'no respective termination' and furlough should be the option taken. She said an employment lawyer would love this one and to get in touch with one asap! I'll take a step back now as one of my funders is mates with the owner and I don't want to piss him off!
  23. Just seen the letter and P45. Letter dated 28/4/20 saying employment terminated from 25/3/20, thanks for hard work etc., terminated due to lack of work due to lockdown, look forward to you returning to work when business recovers, P45 dated 25/3/20. No mention of any notice period, holiday pay due. So on PAYE for 6 months ish, laid off with no furlough and expected to go back! What employer would do that, even if he just paid the furlough 80% that he would receive, surely that would have been the answer?
  24. I think its only about 6 months so redundancy irrelevant I guess
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