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  1. Its like going back 20 years being back on the terrace so its a bog roll streamer and lobbing some torn up betting slips for me. Sounds like a plan and the rest of you lot join in. p.s. pissed on a Monday .............
  2. Missus submitted claim against his insurance and didn't sign anything to say she had to chase the excess. Agreed AXA have paid out their bit and just thought they should recover excess and pay that too.
  3. Missus works for our insurance co and police advised to go to salon insurer given CCTV evidence, but never caught him. Just don't get why we chase the excess and what happens if he refuses to pay or doesn't pay. She's never come across this before.
  4. In her bag by the counter where you pay on the way out.
  5. It is the claim from the shop insurance and they agreed to pay given the CCTV. Just don't get why we have to chase the £100 excess. ???
  6. Missus gets her i-phone robbed from the hairdressers. Hoodie caught on CCTV running in and legging it. AXA agree to the claim and send £279 and tell her to get the £100 excess from the owner of the salon. Is this right? What do I do, go round and ask him for it? Never heard of this before, I thought AXA paid out and he paid them. Advice would be welcome. Ta.
  7. Not sure how ED structures his companies but surely he, or his advisers, are astute enough to be able to offset loses in one company against tax liabilities in another. Therefore if he has lost £150m in BWFC and has taxable assets in another above that, the net loss to ED is zero. Or am I barking up the wrong tree???
  8. Stripy short is on his arse. Going home now
  9. Garbage its not raining here anymore.
  10. Too late. Fucked and still going. See you in morning....... hopefully. 2 Celtic lads in tow in mo but they're pissed too.
  11. Radcliffewhite1 has me number so 5 minute warning and they'll be waiting
  12. The ex Mrs Robin Friday is currently serving me beer and she's lovely for an older bird! I do know the rules and have posted a pic before ........ Can't wait for tomorrow.
  13. Opens at 9.30 Casino, got a market traders licence. No idea. don't ask.
  14. Me, my brother, my nephew, my brother's father in law, my dad and anyone I meet in the Three Guineas at the station when the chugger arrives from Manc Pic. But not the Bolton lad who lives 4 miles from the Mad Stad. Sort it out Jonny lad.
  15. RIP Compo. An honest lad who tried his best. Thanks for the memories.
  16. What a stadium that place is. Its like a smaller Wembley but the bottom half built into a hole in the ground. Best stadium I've been to bar Wembley and Millenium. Well worth a visit. Pints at £3.20, steward wearing stockings, smoking areas, padded seats, shit football first half, no coppers in the ground, two pitch invasions, piss 'ed robbed the corner flag, another piss 'ed tried to get it back in the hole. Should of made the effort to get to 'Boro really.
  17. I'll hold my hands up and say 'boro is miles from me and as part of deal for mates coming to Reading away I've said I'll go to MK Dons v Coventry on Saturday. Mates a Cov lad. Coventry have sold nearly 7,000 tickets for the game which is pretty good saying they get less than 2,000 at home. Excluding Wembley / Millenium when was last time we took that number away? Hull?
  18. Too many piss heads and smack heads on a Sunday morning to show any respect to a ref. One called me 'Sir' today and I knew straight away he was an egg chucker. Fair play. Football could learn so much at all levels.
  19. Run the local pub team and knew the ref cried off Friday for the game this morning and I had a few too many during the Watford day out and beyond. Lad in the local said he'd ref last night then I get a text at 9.20 this morning saying his 'heads in the shed'. Southern thing?? No idea. Ended up doing it myself (qualified ref me) and got loads of shit off the oppo for not giving them a pen in first half. Two in the book and then second half it went mental. They moaned like fuck all game and it finally did my head in after about 80 mins. Yet another moan so I give it the 'stop moaning
  20. Remember meeting me? You were wankered on the way to the ground ... Good lad you are Tomski
  21. 'kin 'ell you got home quicker than me and I'm only round the corner! I love Matt Mills ...... as a footballer. Hoarse. Too much singing. Love it.
  22. Flats now. A certain Mr Frain has now disappeared down to Devon. Youth tried but it never took off.
  23. If you get out a couple of mins early, 10 mins max. Only about 2 miles down a dual carriageway to the station. After final whistle will be a different story.
  24. No cabs hang around outside unless pre-booked and just down slope from our end. 0118 9500501 get it sorted!
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